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Added filters for most popular tickets. (diff)
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10:47 Ticket #11797 (Test Client Response content form value parsing) created by Rupe
Added html parsing to the response object created in the test client to …
10:39 Ticket #11796 (Change Permission ordering to sort by application, model, then permission) created by russryba
Using Django 1.0.2 final. Problem: Permissions are automatically sorted …
07:37 Ticket #891 (customize table name prefixes) closed by kmtracey
invalid: Replying to anotheruser: > Please reconsider The way to get …
07:20 Ticket #891 (customize table name prefixes) reopened by anotheruser
The advantage is clear: One line of configuration vs. manually …
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Added note about PyCon Finland 2009 (diff)
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05:03 Ticket #11795 (Allow use of inlines for many-to-many fields) reopened by russellm
I'm not aware of any plans to add this feature. I've modified this ticket …
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simplified transaction spec (diff)
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02:45 Ticket #11795 (Allow use of inlines for many-to-many fields) closed by russellm
invalid: The documentation you reference refers to many-to-many models that use an …
01:57 Ticket #11795 (Allow use of inlines for many-to-many fields) created by sveri
When you try to create an inline field in for a manytomanyfield …
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20:55 Ticket #11678 (ValueError when passing an extra parameter in URL) closed by Alex
duplicate: What you've just said is orthagonal to the problem the reporter hsa. If …
20:42 Ticket #11678 (ValueError when passing an extra parameter in URL) reopened by mr.kschan@…
this may not be a duplicate for #3785. as some of the auto-complete …
20:25 Ticket #11794 (topics/db/managers.txt typo) created by seemant
On the [ Managers …
17:33 Version1.2Features edited by psagers
Added LDAP authentication backend (diff)
14:02 Ticket #11793 (i18n documentation makemessages format doesn't work) created by anonymous
The i18n docs give the following command line to specify multiple file …
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10:30 Ticket #11792 (incorrect activation of the code for admin site in closed by kmtracey
invalid: If you could not get the […] version to work then I suspect you were …
09:58 Ticket #11792 (incorrect activation of the code for admin site in created by anonymous
I downloaded Django-1.1 and while going trough the tutorial, the code …
09:37 Version1.2Features edited by russryba@…
Would like "view permission" to be discussed for managment of large sites … (diff)
07:38 Ticket #11791 (Incorrect HTML Code rendered in list_editable enabled changelists) created by panni@…
items_for_result in …
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added myself (diff)
06:53 Ticket #11790 (problem with component filed in Ticket) closed by russellm
invalid: This doesn't look like it's a Django problem - it sounds like you're …
06:49 Ticket #11790 (problem with component filed in Ticket) created by ramesh
Hi, Am facing problem with component filed in Ticket ,Mr.X created ticket …
06:48 Ticket #11789 (Aggregates ignore none()) created by alexr
[…] and […] seem to return the same thing. Aggregates pay attention …
06:27 Ticket #11788 (cache_page decorator doesn't work with HttpResponses whose content is an ...) created by RaceCondition
To reproduce: […] Responds with emptiness. Outcomment …
04:17 Ticket #11787 (additional fields) created by Hinnack
I wonder if the following fields do not belong here, too: - money sign …
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Reverted spam (diff)
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additional info added (diff)


08:29 Ticket #11786 (TestClient() forgets any PUT querystrings if there is payload data) closed by kmtracey
duplicate: #11371 looks like the same issue.
07:51 Ticket #11786 (TestClient() forgets any PUT querystrings if there is payload data) created by steve@…
Hi On line 370 of there is the following line in …
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add IBM DB2 django adapter? (diff)
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south to contrib? (diff)
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Added mod_wsgi flavor to description. (diff)


19:53 Ticket #11785 (Invalid error reporting when importing MapInfo layer with Unknown type) created by esizikov
When going to import a spatial data from an MapInfo file I've stacked …
19:25 Ticket #11009 (Auth PasswordResestTest fails since changeset 10599 - Ticket #8752) closed by SmileyChris
duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #10976
16:23 Ticket #11784 (exceptions should sublcass StandardError, not Exception) closed by dc
wontfix: exception Exception All built-in, non-system-exiting exceptions are …
14:35 Ticket #11784 (exceptions should sublcass StandardError, not Exception) created by anonymous
a quick look at the standard python library's exception hierarchy ( …
10:24 Ticket #11783 (django.contrib.humanize.templatetags.ordinal throws TypeError for NoneType) created by realpolitik
The short summary probably covered everything. ordinal(value) catches …
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add python-piwik (diff)
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Added #10355 - pluggable email backends. (diff)
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Added GigaTux to VPS section (diff)
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