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#29148 Explain how to use QuerySet.get_or_create() with Q objects 16 hours ago Dhruv Singh New feature assigned 4 hours ago
#29150 Pretty display of JSONField data in forms 4 hours ago Uncategorized new 4 hours ago
#29149 django-admin migrate fails on 2.0 when a project contains squashed migrations from an earlier version 11 hours ago nobody Bug new 11 hours ago
#29146 re_path() examples are missing ^ and $ in regexes 2 days ago nobody Bug closed 31 hours ago
#29147 Postgres JSONField missing to_python 39 hours ago Williams Mendez Bug assigned 39 hours ago
#29145 CIText and __eq__ 2 days ago nobody Uncategorized new 40 hours ago
#29144 `DjangoTranslation.merge` loses catalog fallbacks 3 days ago Patryk Zawadzki Bug assigned 2 days ago
#29143 IntConverter does not accept negative integers 3 days ago Bug closed 3 days ago
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