23:58 Ticket #16394 (BaseDateListView has allow_empty = False, documentation claims ...) created by r.tirrell@…
The docs state clearly that allow_empty on BaseDateListView
19:33 Ticket #16393 (CookieWizard incompatible with simlejson 2.0.9) created by kmtracey
On an Ubuntu 10.04 machine, the formtools tests produce 5 errors …
17:37 Ticket #16382 (WizardView: Incorrect step numbering) reopened by steph
17:37 Ticket #16382 (WizardView: Incorrect step numbering) closed by steph
invalid: Please see …
12:41 MercurialBranches edited by lukeplant
12:37 MercurialBranches edited by lukeplant
Updated backport script for features available in Mercurial 1.9 (diff)
12:12 WindowsInstall edited by BernhardEssl
broken link (diff)
12:06 UsingTheMailingList edited by foxwhisper
12:02 Ticket #16373 (Django admin templates trigger a DeprecationWarning) closed by kmtracey
invalid: The warning is only issued when the old API is used. One of the times …
11:20 Ticket #16392 ([patch] update doc for "c" date format) created by ybon
This ticket is a follow-up to this discussion on django-developper …
11:05 Ticket #16391 (New URL tag for reversing urls with placeholder args/kwargs) created by h.a.clifford@…
It would be incredibly useful if Django supported a placeholder url …
09:33 Ticket #16389 (In Django 1.3, dictionary lookup now calls the value if callable ...) closed by lukeplant
invalid: That's correct. Yes, it was a significant change, but not a change in …
08:15 Ticket #16370 (All ManyToMany field get a default message which is not overridable) closed by anonymous
duplicate: This is #9321.
06:39 Ticket #16390 (urlreslove error at django.comments.) created by anonymous
at the get_form_target function django trying to to resolve …
05:49 Ticket #16389 (In Django 1.3, dictionary lookup now calls the value if callable ...) created by iElectric
I used to have context processor that returned a dict of all …
04:11 centos_init_script attached to InitdScriptForLinux by MaZaY
In CentOS this file shoul look like this
00:09 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by anonymous


21:44 Ticket #16388 (django unittest bug) created by freewave@…
enviroment: python2.7 + django1.3 with the steps below: - 1 …
16:50 UsingTheMailingList edited by foxwhisper
16:31 Ticket #16375 (PEP 0263 for generated project and apps) closed by aaugustin
wontfix: Since the templates don't contain non-ASCII characters, they don't …
11:05 Ticket #16387 (Localizing Fails) created by konzept@…
Setting default_lon and default_lat fails on …
10:19 Changeset [5a0787f]stable/1.3.x by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
[1.3.X] Fixed #15974 -- Correctly link to static files handling in …
10:18 Ticket #15974 (docs: deployment/modwsgi: Link to static files howto missing) closed by jezdez
fixed: In [16491]: […]
10:18 Changeset [d138906a]15667stable/1.10.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
Fixed #15974 -- Correctly link to static files handling in deployment …
10:18 Changeset [3b127e3]15667stable/1.10.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
Fixed the manifest template to correctly ship admin's static files. …
10:18 Ticket #15077 (Error in documentation for running Django on a shared-hosting provider ...) closed by jezdez
fixed: In [16489]: […]
10:18 Changeset [286e45e9]15667stable/1.10.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
Fixed #15077 -- Clarified FastCGI documentation with regard to shared …
10:10 DevelopersForHire edited by José Moreira <zemanel@…>
Updated my info and corrected some global encoding issues (diff)
09:41 DevelopersForHire edited by anonymous
08:09 Ticket #16386 (Handle subclasses in signal dispatcher) created by patrys
Currently the signal dispatcher stores just the identity of the passed …
05:29 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by anonymous
02:19 Ticket #16385 (NoSQL support) closed by jezdez
invalid: Please don't dump a bunch of patches to Trac but create separate ones …


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15:24 NoSqlSupport edited by jonash
move fields into subsection (diff)
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patch links (diff)
14:50 Changeset in djangoproject.com [4e3368e]githubloggerredesignredesign-warning-colors by Bruno Renié <buburno@…>
Using django-push 0.4 from the cheeseshop, now provides an admin
14:03 Ticket #16385 (NoSQL support) created by jonash
Nothing to see here, only used to upload patches for the NoSqlSupport
12:36 DevelopersForHire edited by anonymous
11:59 Ticket #16384 (Documentation should warn against accessing request.POST in middleware) created by tomchristie
This page …
10:33 Ticket #16383 (More specific errors when resolving template Variables) created by maraujop
When resolving a template variable that calls an object …
09:53 Ticket #16382 (WizardView: Incorrect step numbering) created by anonymous
I am using the example template from the following page of the …
09:49 Ticket #16381 (Specify a folder for the 404.html, 505.html files) closed by julien
wontfix: I agree with aaugustin. The suggestion is appreciated but this is not …
08:30 Ticket #16381 (Specify a folder for the 404.html, 505.html files) created by anonymous
I think it would be a good idea if we had a setting in the setting.py …
07:09 Ticket #16380 (admin_list_filter should pass the spec to the template) created by hvdklauw
If the admin_list_filter inclusion tag also passed the spec object to …
05:27 DevelopersForHire edited by kontakt@…
Add me... =) (diff)
04:19 Changeset [0b58e46]15667stable/1.10.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
Removed empty directory that was left out in r16487. git-svn-id: …
04:06 Ticket #16050 (media directory still lives on in /django/contrib/admin) closed by jezdez
fixed: In [16487]: […]
04:06 Changeset [38a2444]15667stable/1.10.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
Fixed #16050 -- BACKWARDS-INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Moved static files of …
02:44 Ticket #16379 (Override UserManager) created by thibaultj
In contrib.auth, the User class is affected a custom UserManager …
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