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Why did you choose Django?

We were working with Plone and we had to integrate it to our ERP. The integration was hard and every customized page were a pain. Then finally we found Django and we could create a whole website in few weeks totally integrated.

What were the other alternatives?

First were Plone and the second was Java. But we wanted something easy to customize and easy to learn, and Django was our best choice

What benefits did you get from Django?

We are using all the Django's default functionality, and for the integration we just had to "mimic" a Model Class that read from a webservice instead of the database and tã-dã, everything was working very well. So, Django is the best choice if you have to customize or create everything from the scratch.

What problems did you run into?

Probably it was the learning curve, wich wasn't as big as Plone, but for a Windows programmer like we were, everything was confusing. Now I can create a Web App faster then anything I ever did.

Is there anything you'd like to have done differently?

Probably just to improve some architecture issues, but everything runs on a way that is easy to learn for newcomers.

In your situation, what does Django need to make it even better?

In my experience, I couldn't find yet a situation where Django doesn't have the best solution.

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