15:21 Ticket #4860 (Labels missing for tags in newforms widgets) reopened by sandro
Just ran into some test data to validate the issue: […] Each list …
12:45 Ticket #5773 (Typo in templatetag docs results in error after using docutils) created by durdinator
The error: […]
11:02 Ticket #5772 (GzipMiddleware compresses JavaScript by accident) created by Simon Law <simon@…>
A small typo in GZipMiddleware causes it to compress files of …
11:00 Ticket #4524 ('Delete' action is broken in newforms-admin) closed by ariddell <allen.riddell@…>
worksforme: nevermind, I had modified my copy of options.py per the instructions …
10:54 Ticket #4524 ('Delete' action is broken in newforms-admin) reopened by ariddell <allen.riddell@…>
Still getting it in 6525 This error seems pretty clear: …
10:34 Ticket #5763 (Queryset doesn't have a "not equal" filter operator) closed by ubernostrum
wontfix: This is pretty much what exclude is for; there used to be an ne
10:31 Ticket #5771 (No support for ssl client certificates) closed by ubernostrum
worksforme: If you're running under Apache/mod_python, the full request as passed …
09:39 Ticket #5771 (No support for ssl client certificates) created by lmierzej
I may be wrong, but django has no support for ssl client …
08:31 Ticket #5770 (Unicode error in admin documentation) created by tobutaz+bugs@…
You can use the french locale to trigger the bug. Go to the admin doc …
07:21 Ticket #5631 (newforms-admin: 'classes': 'collapse' does not work (in one case)) closed by django@…
invalid: AFAIK the syntax has changed to 'classes': collapse?
07:20 MultipleColumnPrimaryKeys edited by anonymous
Changed current status (diff)
06:53 DjangoResources edited by anonymous
06:51 DjangoResources edited by anonymous
06:04 Ticket #5769 (djangoproject.com shows quite a few HTML and CSS validation errors) created by Dinu Gherman <gherman@…>
I've written a Python script wrapping the W3C HTML and CSS validators …
05:44 Ticket #5768 (Allow QuerySet.values() to return values spanning joins (for ...) created by anonymous <tobutaz+bugs@…>
I'd like to write: […] My use case is slightly more complicated (I …


20:16 Ticket #5767 (EmailField should render as a mailto anchor in admin list page) created by hax
It seems to me that there is no reason to not have an EmailField be a …
18:58 Ticket #4557 (Case-sensitivity issue with app name when creating database tables on ...) closed by SmileyChris
duplicate: It's not likely we'll have our anonymous person back to answer …
18:46 Ticket #4626 (pass the context to extra_context functions) closed by SmileyChris
wontfix: Sounds like you should be doing this as a template tag, not an …
18:36 Ticket #5683 (windows comments on the mod_python deployment document) closed by SmileyChris
duplicate: Closing as a dupe of #4854, since that'll mean we recommend forward …
18:00 Ticket #4515 (django.views.static.serve() redirects (HTTP code 302) to the wrong ...) closed by anonymous
fixed: Hi Chris, do you want to test this out again? From your description, I …
15:56 GeoDjango edited by jbronn
added milestone for Oracle Spatial backend (diff)
12:35 Ticket #5766 (Mixed up docs in django/contrib/comments/feeds.py) created by Ludvig Ericson <ludvig.ericson@…>
django/contrib/comments/feeds.py has a hard-wired limit, and the …
11:59 Ticket #3777 (Persistent change_list filtering in admin) closed by matt.barry@…
worksforme: Wow.. that's much nicer, IMO.. and if you just override the …
11:55 DjangoPoweredSites edited by clint
Adding jobs.arstechnica.com (diff)
10:54 Ticket #5765 (display non_forms error in edit_inline in newforms-admin) created by Honza_Kral
With the ability of formsets to validate across forms ( #5353 ), the …
09:22 Ticket #5764 (i18n doesn't work on GET-request) closed by pytechd <pytechd@…>
invalid: As per BackwardsIncompatibleChanges: In [6177], the set_language() …
09:16 Ticket #5764 (i18n doesn't work on GET-request) created by b23dev@…
I used this code from the example …
07:35 Ticket #5542 (after update to unicode, search_fields in admin on foreignkey fields ...) closed by kenneth gonsalves <lawgon@…>
invalid: this was a false alarm, the docs make it clear: You can also perform a …
07:22 KSSInDjango edited by ramiro
07:01 DevelopersForHire edited by Will Hardy
moving my entry from Australia to Germany, where I live (diff)
03:36 Ticket #575 (edit_inline don't save child data when a "blank=True" field is not set) closed by anonymous
wontfix: Replying to gwilson: > reverted spam
02:39 Ticket #5763 (Queryset doesn't have a "not equal" filter operator) created by jdetaeye
Querysets can be filter for 'gt', 'gte', 'lt', 'lte', 'exact'. The …
02:21 KSSInDjango edited by msaelices
02:18 KSSInDjango edited by msaelices
go out with some wiki words (diff)
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23:23 Ticket #13 (Related objects interface should be tighter (edit_inline)) reopened by brosner
This ticket is not fixed, but very close ;) Probably a bot of some sort.
