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#27335 Avoid object save during QuerySet.update_or_create() when there were no changes Database layer (models, ORM) assigned Andrew Nester Cleanup/optimization
#27338 Running an AlterField to change a CharField primary key to AutoField crashes Migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27339 Adding an AutoField prompts for a default which creates a broken migration Migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27346 Stop setting the Content-Length header in ConditionalGetMiddleware HTTP handling assigned Aleksandr Sobolev Cleanup/optimization
#27356 admin lookup_allowed incorrectly returns False for a nested reverse OneToOneField contrib.admin assigned felixxm Bug
#27357 Variant of FilePathField that uses a Storage backend Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody New feature
#27358 Add a system check for FileField upload_to starting with a slash Core (System checks) assigned Frank Cleanup/optimization
#27360 Make it easier to track down the offending models for AlreadyRegistered exceptions contrib.admin new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27363 SessionMiddleware can return redirect(request.path) which might be an unsafe thing to do contrib.sessions new nobody Bug
#27369 Multiple form fields can share the same widget instance Forms assigned Michal Petrucha Bug
#27370 Django's Select widget adds a required="required" attribute, even if created with empty_label=True Forms new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27372 inspectdb fails to inspect sqlite3 tables with foreign keys that have spaces Core (Management commands) new nobody Bug
#27373 Incorrect message on 404 debug page for an empty request path Error reporting assigned felixxm Cleanup/optimization
#27374 JavaScriptCatalog view ignores the packages argument Internationalization new nobody Bug
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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