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#28598 BCC addresses are ignored in the console and file email backends assigned Core (Mail) Stefan Schneider Cleanup/optimization
#28602 Filesystem watcher based autoreload implementation for Windows platform new Utilities nobody New feature
#28604 Prevent ManifestStaticFilesStorage from leaving behind intermediate files new contrib.staticfiles Cleanup/optimization
#28606 Deprecate CachedStaticFilesStorage new contrib.staticfiles nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28607 HashedFilesMixin's post_process() yields multiple times for the same file new contrib.staticfiles nobody Bug
#28616 DISTINCT ON and update() does the wrong thing assigned Database layer (models, ORM) messfish Bug
#28618 Add an easier to make templates substitutions raise an exception on error assigned Template system shreyas New feature
#28621 Crash in QuerySet.annotate() with OuterRef new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28622 Allow password reset token to expire in under a day assigned contrib.auth Zach Liu Cleanup/optimization
#28636 Allow customizing the fallback language from the locale middleware new Internationalization nobody New feature
#28643 Complete the ORM Function Library assigned Database layer (models, ORM) JunyiJ New feature
#28645 AuthenticationForm's inactive user error isn't raised when using ModelBackend new contrib.auth shangdahao Bug
#28646 Migration calls "CREATE INDEX" when one already exists when 'unique' field attribute is added (PostgreSQL) new Migrations Bug
#28647 Add support for python-brace-format for variables within {% blocktrans %} new Internationalization nobody New feature
#28649 Add "iso_year" lookup to DateField/DateTimeField assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Sigurd Ljødal New feature
#28658 Move DISTINCT handling to the Aggregate base class. assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Simon Charette Cleanup/optimization
#28659 LayerMapping fails with unique=True and Geometry column is None new GIS nobody Bug
#28661 Auto-truncate indexes on MySQL when max index size is reached new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28667 Documentation for extending UserCreationForm doesn't work with UserAdmin assigned contrib.auth Bhavesh Praveen Cleanup/optimization
#28668 Add ON CONFLICT support to QuerySet.bulk_create() assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Tom Forbes New feature
#28687 Add a 'Not Empty' option to admin's related filter assigned contrib.admin Jake Barber Cleanup/optimization
#28690 django.utils.http.parse_http_date two digit year check is incorrect assigned Utilities Alexander Vyushkov Bug
#28692 QuerySet.bulk_create() combine with select/prefetch_related() new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28694 Make django.utils.text.slugify() remove redundant dashes and underscores assigned Utilities Elinaldo do Nascimento Monteiro Cleanup/optimization
#28696 Add the ability to natively filter geometries by geom_type new GIS New feature
#28715 Prevent a migration changing DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True) to from generating SQL new Migrations nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28725 In multi-table inheritance, serializers output ManyToManyFields in both the parent and the base class which causes an error with loaddata new Core (Serialization) nobody Bug
#28726 Brackets illegal in DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL name part new Core (Mail) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28738 Add support for PostGIS <-> operator new GIS nobody New feature
#28752 Prevent django.setup() from running multiple times new Core (Other) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28754 validate_ipv46_address validator allows IP addresses to begin with a first octet of zero new Core (Other) Bug
#28757 Allow using forms of contrib.auth without installing contrib.auth new contrib.auth shangdahao Cleanup/optimization
#28762 Can't aggregate annotations with array parameters new Database layer (models, ORM) Bug
#28763 Allow SessionStore's to be easily overridden to make dynamic the session cookie age new contrib.sessions New feature
#28766 Add route information to ResolverMatch assigned Core (URLs) Benjamin Wohlwend New feature
#28767 Incorrect value when annotating empty list as Value() on ArrayField. new contrib.postgres Bug
#28779 Customizing REDIRECT_FIELD_NAME is cumbersome new contrib.auth nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28780 Allow customizing PasswordResetConfirmView's INTERNAL_RESET_URL_TOKEN assigned contrib.auth Tim G. New feature
#28782 Template variable resolution on objects that are no mappings but implement __getitem__ assigned Template system Frank Sachsenheim Bug
#28785 Tracking migrations assigned Migrations Sonu kumar New feature
#28788 Add support for Model.clean_<fieldname> new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28800 Add a management command to list URL patterns new Core (Management commands) nobody New feature
#28805 Add a database function for RegexpReplace new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28806 Mechanism of fetching related objects violates READ COMMITTED assumption of Django ORM new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28809 Changing SRID on geometry field doesn't create working migration assigned GIS Sergey Fedoseev Bug
#28814 Python 3.7 compatibility new Core (Other) nobody New feature
#28816 Silent data loss when decreasing the max_length of a CharField assigned Migrations ChillarAnand Bug
#28821 Allow QuerySet.bulk_create() on multi-table inheritance when possible new Database layer (models, ORM) New feature
#28822 Add DBCalculatedField to model to annotate models automatically new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28861 Add schema tests for CIText fields new contrib.postgres Cleanup/optimization
#28862 Removing a field from index_together/unique_together and from the model generates a migration that crashes assigned Migrations Jeff Bug
