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#26618 Improve error message when is invalid Core (Other) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26619 BaseCache incr method will reset the timeout Core (Cache system) new nobody Bug
#26621 simplify_regex handles named capture groups incorrectly contrib.admindocs assigned ketanbhatt Bug
#26624 Error when running sqlmigrate after dropping index (of index_together) without actually migrating Migrations new <default> Bug
#26626 Update decorator_from_middleware to work with new-style middleware HTTP handling assigned carljm New feature
#26630 Defered constraint checks flush after `post_delete` signal Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#26632 System check for list_display_links ignores value of ModelAdmin.get_list_display() contrib.admin new nobody Bug
#26634 Add the ability to do subselects for querying versioned data Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody New feature
#26638 Allow callable in defaults argument for QuerySet.get_or_create Database layer (models, ORM) assigned ddsnowboard New feature
#26643 AlterModelManagers migration is generated for all Models with custom Managers pointing to the default Django Manager Migrations new nobody Bug
#26644 [Regression?] SuspiciousFileOperation when creating a File from a NamedTemporaryFile File uploads/storage new nobody Bug
#26648 related_query_name is not checked for correctness Core (System checks) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26650 Automatically apply Cast based on output_field Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26651 Keep uploaded file suffix for TemporaryUploadedFile File uploads/storage new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26653 Make syndication's lastBuildDate timezone aware contrib.syndication assigned ketanbhatt Cleanup/optimization
#26656 Add timedelta support to DjangoJSONEncoder Core (Serialization) new nobody New feature
#26657 MySQL 5.7 GIS test failures: InterfaceError: (-1, 'error totally whack') GIS new nobody Bug
#26659 Allow filtering of which tests run Testing framework new nobody New feature
#26661 Why not using AppConfig's name attribute instead of app_name in Core (URLs) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26666 assertRedirects gives unhelpful error message expected URL is external Testing framework new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26667 Invalid query for OneToOneField if 'to_field' specified and primary_key=True Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#26671 `ManifestStaticFilesStorage` does not work for CSS with URLs including `chrome` scheme contrib.staticfiles new nobody Bug
#26672 forms.HStoreField crashes on an empty JSON array contrib.postgres assigned bradmerlin Bug
#26675 Drop support for PostgreSQL 9.2/PostGIS 2.0 Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26676 prefetch_related incorrectly returns list instead of queryset when using Prefetch with to_attr Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#26677 Run i18n tests on disposablle FS tree instead of source code Testing framework assigned ramiro Cleanup/optimization
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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