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#9286 Starting other processes in a view gives me some weird results. nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#8009 startproject creates with old admin links nobody Core (Management commands) master
#16616 startproject should use virtualenv compatible /usr/bin/env python hashbang for nobody Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#9711 startproject out of date nobody contrib.admin master
#16259 State more clearly that django.contrib.ccontenttypes depends on django.contrib.sites nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#15344 STATIC_ROOT is not considered when serving static files with staticfiles_urlpatterns nobody Uncategorized master
#24683 STATIC_ROOT needs to appear after INSTALLED_APPS nobody Bug contrib.staticfiles 1.7 Normal
#11633 Stop requiring DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE when using settings.configure nobody Core (Other) master
#20129 Storing a related queryset in attribute clears session nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.5 Normal
#19073 strange behaviour of select_related nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.4 Normal
#2401 strings escaping translation hugo defect Internationalization normal
#3817 submit_row shows "Save and add another" button when user has not permission to add nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#16164 Suggested approach for CSRF in AJAX requests doesn't work when cookie not set nobody Bug CSRF 1.3 Normal
#3516 Support filesize attribute for FileInput widgets Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#865 Support for HTTP PUT verb and associated raw data Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2226 SuspiciousOperation: User tampered with session cookie exception when used with mod_python Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) major
#3173 Symmetrical foreign key/m2m relationship are not possible. Adrian Holovaty defect Core (Other) master major
#13512 syncdb fails on application with no models defined nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2-beta
#8369 syncdb fails with the auth application Contrib apps master
#1725 syncdb runs into error (after creating users?) Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#7236 Table containing ForeignKey created with wrong casing George Vilches Database layer (models, ORM) master
#13848 Template filter bug when accessing foo_set manager. nobody Template system 1.2
#13364 Template loader incorrectly caches template nobody Template system master
#5344 template loading doesn't work for extends (eg admin/base.html) [& tutorial needs updating?] Adrian Holovaty Template system master
#18554 Template rendering based on value of hidden BooleanFields nobody Uncategorized Forms 1.3 Normal
#12784 Template tag and filter decorator fix nobody Documentation 1.1
#25709 Template tag get_available_languages si doing unwanted translation nobody Bug Template system 1.8 Normal
#8393 Test client handler should call set_script_prefix nobody Testing framework master
#13786 Test client PUT and DELETE do not include the GET query params nobody Testing framework 1.2
#15919 Test failure on specific label nobody Bug Testing framework 1.3 Normal
#22213 Test failure: relative path in resolve_url nobody Bug Testing framework 1.6 Normal
#7419 Testing framework or model save behaves differently after qsrf merge (r7233/r7599) nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#17113 Test that error handlers of custom are called nobody Bug Testing framework master Normal
#6665 test.utils.create_test_db cannot drop existing test database when using MySQL nobody Testing framework master
#13133 The "Add another [inline object]" breaks alternating rows' colors in tabular template nobody contrib.admin master
#10220 the admin site can not handle the DateField. nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#10642 The 'default' template filter should translate the argument given as placeholder nobody New feature Template system 1.0 Normal
#21536 the handler swallows exception nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) 1.6 Normal
#16814 the page is down! nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.3 Normal
#12231 The project path is incorrectly build, it wipe the namespace nobody Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#12865 There is information about module that holds File in the File object reference. nobody Documentation 1.2-beta
#15631 There is no __file__ when settings.DEBUG = False Belegnar Core (Other) master
#16692 There should be documentation that cautions about using request.raw_post_data and request.POST together nobody Bug Documentation 1.3 Normal
#18339 The session db backend throws UnicodeEncodeError when used with Oracle nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#16898 Throwing an exception out of a custom field (or any QuerySet._results_iter callable) results in a bad _results_cache nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#16957 Timezone changes on development server after first request nobody Bug Core (Other) 1.3 Normal
#7209 time_zone conflict.. (in django shell) shows 3 hours earlier nobody Core (Other) master
#2625 TIME_ZONE setting inadequate behaviour Adrian Holovaty defect Database layer (models, ORM) 0.95 normal
