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    5858 * Keep old patches up to date. Oftentimes the codebase will change between a patch being submitted and the time it gets reviewed. Making sure it still applies cleanly and functions as expected is both useful and important!
     60 * Trac isn't an absolute; the context is just as important as the literal message. When reading Trac, you need to take into account who says things, and when they were said. Support 2 years ago by a core team member doesn't necessarily mean that the idea will still have support. You also need to pay attention to who *hasn't* spoken -- for example, if a core team member hasn't been recently involved in a discussion, then a ticket may not have the support required to get into trunk.
     62 * If you're going to engage in a big task, you should make sure that your idea has support first. This means getting someone else to confirm that a bug is real before you spend a whole lot of time fixing the issue, and confirming that the core team supports a proposed feature before you spend a whole lot of time implementing it.
    6064 * Be bold! Sometimes it can be scary to put your opinion out to the world and say "this ticket/patch is good or bad", but it's the only way the project moves forward. The contributions of the broad Django community ultimately have a much greater impact than that of the core developers. We can't do it without YOU!
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