23:15 RemovingTheMagic edited by fishzle
typo (diff)
23:07 SummerOfCode2006 edited by lawgon@…
Added an i10n project idea (diff)
22:50 Ticket #1700 ([magic-removal] [patch] docs/generic_views.txt document update) created by asmodai@…
In this document you see: […] to be used with date_based generic …
22:15 RemovingTheMagic edited by adrian
Removed misleading/incorrect comment left in previous page change. (diff)
16:01 RemovingTheMagic edited by flavio.curella@…
14:12 Ticket #1699 (raw_id_admin problem) created by anonymous
I have ForeignKey field with raw_id_admin=True which references …
13:06 Ticket #1698 (WARP TOUR) created by anonymous
11:31 Ticket #1697 ([patch] magic-removal: the choices keyword for Fields is restricted) created by brantley
The choices keyword is restricted to a list or tuple by the, …
11:30 RemovingTheMagic edited by Rudolph
Completed the SQL to correct the content of django_content_type (diff)
10:58 Ticket #1696 ([magic-removal] [patch] tutorial04.txt ""?) created by wilson@…
Or, perhaps the misleading suffix (tutorial04.txt, line 154) is a Socratic …
10:28 Ticket #1695 (tutorial4.txt(42): create->created) created by anonymous
10:15 Ticket #1694 (get_list()->objects.all() in tutorial1.txt) created by wilson@…
ca line 452, "get_list()" is mentioned in a comment, but the all() method …
10:10 Ticket #1693 (get_choice_list->choice_set.all in tutorial3.txt) created by wilson@…
The detail.html example doesn't appear to work without this change.
09:48 Ticket #1675 (application-specific templatetags aren't loaded) reopened by ubernostrum
On a fresh checkout of m-r, using identical imports to the built-in …
08:00 ModelInheritance edited by jkocherhans
added more info on why we chose class table inheritance (diff)
05:57 RemovingTheMagic edited by clintecker@…
Fixed a formatting error in the SQL code I just added (diff)
05:55 RemovingTheMagic edited by clintecker@…
Added information about case changes in auth_permissions caused by a … (diff)
04:24 Ticket #1690 (Validators which check other fields don't work with edit_inline) created by Esaj
Validators which check other fields don't work with edit_inline. Take …
03:56 Ticket #1689 (__getitem__ method for RadioFieldRenderer) created by schneider@…
Hi, I think the class RadioFieldRenderer could use a getitem method …
01:34 Ticket #1688 (Permissions don't get translated in admin interface) created by Rudolph
The permissions don't get translated/localized in the admin interface (in …


20:40 Ticket #1687 ([patch] Support size field for file uploads (django.forms.FileUploadField)) created by rhettg@…
This patch basically adds the same functionality already present for …
14:55 Ticket #1686 (Relative model import should work within app directory) created by ubernostrum
Assume a project with an application called 'weblog', whose models live in …
14:21 Ticket #1685 ([patch] order_by breaks for column in a custom SELECT) created by feiyu.xie@…
Here is an example: […] The problematic line is in …
12:47 ModelInheritance edited by anonymous
12:09 Ticket #1684 ([patch] Built-in "numerize" filter) created by ubernostrum
It'd be handy to have a template filter which follows AP style guidelines …
10:42 Ticket #1683 ([patch][magic removal] fixed model objects set-properties to be settable ...) created by iki (admin at mail cz)
Currently, django.db.models.base.Model._init_ does not accept object …
10:12 Ticket #1682 (Line 180 in /docs/tutorial04.txt needs a '.html') created by jheasly@…
Line 180 of the magic-removal /docs/tutorial04.txt should be changed from …
09:20 Ticket #1681 ([patch][magic-removal] Admin display for OneToOneField is broken) created by jkocherhans
OneToOneField (without raw_id_admin=True) should have an html …
08:08 Ticket #1680 (docs for django.core.validators missing) created by mir@…
There should be documentation for these validators so users can find them …
07:46 WikiMacros edited by akaihola
Fixed macro list link. (diff)
07:44 WikiMacros edited by akaihola
Added macro list page. (diff)
07:44 WikiMacroList created by akaihola
02:45 Ticket #1679 (Decouple single vs. multiline widget choice from database storage type for ...) created by lalo.martins@…
This patch makes the choice of limited vs. unlimited database storage …
02:02 Ticket #1678 ([patch] Display of deleted objects in admin uses non-localized field names) created by Christopher Lenz <cmlenz@…>
The code puts the field name in the output, instead of the potentially …
00:53 Ticket #1677 ([magic-removal] [patch] syncdb displays same '<Permission object>' for all ...) created by akaihola
When using syncdb, created permissions are not shown …
