id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,component,version,severity,resolution,keywords,cc,stage,has_patch,needs_docs,needs_tests,needs_better_patch,easy,ui_ux 12301,Template adds extra characters when using utf8 file encoding,anonymous,nobody,"I have this setup: {{{ website/ templates/base.html templates/header.html }}} and all other needed files, but they are not important. In base.html I try to include header.html, which had utf8 character, so it threw me an exception. I changed header.html file encoding from ansii to utf8, and no exceptions, but it adds extra space in the top. It doesn't happen, if I write directly into base.html, only then I'm including. base.html file looks like this: {{{ test
{% include ""header.html"" %}
something }}} ",,closed,Uncategorized,1.1,,invalid,,,Unreviewed,0,0,0,0,,