19:09 Ticket #7034 (get_nodes_by_type() fails if nodelist = None) created by kilian
Using [http://toys.jacobian.org/hg/googlecharts/ Jacob's Google Charts …
17:15 Ticket #7033 (Dead code: OrderingField) created by julien
As discussed in [1], there's a piece of code (OrderingField class in …
16:47 Ticket #7032 (change django.core.handlers.base.get_response to use urlresolvers.resolve) created by tclineks
django.core.handlers.base.get_response looks like it should use …
14:11 Ticket #5176 (Bug in django.utils.cache._generate_cache_key(request, headerlist, ...) reopened by Atul Varma <varmaa@…>
I'm running into this problem, and it's being reproduced reliably in …
13:02 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
12:44 DosAndDontsForApplicationWriters edited by erob
Added a note about the python 2.3 decorator thing (diff)
11:14 VersionOneFeatures edited by oyvind@…
added ticket and leader for model-level validation (diff)
10:13 Ticket #6549 (Naming templatetag file same as app name can lead to undesired behavior) closed by guettli
duplicate: Please try the patch from #6587 and report there, if it worked for you.
07:55 DevelopersForHire edited by erob
oops, my bad (diff)
07:54 DevelopersForHire edited by erob
Added gthc.org :) (diff)
07:38 DosAndDontsForApplicationWriters edited by erob
fixed a typo (diff)
06:58 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
00:45 QuerysetRefactorBranch edited by dan <dan@…>
inserted link to referenced model-api docs (diff)


18:41 Ticket #7031 ([patch] update french translation for utils/timesince.py) created by François Charlier <fcharlier@…>
Hi ! See attached patch to french translation of django.po Some …
17:34 DocSprint12Apr edited by jezdez
added moving topics/auth to topics/http/auth and ref/contrib/auth (diff)
17:25 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
17:22 DocSprint12Apr edited by yml
17:19 DocSprint12Apr edited by yml
17:01 DevelopersForHire edited by Piotr Lewandowski <django@…>
Putting myself on the market. (diff)
14:48 Ticket #6938 ([newforms-admin] Initial form data passed from request.GET isn't ...) closed by brosner
fixed: (In [7434]) newforms-admin: Fixed #6938 -- request.GET is now coerced …
11:20 Ticket #6529 (flatattr() doesn't check if a string is marked as "safe") reopened by antisvin
Original author didn't reopen the ticket, but I'll have to do it as …
09:05 DevelopersForHire edited by Marcin <marcin@…>
Removed Zenzire account (diff)
08:10 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
08:05 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
08:04 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by mrts
06:28 Ticket #7029 (Fix PO extraction of non-ASCII data in gettext files) closed by mtredinnick
duplicate: Ah, excellent. Okay, sorry for the confusion. Closing this as a dupe …
06:13 Ticket #7030 (Allow non-ASCII characters in input for translation for multiple ...) created by anonymous
make-messages.py doesn't work well for input file containing UTF-8 …
06:04 Ticket #7029 (Fix PO extraction of non-ASCII data in gettext files) created by mtredinnick
Based on comment 7 in #4734, trying to extract UTF-8 data from …
05:51 Ticket #4734 (Allow non-ASCII characters in input for translation) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: The original bug here has been long fixed. You are reporting a new …
05:31 Ticket #4734 (Allow non-ASCII characters in input for translation) reopened by anonymous
Still have the following errors while processing multiple Javascript …


21:58 Ticket #6956 (Subqueries don't use custom queryset) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: (In [7426]) queryset-refactor: Querysets no longer need to be …
19:07 Ticket #7028 (Better admin raw_id_fields feedback) created by Marcob <marcoberi@…>
When you select an item for a raw-id-fields, the description of the id …
18:35 Ticket #2229 (django-admin's syncdb does not check for missing many-to-many tables) closed by ubernostrum
wontfix: Russell's argument is as convincing now as it was originally; the idea …
16:22 Ticket #7027 (Translating string constans passed to template tags breaks if the ...) created by Konstantinos Metaxas <kmetaxas@…>
Hi. The documentation for i18n states that the following can be used …
16:18 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
15:39 Ticket #7026 (Exception message is worded poorly (backwards)) created by ryan@…
This occurs with recent SVN checkout. (trimmed) example models: […] …
13:39 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
13:04 GeoDjangoInstall edited by Gregory Roby <groby@…>
Added reference to Apache configuration file for SetEnv GDAL_DATA (diff)
13:00 IrcFAQ edited by pbx
reorganized into groups of questions (diff)
12:28 IrcFAQ edited by pbx
added Apache-vs-runserver item (diff)
10:39 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by mrts
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10:22 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
10:20 IrcFAQ edited by pbx
added some example source links (diff)
09:56 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
09:49 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by mrts
05:53 Ticket #7025 (SafeUnicode.split() should return a list of SafeUnicode objects) created by guettli
Patch is attached.
05:51 DocSprint12Apr edited by simon
SimonW working on forms (diff)
03:46 DosAndDontsForApplicationWriters edited by Gordonjcp
split run-on sentence (diff)
01:44 Ticket #2229 (django-admin's syncdb does not check for missing many-to-many tables) reopened by Simon Litchfield <simon@…>
Definitely in favour of syncdb creating missing m2m's, in the same way …
00:31 Ticket #7024 (ModelForm initial value is handled wrong) closed by brosner
duplicate: Duplicate of #6938. Please search Trac before opening a new ticket. …
00:25 Ticket #7024 (ModelForm initial value is handled wrong) created by Martín Conte Mac Donell <Reflejo@…>
When add_view is called with some initial value (when request.GET …