22:59 Ticket #13 (Related objects interface should be tighter (edit_inline)) closed by anonymous
21:12 Ticket #5762 (APPEND_SLASH mishandles %23 in URL) created by andrewbadr.etc@…
URLs that contain %23 are handled incorrectly with APPEND_SLASH. In …
19:11 Ticket #5761 (Use random.sample, don't reimplement it) created by Nir Soffer <nirs@…>
Python's standard library since 2.3 has had random.sample for choosing …
18:10 Ticket #5760 (Use keyed hashing for session data, remove duplicate code) created by Nir Soffer <nirs@…>
Use hmac instead of md5 to create a digest of session data. Using hmac …
18:02 QuerysetRefactorBranch edited by mtredinnick
Removed a reverted backwards-incompatibility. (diff)
15:50 GeoDjango edited by jbronn
updated roadmap, got rid of the phases. (diff)
14:29 ContributedMiddleware edited by justin <justquick@…>
13:58 ContributedMiddleware edited by justin <justquick@…>
13:05 ContributedMiddleware edited by justin <justquick@…>
13:04 ContributedMiddleware edited by justin <justquick@…>
12:05 ContributedMiddleware edited by justin <justquick@…>
12:03 ContributedMiddleware edited by justin <justquick@…>
11:31 KSSInDjango edited by msaelices
11:30 KSSInDjango edited by msaelices
10:43 Ticket #5759 ([newforms-admin] inline_formset() doesn't allow customized forms) created by akaihola
As described in …
10:13 Ticket #4524 ('Delete' action is broken in newforms-admin) closed by Karen Tracey <kmtracey@…>
worksforme: Works for me with: Django version 0.97-newforms-admin-SVN-6522 I …
09:13 KSSInDjango edited by msaelices
09:12 Tutorials edited by msaelices
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08:51 KSSInDjango edited by msaelices
08:49 KSSInDjango created by msaelices
A first version of KSS in django tutorial
08:08 Ticket #4524 ('Delete' action is broken in newforms-admin) reopened by anonymous
I'm still getting this with newforms-admin 0.97-newforms-admin-SVN-6454
07:56 Ticket #5758 ([newforms-admin] save() fails for non-deletable formsets) created by akaihola
If deletable=True is not specified for a formset, trying to save …
06:53 Ticket #5757 (translation for croatian) created by aljosa
updated translation for croatian (hr)
06:27 Ticket #5756 (Any template tag that uses Variable instead of parser.compile_filter ...) created by sneeu
On a page with the URL '/account/login/', I would expect the following …
03:13 Ticket #5738 (django fails on defective unicode strings appearing in the url) reopened by Soeren Sonnenburg <bugreports@…>
that is exactly what I would have expected - a 404 page…
02:35 Ticket #5738 (django fails on defective unicode strings appearing in the url) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: It isn't actually a bug that that example works. It's harmless. We can …
02:29 Ticket #5738 (django fails on defective unicode strings appearing in the url) reopened by Soeren Sonnenburg <bugreports@…>
I am not sure whether that was the correct fix, because now things …
02:11 QuerysetRefactorBranch edited by mtredinnick
Updated to current status. (diff)


23:28 Ticket #2465 (Make select_related() related work for ForeignKeys with null=True) closed by mtredinnick
fixed: Closing, since the original issue has been fixed and the fact that it …
23:19 Ticket #5755 (Permission problem in trunk Zip Archive.) created by Takanao Endoh <djmchl@…>
Zip Archive download link in …
13:38 Ticket #5754 (HttpResponse uses 'content-type' while GZipMiddleware expects ...) reopened by hauser <hauserx@…>
GZipMiddleware uses response.get method, not response[] construction. …
13:18 Ticket #5754 (HttpResponse uses 'content-type' while GZipMiddleware expects ...) closed by mtredinnick
invalid: All access to headers in HttpResponse is done through the …
13:11 Ticket #5754 (HttpResponse uses 'content-type' while GZipMiddleware expects ...) created by hauser <hauserx@…>
Because GZipMiddleware expect different case that HttpResponse sets it …
13:07 SortedDict edited by James Wheare
12:58 SortedDict created by James Wheare
12:45 Ticket #5753 (manage syncdb (first time) in a small chrooted environment for example ...) created by ClaesBas
What a about this patch? […]
04:54 Ticket #5752 (DateTime fields with default=datetime.now don't fill properly in ...) closed by Wesley Fok <portland@…>
invalid: Erm, ha ha, my bad, I just saw the note about using datetime.now …
04:28 Ticket #5752 (DateTime fields with default=datetime.now don't fill properly in ...) created by Wesley Fok <portland@…>
This is all happening under Django SVN 5819. Say I have an Entry …
04:09 Ticket #5751 (manage.py test doesn't run doctests for models split into separate files) created by akaihola
If models are split into separate files like this: […] the …
01:53 Ticket #5750 (Added documentation of the LOCALE_PATHS setting) created by jdetaeye
The setting is described in the internationalization section, but is …
00:53 Changeset [73f4951]15667soc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Gary Wilson Jr <gary.wilson@…>
Fixed #5710 -- Fixed a missing table name quoting in the postgresql …
00:53 Ticket #5710 (dumpdata/loaddata fails with many-to-many tables on postgresql) closed by gwilson
fixed: (In [6507]) Fixed #5710 -- Fixed a missing table name quoting in the …
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