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Django CMS Apps Comparison

This page lists a few well-known reusable Content Management System applications for Django and tries to gather a comparison of essential features in those applications.

Features currently evaluated
Feature Description
demo If the application has a public demo site, a link and login/password are given.
editor Support for WYSIWYG editor(s) and/or markup formats
img Image uploading integrated to page editing
i18n Support for multi-lingual content (versions of pages in different languages)
depth Maximum depth of page hierarchy
i18n-URL URLs (page slugs) can be translated
prefix URL language prefix support (e.g. /de/page1/)
edit-in-place Support for editing page content in-line (as opposed to only in the Django admin)
rearr Visual rearranging of page hierarchy (as opposed to entering index numbers)
slug-dups Page slugs need not be unique unless pages are under the same parent and in the same language
scheduled Scheduled publishing and hiding of pages
extend-navigation The navigation can be extended by 3rd-party apps
plugins The content of the pages can be easily extended by 3rd-party apps
reversion Django-reversion integration or version control
hierarchy-permissions Users can be restricted to edit only some part of the tree

Application django.contrib.flatpages django-simplepages django-page-cms django-cms django-simplecms Tusk CMS feincms
Django authors James Punteney Batiste Bieler
Jannis Leidel
Antoni Aloy López
Benjamin Wohlwend
Brian Morgan Patrick Lauber Eric Simorre Matthias Kestenholz Matthias Kestenholz demo no no yes yes (old v.1.0) only view no no editor no YUI jQuery-based
markitup-HTML wymeditor no no? TinyMCE img no no? no yes no no? yes i18n no no yes yes no no? yes depth ∞ 2 ∞ ∞ ∞? ∞ ∞ i18n
URL no no yes* yes no no? no prefix no no yes yes no no? no edit
in-place no yes? yes no no no no rearr no no? yes yes no yes yes slug-dups yes (URL-based) yes (URL-based) in a branch yes ? yes yes scheduled no no yes yes no yes no extend-navigation no no yes yes no no no plugins no no kind of yes no no yes reversion no no yes yes no no no hierarchy-permissions ? ? yes ? ? no no Column headings and * symbols reveal verbose descriptions when the mouse pointer hovers over them.

This page was originally created by akaihola.

Most of my conclusions about supported features are based on reading the code, not on actually testing the apps. Please make corrections in case I missed something.


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  • add column for supported Django versions/revisions/branches
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