12:58 IrcFAQ edited by anonymous
07:00 Ticket #6293 (500 debug page should show sys.path somewhere) created by simon
Would make debugging path related issues easier.
06:34 Ticket #6292 (Updated Japanese (ja) translation) created by mtsuyuki
Updated Japanese(ja) translation
01:45 DevelopersForHire edited by business@…
Corrected our company's title and cleaned up the text (diff)
01:32 DevelopersForHire edited by business@…
Added our organization under India (diff)


18:11 Ticket #6291 (CASocialInsuranceNumberField documentation error) created by jeff+django@…
Minor documentation error on CASocialInsuranceNumberField: "A form field …
17:38 Ticket #6290 (profanity filter) reopened by SmileyChris
A profanity validator and a profanity filter aren't exactly the same …
16:12 Ticket #6290 (profanity filter) closed by ubernostrum
worksforme: django.core.validators (part of the oldforms system) already contains a …
12:21 Ticket #6290 (profanity filter) created by programmerq
A feature that would live somewhere in contrib-- It would contain a …
05:21 Ticket #6289 (Allow passing extra context to google-map.js) created by omat at
The javascript template for displaying a Google Map is rendered inside the …
03:08 Ticket #6190 (Part 3 Feedback closed by arien
invalid: The tutorial asks you to edit your so that it looks like the …
02:35 Ticket #6286 (tutorial part 3 - Design your urls misses admin views) reopened by arien
Ugh... Sorry for the close. This isn't a duplicate of #6190, and moreover …
02:20 Ticket #6286 (tutorial part 3 - Design your urls misses admin views) closed by arien
duplicate: Duplicate of #6190.


12:42 Ticket #6288 (Updated catalan translation) created by telenieko
Here it comes!
12:11 Ticket #6287 ([patch]Minor typos in sites.txt) created by Horst Gutmann <zerok@…>
In the "Here's how Django uses the sites framework" part of the sites.txt …
08:58 Ticket #6286 (tutorial part 3 - Design your urls misses admin views) created by Bashar
In Chapter 3 Design your urls section, the urlpatterns assignment seems to …
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03:13 DjangoResources edited by insin
Added Django MPTT (diff)


21:44 GeoDjangoDatabaseAPI edited by jbronn
typos (diff)
21:30 GeoDjangoInstall edited by jbronn
Updated supported spatial database list. (diff)
21:25 GeoDjangoDatabaseAPI edited by jbronn
Added the documentation for the Oracle relate lookup type (added in … (diff)
19:39 CookBookNewFormsFieldOrdering created by toddobryan
19:24 Ticket #6285 (Cutting up a list of objects into a table with a given number of columns) created by purdeaandrei
=== Cutting up a list of objects into a table with a given number of …
19:08 CookBookNewFormsDynamicFields created by toddobryan
19:04 Ticket #6284 ([newforms-admin] text.replace is not a function) closed by Alex
16:46 Ticket #6284 ([newforms-admin] text.replace is not a function) created by trbs
Saving a new record in the popup of a foreignkey in newform-admin yields a …
16:12 Ticket #6283 (NewForms labels are not conditionally escaped) created by rockstar
Consider the following code: […] The labels are currently being …
16:05 CookBookNewForms created by toddobryan
15:59 CookBook edited by toddobryan
14:33 Ticket #6282 (Clarify comment for MEDIA_URL in created by apollo13
Is there a reason why the comment for MEDIA_URL suggests > Make sure to …
13:35 DjangoResources edited by piranha
pingback application (diff)
12:59 Ticket #6281 (models.SlugField has no formfield() method) created by Collin Grady <cgrady@…>
At present, models.SlugField returns a forms.CharField since it just …
10:43 DjangoBranches edited by korpios
Kinda silly that I never actually made the hg repo URL a link (diff)
08:33 Ticket #6275 (An "official" place to put applications) closed by adrian
wontfix: Hello there, I don't understand what this is proposing, as it is …
05:23 Ticket #6275 (An "official" place to put applications) reopened by erob
Sorry but I don't agree. If we want users to distribute third-party …
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