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20:14 Ticket #11955 (resetting an app appears to touch all configured dbs not just those ...) created by kthhrv
resetting an app appears to touch all configured dbs not just those …
18:58 Ticket #11953 (Title is not "safed") closed by Karen Tracey
duplicate: You're not the first to report it. Please search before opening new …
18:56 Ticket #11954 (?next linking to a login_required view doesn't work) created by libwilliam
On my site I link to a view that is login_required and the url has a …
17:51 Ticket #11953 (Title is not "safed") created by tezro
http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/contrib/sites/ The title …
14:10 Ticket #11952 (HttpResponse Attribute docs refer to "status" when should be "status_code") created by pjs
Docs here: …
04:33 Ticket #11951 (Django Download) closed by James Bennett
invalid: Using standard tar, I can't reproduce this.
01:28 Ticket #11951 (Django Download) created by marine.rolph@…
I'm using Windows XP, with WinRAR. So, I download the Django.tar.gz, …


23:58 Ticket #11950 (MySQL - Handling illegal mix of collations) closed by Karen Tracey
invalid: There are a couple of ways you could avoid this problem. First, you …
16:25 Ticket #11950 (MySQL - Handling illegal mix of collations) created by Erik Karulf
Hi All, […]
14:39 Changeset [a97648a7]soc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.10.xstable/1.11.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.xstable/2.0.xstable/2.1.x by Luke Plant <L.Plant.98@…>
Corrected regressions introduced in r11586 and r11593 I read the …
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AJC no longer looking for Django developers. Undergoing restructuring. (diff)


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Added Aureal as a peruvian Django company (diff)
18:36 Ticket #11949 (delete_selected action incorrectly uses ...) created by Ben Davis
I believe this was just an oversight on the original developer's part. …
16:34 Ticket #11947 (The use of '/media/' for static file serving) closed by James Bennett
duplicate: Duplicate of either #10213 or #2891.
16:09 Ticket #11948 (Linear referencing for Django) created by novalis
I created some patches to GEOS to do linear referencing. If you have …
15:36 Ticket #11947 (The use of '/media/' for static file serving) created by jscausey
Hi, An exceptionally annoying problem that I've solved thrice and …
15:04 Ticket #11946 (ManyToOneRel.lookup_overrides is unused) created by Johannes Dollinger
lookup_overrides is accepted as a keyword argument for ForeignKey
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06:16 Signing edited by simon
fixed typo (diff)
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added request.get_cookie(key, signed=True) suggestion (diff)
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04:24 Ticket #11945 (Aggregation on filter got the wrong result) closed by Russell Keith-Magee
duplicate: Duplicate of #10060
04:12 Ticket #11945 (Aggregation on filter got the wrong result) created by jay
Aggregation on complex filter logic will lead to faulty. I prepared a …
03:09 Signing edited by simon
Notes from our initial discussions (diff)
02:23 Ticket #11944 (filesizeformat should catch ValueError) created by Ryan Kelly
The "filesizeformat" template tag fails gracefully if input conversion …
02:00 Signing created by simon
Started this page (still have to add the content)


19:09 Ticket #11942 (testing from a checkout is overly complicated) closed by Russell Keith-Magee
duplicate: This is an exact duplicate of #6298. I'm _deeply_ opposed to assumed …
18:23 Ticket #10727 (Exception Raised: TypeError: Initialization arguments are not supported) reopened by termie
reopening this, as this is is still in Django 1.1 and affects all …
18:11 Ticket #11943 (changeset 10544 breaks field emulation compatibility) created by termie
this refers to changes to the handle_field call in …
18:02 Ticket #11942 (testing from a checkout is overly complicated) created by termie
I expect this is a rather common progression for anybody who finds …
10:36 Ticket #11941 (FilteredMultipleSelect does not render help text) created by techieone
The FilteredMultipleSelect in the admin widgets suite can be imported …
10:12 Ticket #11940 (ModelForm evaluates callable default values on form class creation) created by Harm Geerts <hgeerts@…>
Using a ModelForm in combination with a field that defines a callable …
06:19 Ticket #11939 (Better conventions between generic views and syndication feed framework) created by fractal
There is a small inconsistency between generic view object_detail and …
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Added a link to uml-to-django tool. (diff)
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