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#28237 OSGeo4Win & GDAL Version Issue? 28 hours ago nobody Bug closed 3 hours ago
#28240 django.db.models.query.values not acting as documented 5 hours ago nobody Bug new 4 hours ago
#28239 incorrect django.template.Context documentation since 1.10 8 hours ago nobody Bug closed 7 hours ago
#28238 Changelist save method causing MemoryError 18 hours ago nobody Uncategorized new 12 hours ago
#28235 LiveServerTestCase crashes because it got a ParseResultBytes instance 2 days ago nobody Bug new 13 hours ago
#28236 Integrate dj-database-url into Django 31 hours ago nobody New feature new 14 hours ago
#28233 Improve the "price_per_page" example in the aggregation documentation 2 days ago nobody Cleanup/optimization new 15 hours ago
#28231 bulk_create: avoid iterating `objs` more than necessary when `batch_size` is provided 3 days ago Nir Izraeli Cleanup/optimization assigned 24 hours ago
#28234 SimpleSearchTest failures with postgresql 2 days ago nobody Bug closed 29 hours ago
#28232 Add metadata accessors and setters to GDALRaster and GDALBand objects 2 days ago Daniel Wiesmann New feature assigned 2 days ago
#28230 Allow DjangoJsonEncoder to serialize CallableBool 3 days ago nobody Cleanup/optimization closed 3 days ago
#28229 The "next" variable is set in the login page, even when accessed directly 3 days ago Mikhail Golubev Bug assigned 3 days ago
#28228 changing a primary key and saving results in a new object rather than renaming the existing object. 4 days ago nobody Bug closed 3 days ago
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