#18366 Timezones - "Time zone support is disabled by default." nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.4 Normal
#22323 Title Filter Inproper Casing of Words With Apostrophe in Second Position jenkinsbr2 Bug Template system 1.6 Normal
#9009 Trac should link to report views from tickets nobody * 1.0
#27040 {%trans 'String' %} does not translate nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.8 Normal
#6142 trunk does not pass tests nobody Core (Other) master
#26525 Tutorial02 document issue nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.9 Normal
#12266 tutorial02: Error in fieldset data structure nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#20621 tutorial 04 imports polls namespace while within polls nobody Bug Documentation 1.5 Normal
#25443 tutorial 1: database setup fails nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.8 Normal
#19332 Tutorial 4 - error nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#1424 tutorial barfs owing to mysql settings? Adrian Holovaty enhancement contrib.admin normal
#23786 tutorial bug for django.contrib.auth.middleware.SessionAuthenticationMiddleware nobody Bug Documentation 1.7 Normal
#21980 Tutorial does not indicate what needs to be uncommented for admin site nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.6 Normal
#19109 Tutorial note - adding-related-objects nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.4 Normal
#4208 Tutorial Part2: admin depends on auth, content-type and sessions. Jacob Documentation master
#18677 Tutorial Part 3 to Part 4 Instruction Failure nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#26224 Tutorial Part 5 (Testing) Generates app_label error nobody Bug Documentation 1.9 Normal
#26631 Tutorial Part 6: Lacking import static for static files nobody Bug Documentation 1.9 Normal
#11620 Tutorial part II, page 1, gives error message when followed. nobody Documentation 1.1-beta
#6457 Tutorial sample code: change max_length to maxlength nobody Uncategorized * master Normal
#20173 tutorials: stylesheet in part 6 inconsistent with template in part 3 nobody Bug Documentation 1.5 Normal
#6686 typecast_date(s) in db/backends/ crashes if s = None nobody Core (Other) master
#21224 TypedChoiceField does not properly coerce 'None' in certain circumstances nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) 1.5 Normal
#22286 TypedChoiceField rejects valid input with coerce=float nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.5 Normal
#23245 TypeError: 'set' object does not support indexing SAMUEL BARFIELD III Bug * Normal
#4126 TypeError when edit_inline and Multiple ForeignKeys to same model breaks the admin nobody contrib.admin master
#17456 typo in import statements (leaves out "defaults") nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.3 Normal
#4026 Tyring to load a JSON dump fails with "Expecting property name" Jacob Core (Serialization) master
#17858 ugettext_lazy problem in models and modelsforms Javier Bug Translations 1.3 Normal
#10865 Unable to pickle Queryset nobody Uncategorized master
#11888 Unable to render file name with special chars (non-ascii) nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#11310 Unable to serialize ManyToMany fields with "trough" nobody Core (Serialization) master
#13998 Unable to unzip the 1.1.2 download nobody * 1.1
#13805 Unable to use .raw() in multi-db environment nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#6971 Undocumented behaviour in django.template.Template ? nobody Template system 0.96
#15348 Unexpected end of svndiff input nobody Uncategorized master
#26669 UnicodeDecodeError with non-ASCII string in 'Content-Type' header nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.8 Normal
#4663 UnicodeDecodeError with SelectDateWidget Manuel Saelices Forms master
#10905 UnicodeEncodeError from FileUploadTests.test_unicode_file_name nobody File uploads/storage
#3387 UnicodeEncodeError on contains and icontains Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#4773 UnicodeEncodeError on dropdowns in admin Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#27547 Unicode in Textarea breaks rendering nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.10 Normal
#19213 Unicode problem loading 500 template using Python 3.3 nobody Bug Python 3 1.5-alpha-1 Normal
#13717 unique_for_* errors out when date field is left empty Satoru Logic contrib.admin 1.2
#29051 unique_together behavior undocumented changes in 1.11 nobody Bug Documentation 1.11 Normal
#14353 unique_together new style is not working properly nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#18320 Unit test model_formsets_regress.FormsetTests.test_extraneous_query_is_not_run expects wrong number of queries nobody Bug Testing framework master Normal
#28753 Unit tests documentation does not specify non-python requirements nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#12866 Unsecured fields in ModelAdmin nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#23655 Update of Tutorial Part 2, Templates section nobody Bug Documentation 1.7 Normal
#3042 update (sk) slovak translation hugo enhancement Translations normal
#28285 Updating Password Hasher Invalidates Users First Login After Upgrade nobody Bug contrib.auth 1.11 Normal
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