21:31 Ticket #9375 (Minor Documentation Suggestion (Serialization Page)) created by jordy
You might consider adding a link to the "dumpdata" command to the …
20:35 Ticket #9374 (Minor punctuation - Missing Closing Paren) created by jordy
There's a line in the docs that's missing a closing parenthesis. …
20:10 ThumbNails edited by italomaia
updating simple filter snippet link. (diff)
15:41 Ticket #9373 ("This field is required" error even on empty inlines formsets in the ...) created by tyrion.mx@…
I have a custom Form for one of my models (in the example …
14:36 Ticket #9372 (Updated Slovak (sk) translation) created by mandre
Updated Slovak translation of Django.
09:06 Version1.1Features edited by anonymous
09:05 Ticket #9371 (Fixtures combined with inherited models causing constraint ...) created by terpsquared
Using a model descended from the provided User model (as described in …
08:52 Ticket #9370 (Non utf-8 DEFAULT_CHARSET causes UnicodeDecodeError when serving ...) created by kikko
When serving binary static files (for example images) using …
04:15 DjangoResources edited by Amit Upadhyay <upadhyay@…>
Added link to GetVsPostSplittingAndDjango (diff)
03:38 DjangoResources edited by Marcin <marcin@…>
02:46 Version1.1Features edited by anonymous
02:26 Ticket #9369 (Add query string info to put and delete in test Client) created by david
#5888 has been added to trunk but the put() and delete() methods do …
02:07 Version1.1Features edited by guettli
Decoupling authentication from calling a view. (diff)
01:43 Ticket #8931 (Queries on datetimefields return incorrect results in mysql) closed by ElliottM
invalid: Turns out this was a problem with mysql and not with django.


22:55 Ticket #8880 (bit of django.template source doc) closed by SmileyChris
wontfix: This docstring addition doesn't clear up any major confusions - seems …
22:46 Ticket #8764 (Documentation should explain you can't mix args and **kwargs in reverse()) closed by SmileyChris
22:40 Ticket #8586 (ImageFieldFile cannot be saved with File.read()) closed by SmileyChris
invalid: kylefox is correct - you should be passing the File object in rather …
22:24 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by rashost
22:03 Ticket #8418 (archive_year should pass a date year object to template context ...) closed by SmileyChris
wontfix: This would be a backwards incompatible and it's a pretty negligible …
21:29 Ticket #9355 (eol-style properties for commiters svn config file) closed by mtredinnick
wontfix: Not all committers use subversion. This is just something we can fix …
21:20 Ticket #9349 (Support for fixed Char database field) closed by mtredinnick
wontfix: If you really need a char type at the database level, then you can …
21:08 Ticket #8916 (admin auth change password not working) closed by mtredinnick
invalid: I agree with Karen; there's no Django bug here. Subclassing has to be …
21:04 Ticket #9342 (query optimization bug) closed by mtredinnick
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #9188 (although I realise the title of that …
18:01 Ticket #9368 (Clean up code for getting columns for select query) created by adunar
I cleaned up some code in db/models/sql/query.py (see mtredinnick's …
15:33 Ticket #9367 (EmailMultiAlternatives does not properly handle attachments) created by loekje
EmailMultiAlternatives does not properly attach (PDF) files. The …
14:21 Ticket #9366 (date and time filters do not use localized strings, missing datetime filter) created by bthomas
The date and time filters do not use localized/translated strings for …
11:11 Ticket #9365 (Permutated columns when using Paginator with ValuesQuerySet) created by micval@…
I have this model: […] When selecting documents I don't want the …
10:59 Ticket #9364 (Spatial queries don't work on inherited geometry fields) created by jbronn
In the following models TexasCity inherits from City: […] …
10:13 Ticket #9363 ([feature request] track down where a query is requested for debugging) created by pihentagy
I'm not a python wizard, so I'm just suspecting the following is …
08:29 Ticket #9350 (404 on 0.96 "current docs" link) closed by russellm
fixed: I've corrected the redirect in the site admin.
07:24 Ticket #9362 (InlineAdminForm breaks content_type FK on model) created by carljm
r8586 fixed "View on Site" links for admin inline formsets, by having …
06:38 webreusHowTo edited by Y3PP3R
article outdated (diff)
06:38 Ticket #9361 (typo in gis/gdal/geometries.py) created by guillaume
/contrib/gis/gdal/geometries.py says, line 87 : […] where it should …
04:45 Ticket #9360 (Admin interface method get_form does not call get_fieldsets to get ...) created by david_christiansen
I'm presently limiting the fields that some users can edit in our …
03:34 Ticket #9313 (search in manyToMany fields in admin page) closed by mtredinnick
invalid: So, as Karen noted, it's a question, not a bug report. Please ask …
03:17 Ticket #9313 (search in manyToMany fields in admin page) reopened by hannnndy <web@…>


