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#26756 Changing of model's verbose_name does not change the names of the model's permissions Migrations assigned black3r Bug
#26760 Delete nonexistent migrations from django_migrations table Migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26761 Add 'help_text' property to methods in ModelAdmin.list_display contrib.admin new nobody New feature
#26762 Allow using parts of flatpages without install the app contrib.flatpages new nobody Bug
#26763 Control rendering of add/change/delete_related admin buttons contrib.admin assigned chrisclark New feature
#26764 Session.cycle_key() throws Exception if the session hasn't been accessed contrib.sessions new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26765 Etags should not be added when no-store is used HTTP handling new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26769 Expose verbosity level in migrations Migrations new nobody New feature
#26780 Prefetch objects don't work with slices Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody New feature
#26788 update of geometry field from the another one crashes GIS assigned sir-sigurd Bug
#26789 ORM produces query with NULL instead of empty geometry GIS assigned sir-sigurd Bug
#26790 Move BaseUserManager.normalize_email() to AbstractUser contrib.auth assigned tam0407 Cleanup/optimization
#26792 cache.get_or_set() calculates the default key value in case it is already cached Core (Cache system) new nobody Bug
#26796 Add a check for limit_choices_to on ManyToManyField with an explicit through model Core (System checks) assigned andersonresende Cleanup/optimization
#26802 Sending mails with attachment results in 'bytes' object has no attribute 'encode' Core (Mail) new nobody Bug
#26803 Add a statistics option to makemessages Internationalization new nobody New feature
#26804 update_or_create() updates all columns, which could cause a race condition Database layer (models, ORM) assigned jensen-cochran Bug
#26808 Support adding class based indexes from Meta class Database layer (models, ORM) new akki New feature
#26810 DATA_UPLOAD_MAX_NUMBER_FIELDS not taken into account in admin mass actions Uncategorized new nobody Uncategorized
#26812 APPEND_SLASH not working correctly with URL ending with slash HTTP handling new nobody Uncategorized
#26813 ModelForm RadioSelect widget for foreign keys should not present a blank option if blank=False on the model Forms new nobody Bug
#26814 Update error message to install mysqlclient module Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26815 Addition of Trunc may have altered the ordering of dates() queries Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#26816 BaseModelAdminChecks._check_inlines_item may raise AttributeError Core (System checks) new nobody Bug
#26819 Using a ArrayField on Meta.unique_together throws "unhashable type: 'list'" on validate_unique method contrib.postgres new nobody Bug
#26820 Reverse join in `exclude` fails when GenericRelation is defined on an abstract model Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#26821 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'strip' Forms new nobody Bug
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