23:02 Ticket #10678 (Confusing error when django.root has a trailing slash) closed by mtredinnick
duplicate: Duplicate of #9270. Anybody putting django.root = "/" hasn't read …
22:40 Ticket #11500 (Documentation on commands is sparse.) closed by Peter of the Norse <RahmCoff+dj@…>
duplicate: Duplicate of #9170
22:06 Ticket #10678 (Confusing error when django.root has a trailing slash) reopened by Axis_of_Entropy
I can consistently induce a similar error by setting django.root to …
20:38 Ticket #11638 (HttpResponseRedirect to a file causes UnicodeEncodeError) closed by kmtracey
duplicate: Fixed formatting -- please use preview. The description for #11522
20:34 Ticket #11642 (Specify default namespace in urls.py) created by mrmachine
The new URL namespace feature is great, but could be made a little …
18:56 Ticket #11641 (using BooleanField with FormSet) closed by russellm
invalid: You need to set required=False. This is a …
18:15 Ticket #6533 (Syndication Framework: Item titles and descriptions double-escaped) reopened by miracle2k
17:58 Version1.2Features edited by anonymous
16:09 Version1.2Features edited by Alex
15:01 GeoDjangoUbuntuInstall edited by anonymous
Changed a "make install" to "sudo make install" in short version. (diff)
13:16 Ticket #11641 (using BooleanField with FormSet) created by anonymous
When constructing a FormSet from a Form with a BooleanField, it seems …
13:06 Ticket #6533 (Syndication Framework: Item titles and descriptions double-escaped) closed by chromano
13:03 Ticket #11640 (1.1 Test framework fails if CACHE_BACKEND = dummy) created by fgasperino
1.1 seems to fail built-in contrib/sessions/test.py if the cache api …
11:39 Ticket #11639 (Can't remove prepopulated fields from fieldset in ModelAdmin) created by leanmeandonothingmachine
I'd like to propose that when the prepopulated fields argument that is …
11:03 Version1.2Features edited by Tarken
09:23 Localization edited by anonymous
09:16 Ticket #11068 (Wrong language code for Norwegian (Bokmål)) closed by garcia_marc
fixed: (In [11402]) [soc2009/i18n] Fixed #11068. Norwegian Bokmal code fixed
08:44 Ticket #11638 (HttpResponseRedirect to a file causes UnicodeEncodeError) created by BlindHunter
I'm trying to download via GET a file with name in russian and getting …
07:49 Localization edited by anonymous
fixed serbian codes, added Janos as a translator (diff)
06:57 Ticket #11637 (Formats missing for most locales) created by garcia_marc
In [11377] incomplete formats for every locale has been added to …
06:28 Ticket #11636 (New intdot function for django.contrib.humanize) closed by dc
duplicate: Duplicate of #3940 and is fixed in branches/soc2009/i18n-improvements.
05:59 Ticket #11636 (New intdot function for django.contrib.humanize) created by bymenda
Hi all. I would like to contribute with a little function for the …
02:21 Ticket #11635 (testserver doesn't work with GeoDjango) created by whiteinge
The testserver management command doesn't work with GeoDjango since …


18:09 DevelopersForHire edited by Guilherme Gondim <semente@…>
Added me. (diff)
15:01 Ticket #11634 (OpenLayers default position) created by dalkvist
The openlayers.js templet don't take the display projection setting …
12:50 Version1.2Features edited by Tarken
Adding ORM identity mapping (diff)
11:18 Ticket #11633 (Stop requiring DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE when using settings.configure) created by masklinn
Currently, django requires both that there is a …
09:42 Version1.2Features edited by wayla
added proposal to complete comment approval process (diff)
08:24 Version1.2Features edited by russellm
Removed reference to the v1.2 milestone. It isn't a vetted list, plus … (diff)
07:11 Version1.2Features edited by ramiro
04:52 Ticket #11632 (show_hidden_initial=True produces invalid HTML) created by geber@…
When you have a model like this: […] And a Form like this: …


22:28 Ticket #11631 (Deleting related objects which use a GenericKey in an inherited model ...) created by stretch
There seems to be an issue deleting related objects which use a …
22:07 Ticket #11630 (reverse() cannot process kwargs distributed along nested url namespaces) closed by russellm
duplicate: Duplicate of #11559.
22:02 Ticket #11630 (reverse() cannot process kwargs distributed along nested url namespaces) created by daybreaker
Look at this, just a simple example: […] You might notice the …
16:55 Version1.2Features edited by dc
16:18 Changeset [542904ee]stable/1.0.x by James Bennett <ubernostrum@…>
[1.0.X] Add trove classifiers to 1.0 series setup.py. Not sure why I …
16:16 Changeset [cb5e5dc2]15667soc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by James Bennett <ubernostrum@…>
Add a trove classifier that I missed when I originally set these up. …
13:21 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by waverider
13:12 Ticket #11629 (Deprecate callable QuerySet filter arguments) created by harrym
Apologies if I've missed this somewhere, but I couldn't find anything …
11:03 Ticket #11628 (Incorrect comment in part 1 of tutorial) created by tommstein@…
In the last big box full of example code in part 1 of the tutorial, it …
10:48 Ticket #11627 (Allow users to run individual test suites using manage.py) created by Manoj Govindan <egmanoj@…>
Django recognizes unit tests grouped into test suites …
08:45 CsrfProtection edited by lukeplant
03:40 Changeset [7af2b34a]stable/1.0.x by Brian Rosner <brosner@…>
[1.0.X] Updated my bio to reflect current status Backported from …
03:30 Changeset [7ac1d98]15667soc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Brian Rosner <brosner@…>
Updated my bio to reflect current status git-svn-id: …
02:22 Ticket #11626 (Add Malaysian (my) localflavour) created by zaim
Patch to add Malaysian localflavor. Contains form and model fields for …


22:08 Ticket #11625 (Comment moderation through admin actions) created by wayla
While the (currently undocumented) moderation views of the …
20:08 Ticket #11624 (`render_to_kmz` can't handle non-ascii data) created by jbronn
So, say you are using the world application from the GeoDjango …
19:22 Ticket #11622 (adding to server EXLUDE_URL) closed by russellm
wontfix: I'm afraid I don't see the benefit here. The development server log is …
10:36 Ticket #11623 (django.core.cache.backends.db does not escape table names) created by frasern
The table name is simply inserted verbatim into the SQL using string …
09:58 Ticket #11622 (adding to server EXLUDE_URL) created by presidentua
adding to server EXLUDE_URL Sometimes server show many information, …
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