23:37 MultipleAuthBackends created by jkocherhans
initial and very rough revision of multiple auth backends
23:17 Ticket #1179 ([magic-removal] Models not in INSTALLED_APPS should raise ImportError) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2406]) magic-removal: Fixed #1179 -- Models not in INSTALLED_APPS …
22:13 TextMate edited by anonymous
21:29 TextMate edited by pbx
cleaned up, added info about Django bundle (diff)
20:32 TextMate edited by ubernostrum
15:45 RemovingTheMagic edited by gbrandl <g.brandl-nospam@…>
fix typo (diff)
10:29 Ticket #661 (New function: batch save of objects would make for more efficient ...) closed by adrian
wontfix: This is outside the scope of Django -- feel free to use your database …
10:28 Ticket #364 (_{post,pre}_file hooks) closed by adrian
fixed: This is no longer an issue in the magic-removal branch, where you can …
10:25 Ticket #11 (replaces_module should handle &#34;admin&#34; more intelligently) closed by adrian
wontfix: replaces_module is going away, so I'm closing this as a wontfix.
10:24 Ticket #202 (Error when uploading image) closed by adrian
fixed: Closing because it's old and may have been fixed.
10:23 Ticket #346 (Template tag for the media_root variable) closed by adrian
wontfix: This is easy enough to implement on your own, so I'd rather not make …
10:15 Ticket #455 (extend formfields.FormWrapper for a readonly mode) closed by adrian
10:08 Ticket #450 ([patch] Give generic views support for dynamic lookup keywords) closed by adrian
wontfix: I think the solution here is: Write your own view. This is a bit …
10:05 Ticket #1099 ([patch] Enable usage of absolute path for admin js option) closed by adrian
wontfix: We're going to remove the admin.js option entirely, in favor of custom …
08:02 Ticket #1401 (Windows XP 2nd Ed. Firefox 1.5 Admin Console - Values added do not ...) closed by anonymous
08:00 Ticket #1403 (More intelligent green cross in admin.) created by anonymous
When there is a foreignKey (or any type of relationship) there will be …
07:49 Ticket #1402 (In the admin edit_inline stops prepopulate_from working for slug fields.) created by anonymous
When a field is edited inline the javascript that is meant to …
07:14 TextMate edited by anonymous
06:04 Ticket #1401 (Windows XP 2nd Ed. Firefox 1.5 Admin Console - Values added do not ...) created by intelligentdesign@…
I have been working through the tutorials and the values that are …


20:07 TextMate created by sessy
initial "stub"
18:29 Ticket #1400 ([magic-removal] [patch] proposed update to template system) created by django@…
Django's template tags do not always resolve arguments consistently …
14:21 ModelInheritance edited by anonymous
13:49 RemovingTheMagic edited by jacob
Added information about Admin managers (diff)
12:55 Ticket #1399 ([patch] [magic removal branch] Add 'template_model_name' to generic ...) created by ChaosKCW
the generic views currently in the Magic-removal branch reference the …
12:52 RemovingTheMagic edited by adrian
Cleanup of generic-views section (diff)
12:27 RemovingTheMagic edited by chaoskcw
QuerySet Parameters Tweak (diff)
12:06 RemovingTheMagic edited by Chaoskcw
QuerySet Parameters Tweak (diff)
11:41 RemovingTheMagic edited by chaoskcw
Fixed Documentation on Generic Views and Querysets (diff)
11:24 PyCon created by anonymous
11:24 Changeset [25028136]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Changed get_object() not to use 'ordering' parameter from the model. …
11:23 WikiStart edited by Simon Willison
11:18 Changeset [de66a3a7]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Rolled back [2390] temporarily to test against some other edge cases …
11:14 Changeset [79633b28]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Changed get_object() not to use 'ordering' parameter from the model. …
11:09 Changeset [f8915c0]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Removed a datetime test in tests/defaultfilters -- it was failing …
11:08 WikiStart edited by Lllama
Added ScaffoldScript (diff)
05:29 Ticket #1398 ([patch] Add --cascade option to output CASCADE deletes from django-admin.py) created by Lllama
sqlclear and sqlreset will fail if you've got foreign key issues. …
03:45 Ticket #1397 ([patch] Commit r2387 on magic-removal broke app installation) created by Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm@…>
There was a change to django/core/management.py in r2387 that has …


