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#28135 simplify_regex() doesn't handle non-capturing groups new contrib.admindocs nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28140 Add convenience method to add `Permission`s to a `User` new contrib.auth nobody New feature
#28144 Add allow_overwrite kwarg to FileSystemStorage._save assigned File uploads/storage Jon Prindiville New feature
#28147 Saving parent object after setting on child leads to unexpected data loss assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Amy Mok Bug
#28154 Infinite loop in collectstatic with broken symlinks new contrib.staticfiles nobody Bug
#28171 Raise an exception if Form's empty_permitted and use_required_attribute arguments conflict assigned Forms Naveen Yadav Cleanup/optimization
#28172 Prevent nonexistent template filter arguments from raising VariableDoesNotExist new Template system Bug
#28184 FileField storage param should allow a callable assigned File uploads/storage miigotu New feature
#28194 Add search rank cd function and normalization for Postgres full text search assigned contrib.postgres Andrii Soldatenko New feature
#28198 Model attributes shouldn't override deferred fields new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28200 Do not touch hash-designated files which already exist at the destination storage assigned contrib.staticfiles Michal Krupa Cleanup/optimization
#28214 IndexError for JSONField queries containing percent character in key assigned contrib.postgres André Ericson Bug
#28215 sensitive_post_parameters/sensitive_variables leaking sensitive values into the http 500 exception email new Error reporting Bug
#28216 Add next_page to LoginView assigned contrib.auth ThinkChaos New feature
#28217 nested calls to functions decorated with sensitive_post_parameters produces unexpected results which parameters are considered sensitive new Error reporting Bug
#28219 Ease locating origin of queryset paginator warnings new Core (Other) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28223 Form not always picklable due to template renderer assigned Forms Gaurav Sehgal Bug
#28236 Integrate dj-database-url into Django new Core (Other) nobody New feature
#28250 Ignore soft applied migrations in consistency check assigned Migrations Marten Kenbeek Cleanup/optimization
#28263 TestCase breaks for databases that don't support savepoints new Testing framework nobody Bug
#28267 Change submit_line implementation to allow easier modification new contrib.admin nobody New feature
#28280 numberformat.format() incorrectly formats large/tiny floats in scientific notation new Utilities nobody Bug
#28283 _changeform_view sends wrong object after ModelForm validation assigned contrib.admin ddein Bug
#28289 QuerySet.count() does not with work raw sql annotations on inherited model fields new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28291 ArrayField cannot contain JSONField; causes SQL error assigned contrib.postgres Zac Yauney Bug
#28296 Add support for aggregation through subqueries new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28297 Same queryset result in two different queries on ORM assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Marcus Renno Bug
#28305 AlterField migration tries to alter column that still has a foreign key contraint new Migrations nobody Bug
#28306 Complete test coverage for django/utils/ assigned Utilities luiscberrocal Cleanup/optimization
#28312 ModelChoiceIterator uses cached length of queryset. assigned Forms Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug
#28316 ModelChoiceField to_field_name doesn't work if it's different from the model field's to_field assigned Forms László Károlyi Bug
#28333 Filter and subquery for window expressions new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28334 contrib.postgresql overwhelms database with "select from pg_type" queries on each request assigned contrib.postgres Igor Gumenyuk Cleanup/optimization
#28337 fetch_redirect_response from assertRedirects doesn't honor HTTP_HOST setting in self.client.get assigned Testing framework Patrick Jenkins Cleanup/optimization
#28341 GeometryField doesn't create GEOSGeometry objects lazily anymore assigned GIS Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug
#28342 Make PyLibMCCache backend catch exceptions when memcached server is down assigned Core (Cache system) Julian Andrews Cleanup/optimization
#28344 Add for_update parameter to Model.refresh_from_db() new Database layer (models, ORM) New feature
#28347 Allow custom attributes for model fields new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28353 QuerySet builds wrong SQL when the gis Length function is used and the queryset's query attribute is accessed assigned GIS Sergey Fedoseev Bug
#28354 Add a "humanized" widget for DurationField new Forms New feature
#28358 LazyObject defines attribute that don't exist on wrapped object assigned Utilities Sergey Fedoseev Bug
#28368 Trying to create a model instance with an existing shared primary key in MTI silently updates an existing instance new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28369 Provide ModelAdmin hooks for reversing URLs new contrib.admin nobody New feature
#28373 TIME_ZONE value in DATABASES settings is not used for date lookup new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28375 QuerySet.prefetch_related() crashes with KeyError if model uses to_field and string primary key assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Paulo Bug
#28379 Fix redirect loop in AccessMixin if a user lack permissions assigned contrib.auth Dylan Verheul Bug