00:49 Ticket #1676 (docs/generic_views.txt needs slight update) created by penguin@…
docs generic_views.txt uses this example: […] Which gives an error …
00:47 CookBookScriptsAliases edited by akaihola
added svn up $MRP (diff)
00:44 CookBookScriptsAliases created by akaihola
00:21 CookBookScripts edited by akaihola
added aliases (diff)
00:14 CookBookShortcutsOpenIDAuthentication edited by akaihola
Fixed form example formatting: #!xml instead of #!html and <> instead of … (diff)


20:30 RemovingTheMagic edited by russellm
Fixed incorrect reference in m2m field (diff)
19:02 Ticket #75 (Add support for recursive ManyToManyFields) closed by russellm
fixed: Fixed by [2380], [2381], [2382], [2383] and [2384]; these changes were for …
16:50 RemovingTheMagic edited by russellm
Fixed syntax for creating members of m2m/o2m sets. (diff)
15:57 Ticket #1675 (application-specific templatetags aren't loaded) closed by lukeplant
15:49 Ticket #1663 (problem(?) in vote() function of in tutorial04.txt of ...) closed by anonymous
15:10 Ticket #1675 (application-specific templatetags aren't loaded) created by shs
The documentation for custom templatetags …
14:33 RemovingTheMagic edited by Geert Vanderkelen <geert@…>
Correcting the column size for MySQL djang_content_type changes (diff)
14:31 Ticket #742 (history raises error in datetime while using non english language) reopened by ruben.perez@…
Hi, this issue is not working with languages like es, es-es, es-mx, etc... …
13:54 SchemaEvolution edited by brantley
13:51 SchemaEvolution edited by brantley
13:47 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
13:28 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
13:25 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
12:57 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
12:00 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
11:57 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
11:52 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
11:50 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
11:50 SchemaEvolutionProposal edited by brantley
11:42 SchemaEvolution edited by brantley
11:34 SchemaEvolutionProposal created by brantley
09:02 RemovingTheMagic edited by Geert Vanderkelen <geert@…>
Fixing the renaming of columns for MySQL (diff)
07:07 DevelopersForHire edited by anonymous
05:09 SummerOfCode2006 edited by ian@…
another idea (diff)
05:07 SummerOfCode2006 edited by ian@…
add another idea (diff)


21:59 CookBookTemplateTags edited by limodou@…
add cookbook call tag (diff)
21:35 CookBookTemplateTags edited by limodou@…
Add coobook tag - expr and catch (diff)
20:45 RemovingTheMagic edited by Ken Kennedy <kkennedy@…>
This is NOT complete. There are data issues, and still a column change to … (diff)
20:04 RemovingTheMagic edited by adrian
Changed "Status" line. (diff)
18:21 Changeset [645aaba]attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Made small change to docs/generic_views.txt: 1 --> 01 git-svn-id: …
18:11 Ticket #937 (Autoreload reloads for every request.) closed by adrian
fixed: Is this still happening with magic-removal? If so, please reopen with more …
17:18 Ticket #328 ([patch] Add a archive_week date-based generic view) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2743]) magic-removal: Fixed #328 -- Added archive_week generic view
16:55 Ticket #12 (Add metasystem database-check functionality) closed by adrian
fixed: The new syncdb command accomplishes this. (Minus the database-schema …
16:55 Ticket #6 (Remove has_related_links option from models) closed by adrian
fixed: Fixed in magic-removal a while ago.
16:53 Ticket #315 (verbose_name_plural should be used in admin URLs) closed by adrian
fixed: This is fixed in magic-removal.
16:52 Ticket #1240 (Tab-completion actions for django-admin) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2742]) magic-removal: Fixed #1240 -- Added Django bash completion …
16:32 Ticket #412 (FileField bug) closed by adrian
fixed: I assume this is fixed by now, so I'm closing…
16:31 Ticket #1256 (File upload field fails when image name is invalid) closed by adrian
invalid: Could you provide more information and reopen the ticket?
16:30 Ticket #1458 (make the template error page useful for command line clients) closed by adrian
wontfix: This is an interesting idea, but I don't think it's worth adding.
16:16 Ticket #1450 (magic-removal: auth_permission changed layout, no doc on changes) closed by adrian
fixed: We fixed this a while back.
16:16 Ticket #1449 (magic-removal: django_content_type changed layout, that needs docs) closed by adrian
fixed: We fixed this a while back.
