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Django uses a Hudson buildfarm. This page has notes about it.

The buildfarm is at This'll eventually get re-DNS'd

Current slaves

Name/IP Username Maintainer Tags hudson JKM linux ubuntu ubuntu-9.10 python-2.4 python-2.5 python-2.6 sqlite

Buildmaster Maintainers

Email django-developers for help, or contact on of the maintainers

  • Eric Holscher (eric -at- ericholscher -dot- com); ericholscher on IRC.
  • Matt Croydon (mcroydon -at- gmail -dot- com); matt_c on IRC.
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss (jacob -at- jacobian -dot- org); jacobkm on IRC.

Setting up a new slave

  1. Take a look at the current slave above and the list of desired slave configs below. It's really best if you can provide some target that's not provided by a current slave. At the very least, please be sure you can provide a combination that's unique. The minimum requirements for a server is probably 512 MB of RAM. You can probably get away with 256 MB, but you'll swap a lot. Make sure the server isn't a production one: Hudson and the test suite will peg your CPU.
  1. Create an account on your server for Hudson. Hudson needs to be able to connect over SSH as this user.
  1. Add this SSH key to the Hudson user:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAp+uprvRXMvGYF21DPYqPJ04SmGwazCD07K/pLNQhFvwIUIOu6cWw/5Wz7+Pvon1QqtSyiWbHvnXUCBH5VWfN1YbTFRY4dRaOUPFktFCzzqr8o7UA3IFdhbzvUZp5gjbiUBsaMWq5musYJntSDxJ/oJGCr8cn/tzp7Cw88uK9099ZA8OQm95Rsvz9uL4ehlZ4xgRfi/DmHyvK0TwIyUcgUfRjKszVbN5vxad69vagMhGL5Z/48sZSwts2+uqSGfs2T6YGuFoZmouJw3Uxg6lGUJW96I/EPrsG6jmMM0INdHUYuDab4CXPsaGNwEWrzv96iS/8b76n/5GLpAj8MNP9Kw== TestMaster
  1. Make sure you have a JDK, Python, and pip installed. On Ubuntu, this looks like:
aptitude install openjdk-6-jre python-setuptools
easy_install-2.6 pip

Other platforms should be similar, but please edit this page and say how!

  1. Currently the tests will fail if your locale doesn't handle UTF8 pathnames -- i.e. if your locale is "C". In the future the test suite should detect and skip this, but for best results you should make sure you've got a modern locale. On Ubuntu, you need to aptitude install language-pack-en and then add export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8to your Hudson user's .bashrc. Other platforms: please FIXME here!
  1. Add your server to the table above. Under "tags" select the tags from the configs below that apply to what you've got on the server.
  1. Contact a buildmaster maintainer (see above) and ask them to add your node. You'll need to provide them with some contact info so that we can nag you if your node fails.

Desired configs

This is a list of all the configs we'd like to target and the tag(s) for each.

  • Python
    • 2.4 (python-2.4)
    • 2.5 (python-2.5)
    • 2.6 (python-2.6)
    • 2.7 (python-2.7)
  • Databases
    • SQLite (sqlite)
    • Postgres (postgres)
      • 8.2 (postgres-8, postgres-8.2)
      • 8.3 (postgres-8, postgres-8.3)
      • 8.4 (postgres-8, postgres-8.4)
      • 9.0 (postgres-9, postgres-9.0)
    • MySQL (mysql)
      • 4.1 (mysql-4, mysql-4.1)
      • 5.0 (mysql-5, mysql-5.0)
    • Oracle (oracle)
      • 9i (oracle-9i)
      • 10g (oracle-10g))
  • GIS
    • Postgis (postgis)
    • MySQL (mysqlgis)
    • Oracle (oraclegis)
    • Spatialite (spatialite)
  • OSes
    • Linux (linux)
      • Ubuntu LTS (ubuntu, ubuntu-<version>)
      • RHEL 4 (rhel, rhel-4)
      • RHEL 5 (rhel, rhel-5)
      • Fedora (fedora)
    • Mac OS 10.6 (macosx-10.6)
    • Windows (win)
      • ?
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