#28380 Wrong handling of NULL values in spatialite geometry comparison functions new GIS nobody Bug
#28384 ModelAdmin.lookup_allowed() incorrectly raises DisallowedModelAdminLookup lookup with foreign key as primary key assigned contrib.admin Windson yang Bug
#28385 deserializers ignore natural keys when primary key has a default value assigned Core (Serialization) Irindu Indeera Bug
#28392 GIS's WKT regex doesn't match large scientific notation new GIS nobody Bug
#28393 Add a helpful exception for invalid AutoField/IntegerField values new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28398 Allow management command invocation to suggest commands for mistyped commands new Core (Management commands) nobody New feature
#28401 Allow hashlib.md5() calls to work with FIPS kernels new Core (Other) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28404 Django admin empty_value/empty_value_display doesn't check for empty strings new contrib.admin nobody Bug
#28405 CICharField on a ModelFormSet doesn't catch unique constraint violations with different capitalization new contrib.postgres Bug
#28407 Allow inspectdb to introspect db column comments new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody New feature
#28408 Incorrect error message with QuerySet.update() that requires a join on an annotated F expression new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28410 query filter on date portion of datetime creates wrong parameters for mysql CONVERT_TZ function when used with a fixed offset timezone new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28425 Prefetch can execute an UPDATE statement if a certain to_attr is given new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28426 startproject with a remote template gives an authentication prompt on Python 2 but 401: Unauthorized on Python 3 assigned Core (Management commands) Irindu Indeera Bug
#28428 Add support for Pathlib objects in new File uploads/storage nobody New feature
#28431 default='' (non-bytestring) on BinaryField crashes some migration operations assigned Migrations Windson yang Bug
#28438 Initial migration creates fields not listed in the migration if mixin class changes new Migrations nobody Bug
#28439 When() crashes with ValidationError with models using UUID as primary key assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug
#28440 Runserver does not correctly close connections once a response is sent assigned HTTP handling Tom Bug
#28442 Error creating queryset with nested OuterRefs on a foreign key assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Hyeon-mook Jerry Choi Bug
#28451 Change in Oracle sequence name truncation causes regression when updating existing database assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Kevin Grinberg Bug
#28452 Consider adding a test command argument --locals to show traceback locals new Testing framework nobody New feature
#28455 Create "inplace" QuerySets to speed up certain operations new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28458 Add ModelMultipleChoiceField.validate_choices() new Forms nobody New feature
#28462 ModelAdmin.list_editable unusably slow and memory intensive with large datasets new contrib.admin nobody Bug
#28469 Add additional response type subclasses new HTTP handling nobody New feature
#28473 Consider SCRIPT_NAME for SECURE_REDIRECT_EXEMPT setting new Uncategorized nobody Bug
#28474 DurationField does not handle OverflowError if an out of range input is passed assigned Forms Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug
#28477 Strip unused annotations from count queries assigned Database layer (models, ORM) Tom Cleanup/optimization
#28478 Make DiscoverRunner skip creating a test database if not needed new Testing framework nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28487 runserver crashes with UncodeDecodeError as of Django 1.11.4 new Core (Management commands) nobody Bug
#28488 Django 1.11 to 1.11.4 raises CSRF verification failed if settings.DEBUG is False new CSRF nobody Bug
#28490 Descriptors on Models are reported as nonexistent by System Check Framework for ModelAdmin.list_display if they return None new contrib.admin nobody Bug
#28492 Allow defining expressions' default output_field as a class attribute rather than in __init__() new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28493 Foreign keys break on migration if models are renamed in a different app assigned Migrations Jeremy Satterfield Uncategorized
#28496 ChangeList instantiation code buried in ModelAdmin.changelist_view is not reusable assigned contrib.admin Simon Meers Cleanup/optimization
#28497 QuerySet.filter() with a sliced QuerySet crashes new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Bug
#28500 "EOFError: Ran out of input" from Django file cache when file is empty new Core (Cache system) nobody Bug
#28501 django runserver crashes when run as a module new Uncategorized nobody Uncategorized
#28502 Select widget doesn't accept non-string as value assigned Template system Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Bug
#28504 Add hooks into schema alter_field and reduce complexity new Database layer (models, ORM) nobody Cleanup/optimization
#28506 Add custom views to the Django admin new contrib.admin nobody New feature
#28507 Allow ValidationErrors to equal each other when created identically new Core (Other) nobody New feature
#28508 Error views set background-color bot not foreground color assigned Core (Other) Darius Azimi Bug
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