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#24257 The trans template tag fails to get a message when there is a % character in the string new nobody Bug Internationalization 1.7
#24340 Nested deconstruction does not descend into lists, tuples or dicts assigned gasman Bug Migrations master
#24347 parameter 'widget' of BoundField.as_widget is ignored new nobody Bug Forms master
#24424 Removing a model's last field results in SQL syntax error on SQLite new Bug Migrations 1.7
#24530 Index names are inconsistent on PostgreSQL (at least) new nobody Bug Migrations 1.7
#24607 dumpdata (with natural keys) / loaddata failure for model inheriting from User new nobody Bug Core (Serialization) 1.8
#24636 Add validator to DecimalField to ensure that it respects max_digits/decimal_places assigned iuliachiriac Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master
#24639 Interaction between ValidationError and mark_safe new jambonrose Bug Forms 1.8
#24715 Django Migration's alter_db_table does not rename sequences and triggers. new nobody Bug Migrations 1.7
#24834 Optional port in Host request header breaks get_current_site() assigned ngnpope Bug contrib.sites 1.5
#24835 exists() incorrect after annotation with Count() assigned pwmarcz Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8
#24841 BaseRangeField should use base_field's prepare_value method assigned unklphil Bug contrib.postgres 1.8
#24846 MySQL Migration SchemaEditor default code is ignorant of other blob/text data types new adamchainz Bug Migrations 1.8
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