23:52 Ticket #6957 (Old API in admin) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: (In [7425]) Fixed #6957 -- Removed a stray reference to …
21:24 Ticket #7023 (Improve validation and add extra attributes to ...) created by Piotr Lewandowski <django@…>
Attached patch includes: * PLNationalIdentificationNumberField: …
21:07 Changeset [d15e290c]15667soc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm.tredinnick@…>
Fixed #7012 -- Added a missing file for CSS backgrounds with …
21:07 Ticket #7012 (missing gif file for rtl style in admin interface) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: (In [7424]) Fixed #7012 -- Added a missing file for CSS backgrounds …
21:03 Ticket #7022 (trunk tutorial02 needs 'import datetime') closed by mtredinnick
invalid: The datetime module was imported when was_published_today() was …
21:00 Ticket #6387 (Markdown for Python v1.7 support needed in contrib.markup -- handling ...) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: (In [7423]) Fixed #6387 -- Updated markdown filter to handle …
21:00 Changeset [8453a17]15667soc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm.tredinnick@…>
Fixed #6387 -- Updated markdown filter to handle markdown-1.7 as well …
20:56 Ticket #7022 (trunk tutorial02 needs 'import datetime') created by Scott Pascoe <scott.pascoe@…>
In the section of the documentation/tutorial02, at the Customize …
20:13 Ticket #7017 (Typo in comments) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: (In [7422]) Fixed #7017 -- Minor typo fix in a comment. Thanks …
20:13 Changeset [ea87c0d]15667soc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm.tredinnick@…>
Fixed #7017 -- Minor typo fix in a comment. Thanks FranRuiz. Also …
20:03 Ticket #7019 (ImportError: No module named ImageFile) closed by mtredinnick
invalid: This isn't a problem with Django. It's a problem with the way PIL is …
20:00 Ticket #7020 (Convert read-only global lists to tuples) closed by mtredinnick
wontfix: The wiki page you reference is in no way official Django policy or …
19:11 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
19:06 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
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18:10 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
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18:03 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
17:32 Ticket #7021 (url templatetag not working when used with two words (invalid?)) created by manta@…
When i enter "Two Words" in admin and get them converted to a slug, …
16:58 Ticket #7020 (Convert read-only global lists to tuples) created by Piotr Lewandowski <django@…>
According to DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading - there are some …
16:31 Ticket #6959 (Correction on Portuguese Translation of Weekdays) closed by curaloucura
worksforme: Sorry, it does exist on the trunk, I probably checked a branch.
16:30 AJAX/Dojo/RefactoredFormSubmit edited by anonymous
Added js colouring (diff)
14:52 Ticket #7013 (Polish translation update) closed by zgoda
fixed: (In [7421]) Fixed #7013: Polish translation update from Piotr Lewandowski.
14:52 Changeset [52945a95]15667soc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Jarek Zgoda <jarek.zgoda@…>
Fixed #7013: Polish translation update from Piotr Lewandowski. …
14:27 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
14:26 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by anonymous
14:25 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by mrts
14:11 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by mrts
14:09 Ticket #7019 (ImportError: No module named ImageFile) created by anonymous
Depending upon how an environment is configured django/utils/images.py …
13:50 AddWYSIWYGEditor edited by adi@…
updated tinyMCE documentation URLs (diff)
12:24 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
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11:24 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
11:17 Ticket #7013 (Polish translation update) reopened by Piotr Lewandowski <django@…>
I dare to reopen this ticket - my patch hasn't fixed a bunch of errors …
11:14 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
11:07 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
10:57 Ticket #7018 (Make ModelForm multiple inheritance possible) created by bear330
If I have two ModelForm: […] This doesn't work because of the …
10:44 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
10:43 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
10:33 DocSprint12Apr edited by jacob
10:32 Ticket #7017 (Typo in comments) created by FranRuiz
Two typos in django.contrib.contenttypes.generic.py
10:18 Ticket #5498 (GeoDjango not compatible with PostGIS 1.1.0) closed by jbronn
wontfix: GeoDjango should theoretically be compatible with PostGIS 1.1.0, but …
06:39 AJAX/Dojo/RefactoredFormSubmit edited by erob
corrected a grammar error (diff)
06:38 AJAX/Dojo/RefactoredFormSubmit edited by erob
Few minor changes (diff)
06:29 AJAX edited by erob
Added a link to AJAX/Dojo/RefactoredFormSubmit (diff)
05:49 DevModelCreation edited by i_i
05:45 DevModelCreation edited by i_i
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01:42 DjangoSpecifications/Core/Threading edited by mrts
01:06 Ticket #7016 (Atom Feed dates should use settings.TIME_ZONE) created by mattdw
Atom feeds currently only seem to format dates if the dates have …
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