22:27 Ticket #9359 (Problem running manage.py syncdb) closed by russellm
invalid: Please don't use the ticket tracker for user support questions. If you …
21:56 Ticket #9359 (Problem running manage.py syncdb) created by osyed
I have Python 2.4.3. Just installed Django 1.0 stable release. …
20:33 Ticket #13 (Related objects interface should be tighter (edit_inline)) reopened by anonymous
20:32 Ticket #13 (Related objects interface should be tighter (edit_inline)) closed by anonymous
19:25 Ticket #9358 (.dates(...) only spitting out a single date, bug in queryset order) created by dokterbob
Due to a bug in the add_date_select function …
16:05 Version1.1Features edited by tolano
14:41 Changeset [4537f334]stable/1.0.x by Ian Kelly <ian.g.kelly@…>
[1.0.X] Fixed Oracle introspection mapping of DATE columns, and added …
14:38 Changeset [51d101b]soc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.1.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Ian Kelly <ian.g.kelly@…>
Fixed Oracle introspection mapping of DATE columns, and added an entry …
14:35 Version1.1Features edited by anonymous
13:52 ReplacingGetAbsoluteUrl edited by AdamG
Correct a homonym ("bares repeating" -> "bears repeating"). (diff)
12:05 Ticket #9357 (Unable to subclass form Media class) created by Tarken
In essence, I'm simply trying to add a new media type to a number of …
11:28 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by anonymous
11:22 Ticket #9356 (CSRFMiddleware should take session key from request.session) created by bthomas
Since CSRFMiddleware depends on SessionMiddleware, it should use …
10:06 Version1.1Features edited by guettli
Breadcrumbs (diff)
07:47 Ticket #9355 (eol-style properties for commiters svn config file) created by Semmel
Since the eol-problem occurs every now and then (as in #9354) i think …
07:41 Ticket #9354 (eol-style in localflavors) created by Semmel
The localflavor package has a few files that have different eol-styles …
07:35 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by anonymous
07:34 DjangoFriendlyWebHosts edited by anonymous
04:08 Ticket #9353 (Django documentation bundles on download page) created by Tome <tome@…>
After needing the django documentation for offline development I …
02:06 Ticket #9352 (Except statement argument wrong in tutorial 4) closed by russellm
invalid: The example cited is correct as-is.
01:59 Ticket #9352 (Except statement argument wrong in tutorial 4) created by anonymous
[…] should be […]


19:17 Ticket #9351 (Test client ignores querystring on post) created by sime
Typically, when I POST to "/example/?q=1", then {{{request.GETq? == …
19:16 Ticket #2102 ([patch] Enable the template for loop to work with a generator.) closed by kmtracey
19:15 Ticket #2115 ('tuple' object has no attribute 'startswith') closed by kmtracey
19:15 Ticket #2122 (get_FIELDNAME_display() fails on instance returned by ...) closed by kmtracey
19:10 Ticket #2099 (dateformat test fails on Windows (Python 2.4.2)) closed by ubernostrum
19:09 Ticket #2127 ([patch] date, time, and timesince filters don't fail silently) closed by kmtracey
19:09 Ticket #2099 (dateformat test fails on Windows (Python 2.4.2)) reopened by alsleme
19:03 Ticket #2122 (get_FIELDNAME_display() fails on instance returned by ...) reopened by alsleme
18:58 Ticket #2127 ([patch] date, time, and timesince filters don't fail silently) reopened by alsleme
18:39 Ticket #9348 (manage.py reset appname fails to reset MySql database because of ...) closed by russellm
duplicate: Essentially a duplicate of [2493]
14:08 Ticket #9350 (404 on 0.96 "current docs" link) created by cacopatane@…
I've reached http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/0.96/db-api/
12:57 Ticket #9349 (Support for fixed Char database field) created by aiev
I know that in most situations we have to use an varchar column, but …
12:10 Ticket #9348 (manage.py reset appname fails to reset MySql database because of ...) created by jfenwick
I'm running the latest Django from SVN on Windows XP using MySQL as …
09:40 Ticket #9347 (verbose_name option is missing in Model Field reference) created by marcoberi
Below this option …
05:30 Tutorials edited by anthony
add Djangofarm in General Tutorials section (diff)
00:01 Changeset [7d3b409]stable/0.91.x by James Bennett <ubernostrum@…>
[0.91-bugfixes] Fix a silly typo in the version number. git-svn-id: …
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