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#26830 Issue with combination of 'with', 'ifchanged' and 'cycle' templatetags in templates. Template system assigned sergei-maertens Bug
#26834 MinValueValidator/MaxValueValidator not forwarded to form field for ModelForm Forms assigned sgzsh269 Bug
#26836 Allow applications to register links in the admin interface contrib.admin new nobody New feature
#26840 Extract database teardown from DiscoverRunner, to better support third-party test runners Testing framework new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26844 Formset's validate_min doesn't work correctly with deleted forms Forms assigned mpatibandla Bug
#26866 Lazy variant of string format Internationalization new nobody New feature
#26883 makemessages doesn't find blocktrans if it comes after a comment in templates Internationalization new nobody Bug
#26891 ForeignObject/ForeignKey does not obey lookup registration API Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#26896 FileSystemStorage no longer accepts reverse_lazy as base_url File uploads/storage new nobody Bug
#26902 Add `secure` argument to `is_safe_url()` Utilities new nobody New feature
#26903 support date and timestamp containment within postgres range field contrib.postgres new Bug
#26905 Add possibility to pass MultiValueDict-like objects as a form's data Forms new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26906 Factor out an AlterFooTogether operation from AlterUnique/IndexTogether Migrations assigned akki Cleanup/optimization
#26908 jsonfield__key__isnull lookup crashes contrib.postgres new Bug
#26909 UserAttributeSimilarityValidator has hardcoded reference to 'username' causing error in password reset built-in auth form when using a custom model contrib.auth assigned andrewnester Bug
#26911 RedirectView failing silently on NoReverseMatch is confusing Generic views new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26915 Template response middleware skipped for responses returned from view middleware HTTP handling new nobody Bug
#26917 Disabled ModelChoiceFields crash in Django 1.10 Forms assigned rjschave Bug
#26919 Action form's media is not included in changelist view's media contrib.admin new nobody Bug
#26920 GEOSGeometry objects compare equal despite different SRID GIS new nobody Uncategorized
#26927 Subwidgets not passed required and disabled attributes in BoundField.__iter__() Forms new nobody Bug
#26928 Change checkbox/radio checked attribute to HTML5 boolean style Forms new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26929 Deprecate `extra_context` parameter in `contrib.auth.views.logout_then_login` contrib.auth assigned andrewnester Cleanup/optimization
#26930 makemigrations tries to access default databases even when set to empty Migrations new nobody Bug
#26933 Test for #26804 has a tendency to fail on Oracle databases Database layer (models, ORM) assigned jensen-cochran Bug
#26935 DB connections stuck in closed state when using Django ORM in daemon Database layer (models, ORM) new nobody Bug
#26936 Stale content type deletion stops working if all models in an app are deleted contrib.contenttypes new Bug
#26937 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_meta' in dumpdata auth.user Uncategorized new nobody Bug
#26938 Template postmortem on debug page contains invalid HTML Error reporting new Bug
#26939 Django 1.9.8 Sitemaps is broken due to "isinstance() arg 2 must be a class, type, or tuple of classes and types" Uncategorized new nobody Bug
#26940 django-admin makemessages vs. makemessages Internationalization new nobody Uncategorized
#26942 support subtests when running tests in parallel Uncategorized new nobody Uncategorized
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