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#27824 Cannot chain unaccent transform with key lookup in Postgres JSON field contrib.postgres assigned Simon Charette New feature
#27827 Raising InvalidTemplateLibrary completely masks out real exception in get_package_libraries Template system new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27830 Use distutils.version.LooseVersion instead of custom version parsing Core (Other) assigned ChillarAnand Bug
#27833 prefetch_related fails with SQLite when used with 1000 parent records Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#27834 Add the STRPOS database function Database layer (models, ORM) assigned Brad Melin New feature
#27835 Make TransactionTestCase raise an error if it accesses non-default database connection without multi_db=True Testing framework new nobody New feature
#27844 Add a management command to optimize a migration Migrations assigned nobody New feature
#27845 Possible Migration Optimizer Strategy Improvement Migrations assigned Simon Charette Cleanup/optimization
#27846 refresh_from_db() doesn't clear reverse OneToOneFields Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#27848 EmailMessage.attach_file() with .eml file crashes Core (Mail) assigned Dariush Azimi Bug
#27849 Support Postgres FILTER WHERE conditions in ArrayAgg contrib.postgres new New feature
#27852 Admin Delete Object Block Page Doesn't Show All Related Objects Blocking Deletion contrib.admin assigned Anton Samarchyan Cleanup/optimization
#27854 Make `collectstatic` warn (rather than blow up) on missing directories contrib.staticfiles new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27857 Cleanups and features to use when dropping support for Python 3.4 Core (Other) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27858 Stop read-only management commands from attempting to create a django_migrations table Migrations assigned Marti Raudsepp Cleanup/optimization
#27859 Migration to create TextField with db_index=True crashes on MySQL Migrations assigned Zubair Alam Bug
#27860 Changing a CharField to a ForeignKey crashes when migrating in PostgreSQL Migrations assigned felixxm Bug
#27863 Implement "SameSite" flag for session cookies contrib.sessions new nobody New feature
#27864 Limit the number of terms in an admin search contrib.admin new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27866 Make ChoiceWidget.format_value() return a list Forms new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27867 Excluding a reverse relation produces inconsistent queries Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#27869 Add fastupdate and gin_pending_list_limit parameters to GinIndex contrib.postgres new New feature
#27871 Django keeps making the same migration over and over again Migrations new nobody Bug
#27877 Management command exceptions should be logged Core (Management commands) new New feature
#27880 Use __set_name__ to replace some usages of contribute_to_class. Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27881 Add "unified diff" output mode to diffsettings management command Core (Management commands) new nobody New feature
#27882 Allow template fragment caching for unlimited time Template system assigned Bo Marchman Cleanup/optimization
#27887 TypeError when namespaced urlconf included from non-namespaced one Core (System checks) new nobody Bug
#27888 Option to clear all filters at top of filter list Uncategorized new nobody Uncategorized
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