21:53 Ticket #11785 (Invalid error reporting when importing MapInfo layer with Unknown type) created by Evgeny Sizikov
When going to import a spatial data from an MapInfo file I've stacked …
21:25 Ticket #11009 (Auth PasswordResestTest fails since changeset 10599 - Ticket #8752) closed by Chris Beaven
duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #10976
18:23 Ticket #11784 (exceptions should sublcass StandardError, not Exception) closed by dc
wontfix: exception Exception All built-in, non-system-exiting exceptions …
16:35 Ticket #11784 (exceptions should sublcass StandardError, not Exception) created by anonymous
a quick look at the standard python library's exception hierarchy ( …
12:24 Ticket #11783 (django.contrib.humanize.templatetags.ordinal throws TypeError for NoneType) created by realpolitik
The short summary probably covered everything. ordinal(value) catches …
11:15 DjangoResources edited by francois@…
add python-piwik (diff)
09:39 Version1.2Features edited by Russell Keith-Magee
Added #10355 - pluggable email backends. (diff)
08:38 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by cocodude
Added GigaTux to VPS section (diff)


21:00 Ticket #11782 (Add metadata to topics/http/file-uploads.html) created by Tim Graham
Karen correctly noted in #10400 that my patch w/metadata links …
20:54 InitdScriptForGentooLinux edited by stretch
20:02 Ticket #5000 ([patch] Table prefix) closed by Russell Keith-Magee
wontfix: This ticket was closed by a triager after being questioned by a BDFL …
15:56 Ticket #11781 (Wish: FILE_UPLOAD_DIRECTORY_PERMISSIONS) closed by James Bennett
wontfix: Seems like something you should do in your own storage backend, if …
15:15 Ticket #11781 (Wish: FILE_UPLOAD_DIRECTORY_PERMISSIONS) created by michal.dtz@…
Please add this variable to global_settings.py Then, in …
14:55 Ticket #5000 ([patch] Table prefix) reopened by fotinakis
I'd like to re-open this ticket and submit a better patch against …
13:23 Ticket #11779 (Validation doesn't detect import errors) closed by Karen Tracey
duplicate: This is really the same problem was #11696.
13:02 Ticket #11780 (Small typo (two articles) in the static file serving docs) created by anonymous
In the following sentence fragment, two articles are used, and only …
12:51 Ticket #11779 (Validation doesn't detect import errors) created by Afief
I have a model with a bug in it(I imported user instead of User from …
11:05 Ticket #11778 (Patch to increase performance of escapejs) created by josephdrose
The current implementation of escapejs iterates through a list of …
10:45 Changeset [dcf3be7]15667soc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Ian Kelly <ian.g.kelly@…>
Fixed #10566: Added support for cx_Oracle compiled with the …
10:45 Ticket #10566 (Support cx_Oracle compiled with WITH_UNICODE) closed by Ian Kelly
fixed: (In [11477]) Fixed #10566: Added support for cx_Oracle compiled with …
08:19 Ticket #10282 (Missed "% self.name" for admin_logout url) closed by Chris Beaven
fixed: Fixed as part af #10061
07:41 Ticket #11777 (Document DATABASE_SUPPORTS_TRANSACTIONS setting) created by Tim Graham
Usually set automatically, but in some cases it may not be, e.g. …
07:14 Ticket #11776 (HTML class for non-field errors) created by Daniel Pope <dan@…>
In most of my applications I like field errors and non-field errors to …
06:51 DevelopersForHire edited by lsmithso
06:50 DevelopersForHire edited by lsmithso
06:49 DevelopersForHire edited by lsmithso
05:33 CMSAppsComparison edited by Matthias Kestenholz
Remove tusk CMS, it is unmaintained and should not be used any longer; … (diff)


20:42 Ticket #11036 (QueryDict has_key() calls __getitem__ instead of __contains__) closed by Chris Beaven
worksforme: […]
20:23 Ticket #11013 (Named imports in urls) closed by Chris Beaven
invalid: I agree that the current urlconf method relies on an overly implicit …
15:52 Ticket #11775 (ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES doesn't work for the majority of contrib models) created by Jukka Välimaa
At the moment, ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES is used to override …
11:00 Ticket #11774 (add __range lookup parameter in ...) created by anonymous
I think it will be good to add range lookup here too >> …
10:06 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by antondollmaier
Added Information about ADIT Systems (delete if not wanted!) (diff)
06:31 Ticket #11773 (Porxy Model registered in Model Admin are only visible to Super User) closed by Russell Keith-Magee
duplicate: This is effectively a duplicate of #11154. Your user may have "all" …
06:00 Ticket #11773 (Porxy Model registered in Model Admin are only visible to Super User) created by coulix
- MyUser model proxy User. - Register an admin for MyUser Only super …
05:31 Ticket #11772 (ModelAdmin - added a model_modified hook for full CRUD support) created by Joshua Russo
I added a simple hook called model_modified that is called after each …


23:43 Ticket #11771 (Support filtering by non-database (queryset) fields in the admin) created by Samuel Cormier-Iijima
It's currently impossible to filter the admin interface by …
17:10 Ticket #11770 (Allow login_required to specify login_url like user_passes_test) created by anonymous
All up to login_required Django allows one to specify a custom …
16:18 Distributions edited by nrivera
add openbsd info (diff)
06:21 Ticket #9656 (Inherit user's password change link doesn't work) reopened by AdamTwiss
I keep encountering the same problem as per this original ticket. …
06:07 Ticket #11763 (Admin Interface - Login - Security Concern) closed by James Bennett
invalid: Not a bug.
06:05 Ticket #11769 (Include tag with insert code blocks) closed by James Bennett
invalid: This is a bug tracker, not a how-to forum.
03:48 Ticket #11769 (Include tag with insert code blocks) created by Stacky
What with this usecase? How to implement something like this? […]
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