14:19 Ticket #1672 ([patch] Template tags ifequal and ifnotequal throw exception if variable ...) created by evenson@…
1. obj is an instance of a django model 1. utility is a foreign key field …
14:06 Ticket #1523 (contrib.comments's templatetag stil use django.core.template package and ...) closed by jkocherhans
fixed: Fixed in [2272]
14:02 Ticket #1637 ([patch] [magic-removal] django.contrib.comments still uses old methods) closed by jkocherhans
fixed: (In [2722]) magic-removal: fixed #1637 - django.contrib.comments still …
13:59 SummerOfCode2006 edited by anonymous
12:01 Ticket #1666 ([patch] [magic-removal] render_to_response '.html' updates for ...) closed by jkocherhans
fixed: (In [2721]) magic-removal: fixed #1666 render_to_response '.html' updates …
11:57 Ticket #408 (raw_id_admin is broken in IE) closed by jkocherhans
worksforme: This has been fixed somewhere along the way. It works fine for …
10:04 Ticket #1245 ([patch] Admin interface broken for OneToOne relations) closed by jkocherhans
fixed: (In [2720]) magic-removal: fixed #1245. For models with a OneToOneField …
09:59 Changeset [0e40fb1]attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Added note to docs/modpython.txt about prefork MPM vs. worker MPM …
09:42 Ticket #930 ([patch] Leaving out ¨ordering¨ in OneToOne relationship causes bad SQL ...) closed by jkocherhans
duplicate: Duplicate of #1245. The patch here forces an implicit select_related which …
08:56 Ticket #1671 (spam) created by anonymous
We have the biggest collection of [url=] …
08:46 Ticket #877 (ordering by primary key in admin with oneToOne relations is done over the ...) closed by jkocherhans
duplicate: Duplicate of #1245
08:45 Ticket #1547 (Wrong column name in SQL ORDER BY statement) closed by jkocherhans
duplicate: Duplicate of #1245
07:33 TextMate edited by pb@…
added screen shots, tweaked text (diff)
05:45 Ticket #1670 (Verbose_name missing in some fields of User and Group models, thus no ...) created by Rudolph
To complete i18n on the User en Group model: the verbose_name of the user …
05:41 Ticket #1669 (Javascripted widgets don't get translated in M-R) created by Rudolph
The text for the filter interface for ManyToManyField and the …
05:38 Ticket #1668 (Translate module names via created by Rudolph
Translation of the module name on te frontpage of the admin interface. I …
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04:49 AddWYSIWYGEditor created by anonymous
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22:50 RemovingTheMagic edited by lalo.martins@…
documenting one other difference I noticed (diff)
22:25 Ticket #1667 (OneToOne and ForeignKey related objects are cached differently) created by Maniac <Maniac@…>
Looks like ForeignKeys respect model's custom default manager and …
19:28 Ticket #1518 (using different TEMPLATE_FILE_EXTENSION would be nice) closed by SmileyChris
wontfix: Now that TEMPLATE_FILE_EXTENSION is gone, I doubt this will happen.
