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Developer Documentation

These pages will be of interest to the curious and to people trying to work on the internals of Django.

The process

A willingness to roll up your sleeves and dive into the code is pretty much assumed throughout.

Start by reviewing the Contributing to Django doc; access the development issues in the tracker via the Reports. Many important tickets are also described on the FeatureGrouping page.


Some Django developers publicly list the issues they're working on.

Malcolm Tredinnick's Django Working List.


How Django creates models. They can also be created dynamically at run-time, rather than being defined in a Python source file.

i18n and L10N

How Unicode data in Django is handled, and the UnicodeBranch implementation, already merged into trunk: String Encoding.

Admin interface


The newforms-admin branch aims to integrate Django's admin site with the newforms library. Ongoing discussion about the branch: Edit inline in newforms-admin branch. More discussion about it: newforms-admin: defaults and radio select.


The current admin interface implementation, soon to be replaced by the newforms-admin one (as of July 2007).

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