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#7002 Admin application doesn't get translated when using Apache + mod_python admin, nfa-fixed closed nobody Internationalization
#1044 Bug in admin panel nfa-fixed closed defect contrib.admin
#6853 Change history shows value stored instead of human readable string on choices fields at adding choices nfa-fixed closed nobody contrib.admin
#575 edit_inline don't save child data when a "blank=True" field is not set nfa-fixed closed nobody defect contrib.admin
#6949 edit_inline fields not properly aligned in admin nfa-fixed, edit_inline closed 7397 contrib.admin
#2724 edit_inline ... foreignkey(core=True) bug nfa-fixed edit_inline closed nobody defect contrib.admin
#6951 edit_inline lazy translation fails in history log. nfa-fixed closed nobody contrib.admin
#6983 error class in edit_inline objects has quotes escaped auto-escape nfa-fixed closed nobody contrib.admin
#7528 Foreign keys in search_fields give wrong results some hits duplicated, some missing) nfa-fixed closed nobody contrib.admin
#7266 "Not specified" states for BooleanField BooleanField NullBooleanField nfa-fixed closed nobody contrib.admin
#6960 PositiveSmallInteger comes with unicode value from admin type error nfa-fixed closed nobody contrib.admin
#2666 redefined save methods not always called when using edit_inline nfa-fixed closed jkocherhans defect contrib.admin
#2895 Sorting on ForeignKey field whose model uses desc ordering breaks admin change_list nfa-fixed closed nobody defect contrib.admin
#565 Unique fields don't work on edit_inline models admin edit inline unique error nfa-fixed closed nobody defect contrib.admin
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