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#28617 pep8 violations in output of ogrinspect 13 hours ago nobody Cleanup/optimization new 11 hours ago
#28618 There should be a way to make Templates substitution to raise an exception on error 11 hours ago nobody New feature new 11 hours ago
#28616 DISTINCT ON and update() does the wrong thing 13 hours ago nobody Bug new 13 hours ago
#28615 makemigrations doesn't generate any output for a model with CharField blank=False 15 hours ago nobody Bug closed 14 hours ago
#28614 FileBasedCache documentation shouldn't recommend /var/tmp 17 hours ago nobody Cleanup/optimization new 17 hours ago
#28613 GenericForeignKey silently returns None when referring to non-existent pk. 18 hours ago nobody Uncategorized new 18 hours ago
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