19:14 Ticket #1645 ([magic-removal] tutorial03.txt: Template names in render_to_response are ...) closed by SmileyChris
fixed: Must have been fixed, cos all the render_to_response's are correct in …
19:06 Ticket #1666 ([patch] [magic-removal] render_to_response '.html' updates for ...) created by SmileyChris
Fixes for documention which didn't use '.html' in render_to_response …
19:01 Ticket #1665 ([patch] Added "length" param to Field class) created by robert.morris@…
Pretty much what the title says: I wanted to be able to specify the "size" …
18:43 UnicodeInDjango edited by Noah Slater
Commented about lazy evaluated method calls (diff)
18:41 Ticket #1664 (Lazy evalutation doesn't work properly for returned Unicode objects) created by Noah Slater
When you use utils.functional.lazy() to defer the return of a Unicode …
18:26 Ticket #1663 (problem(?) in vote() function of in tutorial04.txt of ...) created by jheasly@…
I'm heeding Adrian's call for m-r doc nitpicks. My Python is pretty …
15:21 UsingVimWithDjango edited by adrian
Quickly added link to syntax highlighting (diff)
14:25 RemovingTheMagic edited by adrian
Removed "Stuff that needs to be done" section (diff)
12:47 Ticket #1641 ([magic-removal][patch] WSGIRequest.get_full_path should permit absent ...) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2715]) magic-removal: Fixed #1641 -- Changed …
09:18 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jkocherhans
refactor settings to allow distribution of smaller components (diff)
09:09 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jkocherhans
admin system tasks (diff)
09:05 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jkocherhans
added bit about authorization (diff)
08:41 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jacob
Microsoft Access!? (diff)
08:34 SummerOfCode2006 edited by matt
updated spell checking idea (diff)
08:18 SummerOfCode2006 edited by matt
spell checking idea (diff)
05:53 Ticket #1662 ('string' form references in models don't appear to work) created by russellm
Michael Radziej <mir@…> reports that the following two models, …
05:48 Ticket #1661 (Forward declaration of OneToOneField requires 'to_field' to avoid import ...) created by russellm
njharman (lists@…) reports: […] Works. […] Fails …
05:13 Ticket #1660 (BiDi language tuple, functions and template tags) created by meir@…
Attached a patch to add Bidi functionality. Included: * LANGUAGES_BIDI …
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05:10 RichTextField created by [530]


22:48 SummerOfCode2006 edited by bjorn@…
20:59 Ticket #1659 ([patch] [magic-removal] References to decomissioned ...) created by SmileyChris
In the magic removal branch, the following files still have references to …
18:06 SummerOfCode2006 edited by bjorn@…
Added notes about a worthwhile goal for the Admin interface; to bring it … (diff)
14:33 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jacob
Added Eugene's name to mentor list (diff)
13:16 SummerOfCode2006 edited by eugene@…
added AJAX set idea (diff)
12:13 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jacob
Added some notes for students interested in submitting proposals (diff)
12:04 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jacob
Added a few more mentors (diff)
12:02 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jacob
Cleaned up the ideas section, fleshing out some ideas and removing ones … (diff)
11:46 Ticket #1658 (db.models.base.ModelBase.__new__ fails to deduce app_label with model ...) created by bjorn@…
In the latest magic-removal branch, if models are in a separate directory …
09:57 Ticket #1657 (CheckboxSelectMultipleField renders a "disordered" list ("patch")) created by fgutierrez@…
Since the output of the formfield is defined as: …
09:09 DevelopersForHire edited by sunil@…
08:55 Ticket #1445 (Response middleware can leak db connection) reopened by bryan@…
This needs to be applied to trunk as well. I'm running a django server …
08:53 SummerOfCode2006 edited by pb@…
cleanup related to coding-only requirement (diff)
07:31 SummerOfCode2006 edited by EspenG
Added note one tutorial sudgestion (diff)
06:51 SummerOfCode2006 edited by Dagur
Tutorial suggestion (diff)
06:32 SummerOfCode2006 edited by matt
mentioned SchemaEvolution (diff)
06:01 SummerOfCode2006 edited by anonymous
no you can't have a pony (diff)
05:01 SummerOfCode2006 edited by volsung@…
04:51 SummerOfCode2006 edited by [530]
00:49 Ticket #1656 (Model Inheritance is not implemented) created by jim-django@…
The ideas in ModelInheritance should be implemented by the clever folks …
00:42 SummerOfCode2006 edited by jim-django@…


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21:21 SummerOfCode2006 edited by anonymous
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added my name to mentoring list (diff)
18:54 SummerOfCode2006 edited by pb@…
minor correction (diff)
18:52 SummerOfCode2006 edited by pb@…
added some ideas (diff)
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Added my name (diff)
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removed typo (diff)
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added myself as a mentor. (diff)
14:14 SummerOfCode2006 created by jacob
Added skeleton Summer of Code page
12:42 Ticket #1655 (Default project 'django.middleware.sessions.SessionMiddleware' not changed) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2714]) magic-removal: Fixed #1655 -- Fixed new SessionMiddleware …
12:17 Ticket #1655 (Default project 'django.middleware.sessions.SessionMiddleware' not changed) created by brantley
django.middleware.sessions.SessionMiddleware needs to be changed to …
06:41 Ticket #1198 (backslash-escape doesn't work on date filters) closed by russellm
fixed: (In [2713]) magic-removal: Fixed #1198 -- Modified handling of escape …
05:21 Ticket #1622 (None) closed by Olive
fixed: This problem has disappeared with changeset 2709.
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