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Continuous Integration

Ticket #19891 describes the use case for getting Travis CI to run Django's test suite automatically on each pull request, to help core devs to know whether it's ready for merging.

That ticket describes a number of "outstanding issues" holding back the completion of this task. The status of those issues (i.e. which remain outstanding) is not clear from reading the ticket, so I'll attempt to document and clarify them here.

The Story So Far

  • Florian's unmerged code to configure Travis is here.
  • In particular, his Travis configuration file is here.
  • This config file downloads and runs a shell script which does most of the setup work.
  • In particular, it downloads $CONFIG_SERVER/test_$DB\_$ and saves it as tests/, which runtests uses to load its settings.
  • Travis is configured to run on this fork, so it only tests pull requests made to this fork.
  • Travis builds every branch that you push to. So every branch has to have a .travis.yml file, preferably with the same contents. This is annoying!


  • "But really, we don't want to bother you guys with tons of emails for broken/fixed pull requests. Hence, I propose adding to the .travis.yml:" comment 12 DONE
  • "However, having notifications on IRC might be nice. I'm not an avid user myself so I'm open to any suggestions. Refer here" TODO low priority


  • apollo13 prefers his master branch over the travisci branch.
  • Travis is currently building all branches. Need to build only master and ensure that every other branch has at least a minimal .travis.yml file to disable building it. TODO
  • Build of the travisci branch is currently failing - ouch! TODO urgent
  • The Travis config files in travisci and master branches differ TODO
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