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    1 WIP.
     1== Google's Season of Docs.
     3We'd like to participate in Google's Season of Docs.
     5General process would be communications with Fellows, group help on the django-core-mentorship mailing list and more report based emails to the django-developers list.
     7Anyone looking to mentor here, please let Carlton and/or Mariusz (current Django Fellows) know.
     9Possible projects (feel free to add other ideas!):
     11=== General targeting of Documentation issues.
     13By component, "Documentation" tickets are our third biggest area (after the ORM and then Admin).
     15[ Open Accepted Documentation Issues]
     17There are tickets of all types and level here. Many are tutorial like, affecting the template layer or admin or CSRF handling handling and so on. Others are more code-based detailing exact usage points.
     19There is plenty of work in both kinds. A general survey to identify related tickets and then address then as groups would be of massive benefit.
     21=== Integrating with modern JS frameworks How-To.
     23This is a more specific project.
     25Django's staticfiles app is perfectly capable of working with modern JS frameworks. There's a lack of an up to date guide of exactly How-To on that.
     27This has been the topic of much recent discussion:
     33Bringing this up to date would be a great addition.
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