14:08 Ticket #11985 (not generating all fields) closed by Karen Tracey
worksforme: Cutting and pasting exactly what you have posted into a new app's …
13:56 Ticket #11985 (not generating all fields) reopened by maciejplonski
no, I deleted database and did syncdb again - there is still no …
13:29 Ticket #11957 (runserver must be restarted after error in admin.py) reopened by Karen Tracey
I don't have time to look into it now, but I agree it's worth looking …
13:21 Ticket #11465 (Broken representation of nonexisting objects for raw_id_fields) reopened by Karen Tracey
Replying to Alex: > Duplicate of another ticket that …
11:41 DevelopersForHire edited by robstar
10:49 Ticket #11991 (Inconsistent MEDIA_URL values) created by anonymous
The documentation states the following: […] Why does a path …
10:13 Ticket #11990 (TECHNICAL_404_TEMPLATE doesn't see URLConfs directly on request objects) created by mattbennett
The default debug 404 template in django/views/debug.py assumes that …
09:52 Ticket #11989 (Allow @register.inclusion_tag to take a template as well as a template name) created by Jeremy Dunck
Sometimes, I want the convenience of an inclusion_tag without …
08:17 WikiFormatting edited by anonymous
06:37 Version1.2Features edited by Luke Plant
06:17 Ticket #11988 (Wrong translated result count text on admin search form block when ...) created by twinsant
1 result/{{ coutner }} results always will be "1 个结果", which means 1 …
06:07 CollaborateOnGithub edited by mrts
minor cosmetic change (diff)
05:57 CollaborateOnGithub edited by mrts
Describe the branchy workflow. Please correct any errors or omissions. (diff)
02:08 Ticket #11987 (destroy_test_db can destroy the production database in some situations) created by eronen
I have some tests which need to be run against the production …


18:52 Ticket #11985 (not generating all fields) closed by Russell Keith-Magee
worksforme: I suspect the problem here is that you have previously synchronized …
18:35 CMSAppsComparison edited by Nicolas Dietrich
proposition: evaluate documentation (diff)
18:20 Ticket #11986 (Mac install directions should mention sudo) created by roy@…
You say: Mac OS X permissions If you’re using Mac OS X, you may see …
17:31 Ticket #11985 (not generating all fields) created by maciejplonski
hi, got model: […] but after generating tables in sql, there is …
17:19 CollaborateOnGithub edited by Jannis Leidel
10:55 Ticket #11984 (Problem with date_hierarchy in Django 1.1 - Truncated incorrect ...) created by sergey.g.aleshin@…
I have simple model: […] And admin interface to it: […] …
09:00 Ticket #11983 (Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 site-packages is not more a path directory) created by bebabum.com
Hi there, since Ubuntu Jaunty site-packages dir is not more included, …
07:56 GeoDjango1.2 edited by Russell Keith-Magee
Moved a GeoDjango ticket from the main proposal page. (diff)
07:55 Version1.2Features edited by Russell Keith-Magee
Cleanup of proposals in preparation for voting process (diff)
07:18 Ticket #11982 (Integrate Reversion as a Django contrib app) created by Dave Hall
Reversion is a popular application that adds version control to model …
06:30 Version1.2Features edited by Russell Keith-Magee
Removed references to some duplicate tickets. (diff)
06:29 Version1.2Features edited by Russell Keith-Magee
Removed some features from the 1.2 list, either due to being fixed … (diff)
05:47 Ticket #11981 (Add custom Q-object (add_to_query) support to QuerySet.filter() and ...) created by Johannes Dollinger
It would be nice if custom Q-objects could be transparently used in …
03:10 Ticket #11979 (build omits django/conf/locale) closed by James Bennett
invalid: As of Python 2.6, setup.py build only places Python modules and and …


23:41 Ticket #11980 (django-admin.py startproject command failed when ...) closed by Karen Tracey
duplicate: startproject is documented here: …
22:45 Ticket #11980 (django-admin.py startproject command failed when ...) created by devye
If DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE evvironmental variable was previously set, …
19:45 DjangoResources edited by anonymous
Removed spam link (diff)
16:22 Ticket #11979 (build omits django/conf/locale) created by jbergstroem
While working with a test failure in the Django test suite, I found …
11:41 Ticket #11978 ('Duplicate key value violates unique constraint' error while changing ...) created by kozlenko
Hi. I have a DB error 'Duplicate key value violates unique …
02:33 Ticket #11977 (The media files in ModelAdmin should be just link in add/change pages, ...) closed by Matt McClanahan
invalid: If you want to specify media which only appears on the change page, …


23:12 Ticket #11977 (The media files in ModelAdmin should be just link in add/change pages, ...) created by anonymous
In admin.py file, I write a ModelAdmin class, and add a Media class to …
14:44 Ticket #11976 (typo in docs/ref/contrib/comments/forms.txt) created by anonymous
This class contains the name, email, url, and the comment field …
13:05 Version1.2Features edited by djm
Removed duplicate entry for "remove/change get_absolute_url()". See … (diff)
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