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You can run Django on the 2.5 branch of Jython. By Django version 1.0 the current issues should have been resolved.

Get dependancies

Jython depends on the following systems:

  • Java, version 5 or higher. Java 6 is highly recommended for performance.
  • Ant, a build system for Java:

Check out Jython

First you need to check out the Jython 2.5 branch, known internally as "asm". You could also get a preview distribution from the Jython page:

svn co jython25

This will check out the Jython 2.5 branch in a directory called jython25.

Build Jython

If you downloaded the installer, you can skip this step. First cd into the jython25 directory. Then simply type ant to build Jython using the ant build script. An executable script will be created in dist/bin/jython (or dist\bin\jython.bat on Windows).

Check out Django

TODO: these instructions needs to be written. Until they are, check out DjangoAndPyPy, the instructions from here on are quite similar.

ISSUES: There are a couple of issues with running Django on alternate VMs. These are generally common to Jython and PyPy. See VersionOneFeatures for references.

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