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#29359 Middleware documentation references ExceptionMiddleware, it is not anywhere in the code. 2 days ago swang96 Cleanup/optimization assigned 7 hours ago
#29358 Add a system check to prohibit models with more than one primary_key field 2 days ago Nicolas Noé Cleanup/optimization assigned 10 hours ago
#29353 _middleware_chain is not set for StaticFilesHandler 3 days ago Claude Paroz Bug closed 11 hours ago
#29364 CommonMiddleware.get_full_path_with_slash should raise exception for POST / PUT / PATCH requests even if settings.DEBUG = False 12 hours ago nobody Bug new 12 hours ago
#29361 django.contrib.flatpages.urls does not have an app_name attribute 44 hours ago nobody Cleanup/optimization closed 15 hours ago
#29363 Use unittest assertWarns methods instead of warnings.catch_warnings/simplefilter/assertions in the test suite. 24 hours ago nobody Cleanup/optimization new 21 hours ago
#29362 makemessages ignores implicitly concatenated string literals 32 hours ago nobody Uncategorized closed 29 hours ago
#29356 request.GET.getlist default is [] instead of None 2 days ago nobody Cleanup/optimization closed 29 hours ago
#29360 collectstatic docs reference Python2-only Fabric 2 days ago nobody Cleanup/optimization new 30 hours ago
#29357 Not configuring the `LOGGING` causes to keep the Wsgi server busy 2 days ago nobody Bug new 31 hours ago
#29354 ordering inherited from abstract superclass does not get applied to admin inlines 3 days ago nobody Bug closed 2 days ago
#29355 ArrayField in admin inline form try to save null instead default value 3 days ago nobody Bug new 2 days ago
#29352 Allow specifying a Feed language different from settings.LANGUAGE_CODE 3 days ago nobody Cleanup/optimization new 3 days ago
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