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    99- A web based query builder and analyzer (details to come from AndyM)
     11- Generic class-based views ( ), benefits (cutting down boilerplate code, more abstract, clean name spacing, etc...) and issues that spring up (decorators, multithreading, redirects). We use the class-based views at WWU Housing and found them to be very useful, but had to solve each of those issues ourselves and I think we did pretty good. I've never given a sprint or anything but since we are a relatively small group and I think Class-based generic views are interesting and useful, I would like to share WWU's experiences and solutions if other people find this topic interesting. - Nick Fitzgerald
    1113- Add yours here...
    1921== From or to Seattle ==
     23 * I'm open to carpooling with someone from and/or to Bellingham, WA (if you aren't great with WA geography (like me!) Bham is an hour and a half north of Seattle, directly on I-5 and the path to Vancouver). I don't have a vehicle, but I am more than willing to split gas and possibly parking if it is economical. Email me at - Nick Fitzgerald
    2125== From or to Portland ==
    2933== Elsewhere ==
     35 * I have a room booked at the First Tracks Lodge which is directly next to the Legends and run by the same company. However, since I'm not 25 I didn't meet the min age requirements and as an agreement with them to let me stay, I told them I was just going up for the conference and that I wouldn't have anyone else in my room besides myself. They were very kind and flexible, and if someone is interested in sharing the room, go ahead and email me. I will call them and ask if it will work out, since you would presumably also be going to DjangoSki, I think they would be cool with that. Email me at - Nick Fitzgerald
    3137You can also reach people on the djangoski mailing list at
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