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    5252 * Pick a subject area you care about/are familiar with/want to learn about. (needs more text)
    54  * Start by looking for tickets that are accepted and reviewing patches to build familiarity with the codebase and the process.
     54 * Triage Tickets. If a ticket is unaccepted and reports a bug, try and duplicate it. If you can and it seems valid, make a note that you confirmed the bug and accept the ticket. Make sure the ticket is filed under the correct component area. Consider writing a patch that adds a test for the bug's behavior, even if you don't fix the underlying issue.
     56 * Look for tickets that are accepted and review patches to build familiarity with the codebase and the process. Mark the appropriate flags if a patch needs docs or tests. Look through the changes a patch makes, and keep an eye out for syntax that is incompatible with older but still supported versions of Python. Run the tests and make sure they pass on your system. Where possible and relevant, try them out on a database other than SQLite.
    5658 * Keep old patches up to date. Oftentimes the codebase will change between a patch being submitted and the time it gets reviewed. Making sure it still applies cleanly and functions as expected is both useful and important!
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