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This is a success story about:

Describe your prior infrastructure and what was wrong with it that made you look for something new.

There was no prior infrastructure, as this was a new application. However I've built others in Java/JSP and PHP. Java I really like and have used extensively professionally, however having to run separate server instances if you wanted Apache is annoying. Also no simple ORM model exists, allowing easy class model to schema generation. PHP, well, I have used it enough to know never to write anything large in it.

Describe current Django infrastructure and if or how it fixed the issues. The more details the better, such as:

Why did you choose Django? What benefits did you get from Django?

Primarily the ORM mentioned above. Plus I really like the regex mapping of URLs into functions.

What problems did you run into? Is there anything you'd like to have done differently?

The templating language is weird in the sense that it's python-esque but not really python. It gets confusing trying to remember which bits of syntax I can and cannot use. I would much prefer full syntax compatibility, even if you do wish to limit what the templates have access to.

In your situation, what does Django need to make it even better?

Schema Evolution!

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