23:10 Ticket #11360 (Djangobook website misdirecting link needs updating) created by nartzpod
If you go to this link: http://www.djangobook.com/en/beta/chapter12/
19:36 Ticket #11359 ("Built-in signals" API reference doc fails to mention "Signals" ...) created by Tyson Clugg
There is a "See also" section at the top of the Signals API reference …
10:36 Ticket #11358 (Flatpage sitemap shows all pages, even private pages) created by Dennis Burke
I tried searching trac for this issue, but wasn't able to turn up …
10:01 Ticket #11357 (contrib.admindocs ignores many-to-many relations) created by James Bennett
It's a one-line patch; needs to look at …
09:34 Ticket #11356 (Add links to 3rd party (unofficial) database backends in Django ...) created by nauch
Adding links/notes to documentation for the 3rd party database …
07:00 Ticket #11355 (messed up title on django docs) closed by Russell Keith-Magee
duplicate: Dup of #11345, #8885 and about a half-dozen others. (Please search …
06:42 Ticket #11355 (messed up title on django docs) created by anonymous


20:33 Ticket #11354 (Extra space before a parenthesis in the querysets docs) created by flebel
There is a space before a parenthesis in the following document: the …
14:53 Ticket #11353 (use sphinx autodoc directives on geodjango application) created by yml
I am trying to generate the API documentation of django-geotagging …
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11:49 Ticket #11351 (IE6 times out in the Django Development Server when a Request.Post is ...) closed by James Bennett
invalid: This doesn't seem to report a Django bug; please consider asking in a …
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10:16 Ticket #11350 (Support "local flavor" for Israel) reopened by Alex Gaynor
A ticket isn't fixed because a patch is uploaded, it's fixed when the …
10:14 Ticket #11350 (Support "local flavor" for Israel) closed by Yuval Adam
09:17 Ticket #11352 (get_object/list_or_none methods) created by Chuck Harmston
Hey all, First time contributor (not just to Django, but to any open …
08:14 Ticket #11351 (IE6 times out in the Django Development Server when a Request.Post is ...) created by philip.barkow@…
Using the Django Development Server. Internet Explorer 6.0 Service …
06:35 Ticket #11350 (Support "local flavor" for Israel) created by Yuval Adam
Support django.contrib.localflavor for Israel
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06:13 Ticket #11349 (Error in sql request) closed by Russell Keith-Magee
invalid: The error you are getting is completely correct and appropriate in …
01:43 Ticket #11349 (Error in sql request) created by nahuel
I'm using django 1.0.2 with mysql 5.0.51 in production environment, …


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