16:15 Ticket #1298 (allow customized sort in model.get_list() and META ordering) closed by adrian
invalid: Closing for the reason Luke pointed out above.
16:14 Ticket #1247 (0.90 model examples 404) closed by adrian
fixed: Fixed by removing the link.
16:13 Ticket #1232 (Promote Snakes and Rubies talk on closed by adrian
invalid: Closing because it's not code-related…
16:13 Ticket #1319 (Idea: promote rapid pace of Django development on ...) closed by adrian
invalid: Closing because it's not code-related, and Wilson has taken this into …
16:09 SummerOfCode2006 edited by mrmachine
missing space in bullet point (diff)
16:09 Ticket #1063 (ManyToMany selections are lost after using the 'Add another' link.) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2740]) magic-removal: Fixed #1063 -- Fixed admin JS bug in which …
16:08 SummerOfCode2006 edited by mrmachine
added idea for dabbledb features in django admin (diff)
15:53 Ticket #1265 (ImportError exceptions are missing in process_exception) closed by adrian
fixed: Closing this because I don't understand what the issue is, and whether …
15:52 Ticket #89 (DateTimeFields with auto_now_add = True in admin) closed by adrian
15:51 Ticket #1167 (ADMIN_FOR setting not documented) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2739]) magic-removal: Fixed #1167 -- Added small bit of docs to …
15:50 Ticket #1115 (can't update model in db if PK is not called 'id') closed by adrian
fixed: Seems like this has been fixed by now.
15:49 Ticket #1659 ([patch] [magic-removal] References to decomissioned ...) closed by adrian
fixed: We're still working on those docs, so I'm closing the ticket.
15:44 Ticket #1659 ([patch] [magic-removal] References to decomissioned ...) reopened by anonymous
[…] Still contain references to django.models. There aren't any …
15:27 Ticket #304 (Changes to auth.LogEntry in changeset [469] breaks Oracle backend.) closed by adrian
duplicate: Marking this as a duplicate of #87.
15:23 Ticket #1270 ([patch] Escape filter does not escape single quotes to &apos;) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2738]) magic-removal: Fixed #1270 -- Made the escape filter escape …
15:20 Ticket #1296 ([patch] Allow SlugFields longer than 50) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2737]) magic-removal: Fixed #1296 (allow SlugFields longer than 50)
15:18 Ticket #1481 ([patch] Using alternate MySQL unix socket) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2736]) magic-removal: Fixed #1481 -- Added support for using …
15:18 Ticket #167 (ForeignKey should also take string arg instead of class name) closed by adrian
duplicate: This has been superceded by #1662.
14:49 Ticket #1464 ([magic-removal] [patch] Need to update tutorials) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2733]) magic-removal: Fixed #1464 -- Fixed error in …
14:47 Ticket #1501 ([magic-removal][patch] embed IPython shell in development server) closed by adrian
wontfix: This is interesting functionality, but I'm not 100% sold on its …
14:45 Ticket #1373 ([patch] magic-removal: MySQL does not support DROP CONSTRAINT) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2732]) magic-removal: Fixed #1373 -- Factored out database-specific …
14:43 Ticket #1528 ([patch] MySQL 4.1 charset support) closed by adrian
duplicate: Closed in favor of #952.
14:30 Ticket #1536 ([patch] FilePathField with recurive option loses subdirectory) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2731]) magic-removal: Fixed #1536 -- FilePathField with …
14:28 Ticket #1345 (Datetime formatters should be replaced to use django's own translation) closed by adrian
invalid: Please reopen with more specific to-dos.
14:27 Ticket #1204 (markup filters shouldn't fail silently) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2730]) magic-removal: Fixed #1204 -- Markup filters now raise a …
14:21 Ticket #1674 ([patch] generic update_object does not handle model with pk named other ...) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2728]) magic-removal: Fixed #1674 -- Generic update_object() view now …
14:20 Ticket #1659 ([patch] [magic-removal] References to decomissioned ...) closed by adrian
fixed: Is this fixed? Please reopen with specific stuff that still needs to be …
14:16 Ticket #1670 (Verbose_name missing in some fields of User and Group models, thus no ...) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2727]) magic-removal: Fixed #1670 -- Added translation hooks for User …
10:44 SummerOfCode2006 edited by Noah Slater
Correcting a few spelling mistakes (diff)
10:21 UnicodeInDjango edited by anonymous
07:30 SummerOfCode2006 edited by anonymous
02:52 Ticket #1674 ([patch] generic update_object does not handle model with pk named other ...) created by pmd@…
If a model uses its own primary key rather than default "id" the …
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