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Django @ HUDORA GmbH

Hudora is one of Europe's biggest vendor of recreational sport articles. Since the seventies we have been massively investing in information technology and since a few years we have an in-house software development division.

What are you using Django for?

We use Django for all newly developed human facing code. The Django Code interfaces with our legacy AS/400 based ERP system and step by step replaces the Windows-Based frontend to that ERP System. Besides the consumer facing Web-baset catalog, shop and FAQ section, we run a lot of Django code in the warehouse for "pick, pack & ship". Also most interfacing with trucking companies and external warehouses is done by Django application. Also master data management and (PDF) catalogue and offer sheet generation is done in Django. Finally an Django based application provides an interface for entering orders which very tightly integrates with the legacy ERM System. Probably merchandise for 30-40 million Euro per year is processed by our Django based applications. At the moment we maintain about 85.000 LoC Django code

Why did you choose Django?

We have used many Web development techniques before. Fore some time we where quite happy with WebWare in 2004 it looked like Webware was about to die. Back then we had a need for low performance super-easy deployment and came up with our own little CGI based framework. When we grew out of that we shopped for Web Frameworks and ended up in implementing 30.000 LoC or so in Ruby on Rails. We found it harder to build easy to understand and easy to maintain systems in Ruby than in Python. Since we were building applications to last at least 10 years they must be easy to understand and maintain. New Programmers should be able to work on the codebase with minimal training.

We decided to go for Python since the language and the community have a tight focus on readability, clean design and good documentation. Django by then emerged as the framework aligning very well with these goals.

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