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#22106 catalogs of django.views.i18n.javascript_catalog overwrite each other assigned moritzs Bug Internationalization
#24085 @requires_login decorator redirects to a locale specific URL when using i18n_patterns new nobody Bug Internationalization
#24122 Redirect to translated url after setting language new nobody Uncategorized Internationalization
#24207 Change ogrinspect multi_geom default to True assigned mdiener21 Cleanup/optimization GIS
#24243 HashedFilesMixin doesn't handle file name fragments (thus the url template tag neither) assigned atleta Uncategorized contrib.staticfiles
#24272 prefetch_related GenericRelation via related_query_name new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#24276 django.contrib.auth.decorators.user_passes_test doesn't pass *args and *kwargs to resolve_url new nobody Bug contrib.auth
#24348 Allow to pass on initial data to change form for existing objects (again). new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#24445 DurationField with default='1 00:00' triggers validation on otherwise empty inline formsets new nobody Bug Forms
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