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{% blocktrans %} Ever dream of growing your own food? What about enjoying delicious chocolate from your own chocolate tree?! Impossible? Not any more! {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} Today you have a unique opportunity to join a community of chocolate lovers and secure your own private supply of the purest chocolate by adopting a fine flavor cacao tree in tropical Mexico. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} When you adopt a tree you will partner with an organic cacao grower in Mexico enabling him or her to give the extra care that fine flavor, criollo cacao trees demand. In return you'll receive a package of incredible chocolate, equivalent to your adopted tree's produce. Imagine the pleasure of enjoying and sharing your truely unique chocolate, knowing that you are really helping the people who care for your tree. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} You and your family will enjoy online updates from the plantation during every step of the process, from the planting of new seedlings to the processing of your cacao into real dark gourmet chocolate. You are even invited to visit your tree in Mexico to make it feel extra special! It's like having your own private estate. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} Best of all, you can adopt a tree, and get a great package of yummy chocolate, for just $99.00 USD a year. And don't forget, a chocolate tree makes a great gift! {% endblocktrans %}

{% trans "How does it work exactly?" %}

  1. {% blocktrans %} You click on a button below to adopt a tree. You will be asked to enter your payment details (credit card or PayPal) and the address you want your chocolate shipped to. {% endblocktrans %}
  2. {% trans "You receive:"%}

{% trans "Please choose your adoption level:" %}

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{% trans "Please note:" %}
{% blocktrans %} 1. All certificates, photos and information will be sent electronically in order to ensure rapid delivery. You will, of course, be able to print the materials as desired. {% endblocktrans %}
{% blocktrans %} 2. Your chocolate can only be shipped to continental North American addresses (Mexico, U.S.A, and Canada). You will receive your first chocolate package within three months of starting your adoption. Adoptions starting before November 15 can be shipped before December 25, if required. If you need to receive your chocolate within a specific timeframe, {% endblocktrans %} {% trans "please contact us"%}
{% blocktrans %} 3. Your chocolate will be made from the cacao beans of several adopted trees. {% endblocktrans %}

{% trans "Why should I do this?" %}
{% blocktrans %} When you tire of the bland 'sameness' of mass-produced chocolate it's time to go directly to the source! By adopting a tree you're making sure that only finest flavor varieties of cacao will be cultivated and used in your private supply of chocolate. You are also directly investing in cacao growing communities in Mexico and giving them the opportunity they need to create a high quality product. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} Traditionally cacao growers receive the same low price for their beans, regardless of variety, giving them little incentive to cultivate the better tasting cacaos, which are more difficult and more expensive to care for. The mass chocolate companies, for their part, usually find it cheaper to add more sugar to their products than to pay a premium for better tasting cacao. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} Now you have the opportunity to deal directly with the cacao growers. Your adoption will allow them to plant more fine tasting criollo-type cacao trees, which means better tasting chocolate for you! When your tree is ready to be harvested, its cacao will be processed in a small factory right here in Mexico, and turned into delicious chocolate, cocoa powder, and even pure roasted cacao beans. All these goodies will be shipped straight to your doorstep! {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} You will also be helping the local wildlife because cacao trees, unlike alternative crops like sugar, actually grow best in the shade of larger "mother" trees. These mother trees support an entire eco-system under their canopy, providing habitat for beautiful birds and monkeys. Just look at this photo: {% endblocktrans %}

{% trans "Sugar cane in the foreground; Cacao trees in the background."%}
{% trans "Where do you think the animals play?"%}

{% trans "Tell me what I get again?"%}
{% blocktrans %} Well, apart from the warm, tingly, feeling that you're doing the right thing, you'll get all this great chocolate delivered to your door (at no additional cost): {% endblocktrans %}

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{% blocktrans %} Chocolate from your own tree makes a fantastic gift for anyone and you get a discount if you adopt more than one tree. Please choose your adoption level: {% endblocktrans %}

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{% trans "Wnat to adopt more trees? Click here to send us your requirements" %}

{% trans "Please read this fine print before adopting" %}

  1. {% blocktrans %} The chocolate products from your adopted trees can only be shipped to addresses in the North American continent. This means: Mexico, the continental United States of America, and Canada. This is restriction is necessary to make the shipping and exportation costs manageable. Your chocolate package will normally be sent within three months of starting your adoption. However, orders received before November 15 can be shipped before December 25 if required. {% endblocktrans %}
  2. {% blocktrans %} As a practical measure, the beans from your tree will be mixed together with those of other adopted trees during processing. This is necessary to ensure the quality of the finished product and because the chocolate mill likes to grind lots of beans at once! {% endblocktrans %}
  3. {% blocktrans %} Legal ownership of the adopted cacao tree is neither offered nor implied. The tree remains the property of its original owner. In the event that your adopted tree fails for any reason, you will be assigned another tree. You will always receive your promised package of chocolate. {% endblocktrans %}
  4. {% blocktrans %} Exact products and quantities may vary slightly from those listed, depending on availability. We will make our best effort to inform you of any significant changes and offer alternatives. You will always receive produce of the same or greater value as the specified products. {% endblocktrans %}
  5. {% blocktrans %} All the cacao used in your chocolate is organically grown. However, because of the high certification costs, not all plantations are certified organic. Therefore the products you receive may not have organic certification. {% endblocktrans %}
  6. {% blocktrans %} If you would like to visit your cacao tree, as you are welcome to, please let us know at least a week before, in order to make arrangements with the cacao farmer. {% endblocktrans %}
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