#28872 JSONField __in operator breaks when given a values_list() new contrib.postgres Bug
#28887 Add support for SP-Gist indexes assigned contrib.postgres Nick Pope New feature
#28888 Index added to _meta.indexes with Meta.indexes=[] yields two equal addIndex() operations. new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28889 Use JavaScript to prevent double submission of admin forms assigned contrib.admin Karan Bedi Cleanup/optimization
#28905 Overhaul extra_requires to include more optional dependencies new Packaging Cleanup/optimization
#28911 Add support for the Msft time zone required on Windows Subsystem for Linux running openSUSE assigned Utilities Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization
#28917 Remove paginator's unordered queryset warning for a .none() queryset assigned Core (Other) Junji Wei Cleanup/optimization
#28919 Add support for Common Table Expression (CTE) queries new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28925 durations-only expressions doesn't work on SQLite and MySQL assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Sergey Fedoseev Bug
#28928 Add support for expression indexes for GinIndex new contrib.postgres New feature
#28935 Template error raised in an {% extends %} child template shows incorrect source location on debug page new Template system Bug
#28936 simplify_regex should remove redundant escape sequences outside groups new contrib.admindocs nobody Bug
#28944 Chaining values()/values_list() after QuerySet.select_for_update(of=()) crashes new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28948 CookieStorage performance issues assigned contrib.messages Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug
#28949 Multibyte table name or column name causes miscalculation of the length of index name. new Migrations Bug
#28980 Make the autodetector validate the type of one-off default values new Migrations nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28987 Migration changing ManyToManyField target to 'self' doesn't work correctly assigned Migrations SShayashi Bug
#28990 Add autosummarize parameter to BrinIndex assigned contrib.postgres Nick Pope New feature
#28991 Add an admin filter with choices "all", "blank", "not blank" new contrib.admin nobody New feature
#28992 Querying GenericIPAddressField with a space crashes with DataError on PostgreSQL new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#29008 When DEBUG is True, raising Http404 in a path converter's to_python method does not result in a technical response new Core (URLs) nobody Bug
#29010 Allow customizing the autocomplete search results based on the querying model new contrib.admin nobody New feature
#29019 createsuperuser crashes if a ManyToManyField is in REQUIRED_FIELDS assigned contrib.auth Williams Mendez Bug
#29022 HashedFilesMixin does not properly skip protocol-relative urls when STATIC_URL='/' new contrib.staticfiles nobody Bug
#29023 running tests in parallel doesn't show exception chain, even with tblib new Testing framework nobody Cleanup/optimization
#29024 `TestContextDecorator` never exits if `setUp` fails in tests assigned Testing framework Shahbaj Sayyad Bug
#29026 Make makemigrations scriptable / script-friendly new Migrations nobody Cleanup/optimization
#29030 Make construction of "View on site" and "View Site" URLs consistent assigned contrib.admin ChiragMaliwal Cleanup/optimization
#29039 Disabling migrations doesn't work with --keepdb new Testing framework nobody Bug
#29040 test database creation log output doesn't use consistent stream new Testing framework nobody Cleanup/optimization
#29043 test --keepdb says "Using existing test database" even if it's run for the first time new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#29045 admin CSS overrides Select/SelectMultiple size attribute new contrib.admin nobody Bug
#29048 Add **extra_context arg to as_vendor methods in database functions assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Priyansh Saxena Cleanup/optimization
#29049 Add slicing notation to F expressions assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Priyansh Saxena New feature
#29052 test database setup can truncate non-test database if two database aliases point to the same database new Testing framework nobody Bug
#29056 Required SelectDateWidget renders invalid HTML assigned Forms Stanislav Filin Bug
#29058 Adding 'null=True' to a PointField doesn't create working migration new GIS nobody Bug
#29061 makemessages throws syntax error due to incorrectly generated django.pot, again new Core (Management commands) nobody Bug
#29062 "database table locked errors" when using sqlite in-memory database with LiveServerTestCase new Testing framework nobody Bug
#29063 Replacement Migrations not being executed because of unapplied migrations should raise a warning. new Migrations nobody Cleanup/optimization
#29069 Static file serving does not call request_finished signal new HTTP handling nobody Bug
#29074 makemessages duplicates .po file headers when fed with empty strings assigned Core (Management commands) Manthan Sharma Bug
#29078 Serializer handle_m2m_field() should honor any previous prefetch assigned Core (Serialization) Zeeshan Khan Cleanup/optimization
#29084 Skip postgres_tests's SimpleSearchTest's that require 'english_stem' configuration if the machine's configuration is different new contrib.postgres Cleanup/optimization
#29085 Possible data loss on .save() with unsaved related model new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#29087 Impossible to delete pending new inline in admin when invalid (delete button missing) assigned contrib.admin Vitor Freitas Bug
#29095 QuerySet.count() with Sum window function generates invalid SQL on PostgreSQL new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#29097 Migrations using MySQL fail for constraints using composite indexes new Database layer (models, ORM) Bug
#29098 Add SimpleTestCase.assertRedirectsRegex() new Testing framework nobody New feature
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