20:20 Ticket #1396 ([magic-removal][patch] Not checking for silent_variable_failure in ...) created by Max Battcher <me@…>
As of r2384 of magic-removal: resolve_variable in django.template was …
17:16 CustomFormFields edited by Lllama
13:58 RemovingTheMagic edited by pbx
removed porn spam (diff)
13:48 RemovingTheMagic edited by anonymous
13:44 CookBookValidateImageSize edited by jim-django@…
minor typo (diff)
04:43 CookBookValidateImageWeight edited by anonymous
04:43 CookBookValidateImageSize edited by anonymous
04:36 Ticket #1346 (django-admin creates invalid m2m table if the related models have same ...) closed by russellm
fixed: (In [2383]) magic-removal: Fixes #1346 -- Added ability for m2m …
04:26 CookBookValidateImageWeight created by anonymous
04:26 CookBookValidators edited by anonymous
04:26 CookBookValidators edited by anonymous
04:23 CookBookValidators edited by anonymous
04:23 CookBookValidateWeight created by anonymous
04:20 CookBookValidators edited by anonymous
04:13 CookBookValidateImageSize edited by anonymous
04:12 CookBookValidateImageSize edited by anonymous
04:11 CookBookValidateImageSize edited by anonymous
04:09 CookBookValidateImageSize created by anonymous
03:55 CookBookValidators edited by anonymous
03:52 CookBookValidators created by coulix
03:51 CookBook edited by coulix
start a list of validator (diff)
00:09 Changeset [c2b60ce1]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Added note to docs/cache.txt about memcached backend requiring Python …
00:07 Changeset [c5073320]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Refactored cache from django/core/cache.py into django/core/cache …


23:05 Ticket #1395 (magic_removal: lower casing the module_name .. why?) created by Ian@…
in django/db/models/options.py we convert the module name to lowercase …
23:05 Ticket #1394 (primary_key with db_column set results in errors in admin) created by mooquack@…
Take the following model, for example: […] If an object of this …
22:01 Ticket #1393 (magic_removal: content_type model/python_module_name) created by Ian@…
the function get_model_module needs some attention. it currently …
18:55 Ticket #1392 ([magic-removal] "Can't create table '.\\project\\#sql-f6c_e.frm' ...) created by anonymous
I get the above error, when trying to init the database after creating …
14:27 Ticket #1385 ([PATCH] allow timesince filter to work with datetime.date objects) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2375]) Fixed #1385 -- Allowed timesince filter to accept …
14:27 Changeset [9a74e89]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Fixed #1385 -- Allowed timesince filter to accept datetime.date …
14:11 Ticket #1359 (magic-removal: error on save with a model containing a ManyToManyField.) closed by adrian
fixed: Fixed in [2374].
14:10 Ticket #1372 (Magic-Removal: ManyToMany Patch) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2374]) magic-removal: Fixed #1372 -- Got many-to-many fields …
13:11 Ticket #1389 (Bug in admin stylesheet? (magic-removal)) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2372]) magic-removal: Fixed #1389 -- Fixed admin CSS bug. Thanks, …
13:05 Changeset [a5fad0e]15667attic/boulder-oracle-sprintattic/full-historyattic/generic-authattic/gisattic/multi-authattic/multiple-db-supportattic/newforms-adminattic/per-object-permissionsattic/queryset-refactorattic/schema-evolutionattic/schema-evolution-ngattic/search-apiattic/sqlalchemyattic/unicodesoc2009/admin-uisoc2009/http-wsgi-improvementssoc2009/i18n-improvementssoc2009/model-validationsoc2009/multidbsoc2009/test-improvementssoc2010/app-loadingsoc2010/query-refactorsoc2010/test-refactorstable/0.91.xstable/0.95.xstable/0.96.xstable/1.0.xstable/1.1.xstable/1.10.xstable/1.2.xstable/1.3.xstable/1.4.xstable/1.5.xstable/1.6.xstable/1.7.xstable/1.8.xstable/1.9.x by Adrian Holovaty <adrian@…>
Fixed #1387 -- Fixed some XHTML errors in admin templates. Thanks, …
13:05 Ticket #1387 (some xml parsing errors in firefox) closed by adrian
fixed: (In [2371]) Fixed #1387 -- Fixed some XHTML errors in admin templates. …
11:53 Ticket #1386 (magic-removal: flatpages broken, 'FlatPage' object has no attribute ...) closed by Christopher Lenz <cmlenz@…>
duplicate: AFAICT, this is just a variant of the problem that #1372 attempt to …
11:21 Ticket #1350 (magic-removal: in_bulk id lookup fails if data hasn't been cached before) closed by Christopher Lenz <cmlenz@…>
fixed: This was fixed in [2354], but apparently Adrian forgot to close the ticket.
07:26 Ticket #500 ([patch] Templates files extensions other than '.html' should be possible) reopened by JanC
GomoX: some existing templates (including the admin!) presume ".html" …
05:31 Ticket #1391 (mod_python with KeepAlive off causes weirdness) created by atrick@…
Trigger: Using mod_python with KeepAlive off set in httpd.conf …
05:18 Ticket #1390 (Add app name to title and navigation-bar in admin interface) created by rfroger[at]estrate[dot]nl
I've got a suggestion/feature request which I'll explain by providing …
03:03 Ticket #1389 (Bug in admin stylesheet? (magic-removal)) created by russell@…
Hi, I'm getting some funnys with the collapsed fieldsets using the …
02:58 Ticket #1388 ([magic-removal] [patch] Old-style DB API fixes (manipulators, generic ...) created by russell@…
Hi, Some misc fixes in magic-removal for some old-style DB API usage …
01:52 Ticket #1387 (some xml parsing errors in firefox) created by vineet
I've noticed a few problems with pages that won't render due to having …
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