Google's Season of Docs.

We'd like to participate in Google's Season of Docs.

General process would be communications with Fellows, group help on the django-core-mentorship mailing list and more report based emails to the django-developers list.

Anyone looking to mentor here, please let Carlton and/or Mariusz (current Django Fellows) know.

Possible projects (feel free to add other ideas!):

General targeting of Documentation issues.

By component, "Documentation" tickets are our third biggest area (after the ORM and then Admin).

Open Accepted Documentation Issues

There are tickets of all types and level here. Many are tutorial like, affecting the template layer or admin or CSRF handling handling and so on. Others are more code-based detailing exact usage points.

There is plenty of work in both kinds. A general survey to identify related tickets and then address then as groups would be of massive benefit.

Integrating with modern JS frameworks How-To.

This is a more specific project.

Django's staticfiles app is perfectly capable of working with modern JS frameworks. There's a lack of an up to date guide of exactly How-To on that.

This has been the topic of much recent discussion:

Bringing this up to date would be a great addition.

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