19:17 ThumbNails edited by vinyll
17:12 Changeset [fd6a9d35]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Luke Plant <L.Plant.98@…>
IfParser.next() method renamed to avoid confusion with iterator protocol.
17:12 Changeset [edee20ff]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Luke Plant <L.Plant.98@…>
Reverted part of 169b1a40 which was mistakenly applied to a …
14:44 Changeset [023b7041]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Executed SpatialRefSysTest only with spatial backend
14:10 Changeset [88601bad]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Discovered some geodjango tests with standard mechanism No need to …
12:24 Ticket #18174 (Model inheritance pointers doesn't refer to parent to refer to grandparents) reopened by phowe
Here is an Example model and unit test to demonstrate the issue …
09:42 Changeset [3c08779]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Julian Bez <web-spy@…>
Fixed #18110 -- Improve template cache tag documentation
08:34 Ticket #17754 (Django GIS Measure refactor) closed by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
fixed: In [4d46106f8c233c5af283c903000ef8c6f1165393]: […]
08:32 Changeset [4d46106f]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Fixed #17754 -- Refactored gis.measure This refactoring does allow …
04:34 Ticket #12140 (urlencode empty list encoding bug & fix) closed by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
fixed: In [fe873e276527534b3c0c22f457ee314cf029ced4]: […]
04:32 Changeset [fe873e27]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Fixed #12140 -- Fixed http.urlencode result for empty lists Thanks …
03:48 DjangoJobs edited by anonymous
removed outdated jobs (diff)
02:43 Ticket #18469 (Django 1.4 + Apache 2.2.22 + WSGI 3.3 + Apache VirtualDocumentRoot) closed by vrehak
invalid: This looks like a problem specific to your setup, not a Django bug. I …
01:29 SplitSettings edited by Antti Kaihola
added notes about Django >=1.4 incompatibilities in examples (diff)
00:53 SplitSettings edited by Antti Kaihola
added readthedocs (diff)


22:06 Ticket #18473 (Contradictory advice on middleware order) created by david@…
From …
20:29 Ticket #18472 (`set_language` view documentation improvements) created by Simon Meers
* I've seen people get confused by including the set_language URL …
18:29 Ticket #18471 (Add a localization field option in Model Fields.) created by Serge Spaolonzi
Add a new field option for localization in Model Fields in order to …
17:26 ProfilingDjango edited by trbs
17:24 ProfilingDjango edited by trbs
update location of django-extensions and runprofileserver command (diff)
12:53 Ticket #18470 (Widget argument description in Form fields documentation) created by jnschaeffer@…
In the description of the widget field in form fields, the specified …
12:18 Ticket #18469 (Django 1.4 + Apache 2.2.22 + WSGI 3.3 + Apache VirtualDocumentRoot) created by paulkudla
In general i have upgraded from django 1.3 to 1.4 apache Config has : …
06:37 Changeset [a2022dae]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Removed escaping test of query content As the content of …
06:16 Changeset [86c20e39]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Anssi Kääriäinen <akaariai@…>
Fixed connection.queries encoding handling on Oracle In addition, …
05:09 Ticket #18468 (Add the ability to define comments in table / columns) created by Marc Rechté
Hello, That would be nice if it was possible to include comment on …
05:06 Ticket #18461 (UnicodeDecodeError in sql logger) closed by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
fixed: In [e9ef9776d186a3379cdbf47a73b14e89b74d0926]: […]
05:04 Changeset [e9ef9776]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Fixed #18461 -- Ensured that last_executed_query returns Unicode …
02:41 GeoDjango edited by anonymous
01:43 Ticket #8769 (Slightly over-aggressive join promotion in SQL for ordering) closed by Anssi Kääriäinen
fixed: This one seems to be fixed in: 8c72aa237918e31a525022f72b22cac75451af86


11:16 Ticket #18467 (Login in from admin logout page should not logout again) created by Etienne Desautels
Here's the scenario: a user work in the admin then log out (so he's …
10:48 Ticket #18466 (meta-bug: couldn't submit ticket) created by stevec@…
On the 1.4 tutorial website creating choices uses "choice" where it …
10:21 Ticket #5493 (make-messages.py not parses JS *.html templates for domain djangojs) reopened by Artem Skoretskiy
In 2012 it becomes very popular to use template engine right inside …
08:17 DjangoJobs edited by bravo6
07:25 Changeset [a7ef802f]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Added missing encoding prefix in localflavor test
07:23 Changeset [35f9c2c0]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Cleaned up locale-related encoding issues
07:17 DjangoBranches edited by Thomas Capricelli
07:02 Charts edited by ricardo@…
the current link is long outdated (diff)
05:24 Ticket #18465 (Date and Timestamp formats for Oracle Backend incorrect with Oracle ...) created by josh.smeaton@…
When trying to do a datetime range query, I began receiving the below …


17:47 Sprints edited by Jeremy Dunck
17:07 AppLoadingRefactor edited by Preston Holmes
updated link to my merged branch rather than to specific commit (diff)
15:46 AppLoadingRefactor edited by Marc Tamlyn
15:37 AppLoadingRefactor edited by Marc Tamlyn
Expand on current status as of June 2012 (diff)
15:24 AppLoadingRefactor created by Marc Tamlyn
15:14 Ticket #18463 (Using len() in Paginator object can raise an error) closed by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
fixed: In [3dd5d726d1c3bf8f5901c992d7586e5ec146bc2d]: […]
15:14 Changeset [3dd5d72]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Claude Paroz <claude@…>
Fixed #18463 -- Forced type() argument to be a byte string
13:41 Ticket #18463 (Using len() in Paginator object can raise an error) created by renato@…
I'm getting the following error if I try to run a piece of code …
11:42 DevelopersForHire edited by antoviaque
11:40 DevelopersForHire edited by antoviaque
10:21 Ticket #18462 (UnicodeDecodeError in sql debug logger) closed by Claude Paroz
duplicate: Duplicate of #18461
09:53 Ticket #18462 (UnicodeDecodeError in sql debug logger) created by renato@…
I get a UnicodeDecodeError in line 51 of db/backends/util.py whenever …
07:39 Ticket #18461 (UnicodeDecodeError in sql logger) created by zw0rk
Trying to filter a queryset with unicode values causes …
05:04 Ticket #18460 (In admin, the history for model User shows always a change in ...) created by jose.sanchez@…
Once a user is saved in django admin, and entry in the log is created. …
04:50 Ticket #18459 (makemessages - problem with Unicode) closed by Claude Paroz
invalid: Thanks for looking closer at the error. So I will consider that the …
03:44 Ticket #18451 (Improved class based view documentation) closed by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
fixed: In [c4c7fbcc0d9264beb931b45969fc0d8d655c4f83]: […]
03:40 Changeset [c4c7fbcc]stable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
Fixed #18451 -- Vastly improved class based view documentation. Many …
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