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#11840 Form validation should check for IOErrors nobody Forms 1.1
#13421 FormWizard Documentation doesn't mention that POST params' names change nobody Bug Documentation 1.1 Normal
#6187 FOR with filters, like slice, would be oh so nice nobody Template system master
#20295 from django.db import utils fails; import django.db.utils succeeds nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.5 Normal
#17104 from polls.models import Choice in RodrigoJimmy Bug Documentation 1.3 Normal
#11917 Generic comment moderation fails on ./ shell with AlreadyModerated nobody Uncategorized contrib.comments 1.1 Normal
#23851 'GenericForeignKey' object has no attribute 'deconstruct' nobody Bug contrib.contenttypes 1.7 Normal
#29387 GenericRelation's on proxy models do not cascade deletion nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 2.0 Normal
#25122 GenericRelation with a string argument will raise an AttributeError when accessed. nobody Bug contrib.contenttypes 1.8 Normal
#1453 generic views sometimes inefficient with large data sets - especially archive_index zefciu New feature Generic views Normal
#14183 Geodjango models broken with pydoc dario Bug GIS 1.1 Normal
#12307 GeoDjango test suite fails for SpatialRefSys model objects nobody Bug GIS master Normal
#23022 Geodjango transform introduces large errors nobody Bug GIS 1.6 Normal
#17107 Geodjango Tutorial: SRID problem when loading data from shapefile to PostGIS nobody Bug GIS 1.3 Normal
#20718 Geoqueryset method do not return a value nobody Bug GIS 1.5-rc-1 Normal
#21369 get_absolute_url() Reverse Example Doesn't Work nobody Bug Documentation 1.5 Normal
#12331 get_display shows choices key, not value if field name contains underscore symbol nobody Template system master
#23128 _get_FIELD_display doesn't work with Field.get_choices using Iterators Sergii Lapin Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#13380 get_FOO_display fails in template on 1.2b1 nobody Template system 1.2-beta
#2595 get_next_by_FIELD returns itself if it is the last item, under postgres Adrian Holovaty defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#5845 _get_next_or_previous_by_FIELD returns the same row in first row nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5233 Getting a "TypeError; __str__ returned non-string (type Topic)" when trying to delete a item Peter Baumgartner contrib.admin master
#9981 getting objects where column is null throws exception, when you define ordering by that column Malcolm Tredinnick Database layer (models, ORM) master
#18600 group_required decorator nobody New feature contrib.auth 1.4 Normal
#10934 handler404 needs an example nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.0 Normal
#25327 Handling removed apps with dependent migrations? nobody Uncategorized Migrations 1.8 Normal
#25303 help_text on auth model field 'is_active' doesn't get translated nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#22015 Hide relationships with related_name='+' in contrib.admindocs gregchapple Bug contrib.admindocs master Normal
#1648 How to ForeignKey to itself Adrian Holovaty defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#23776 HStoreField example doesn't work nobody Bug Documentation master Normal
#13180 html template links broken nobody Template system 1.1
#12482 i18n crashed on developement version nobody Uncategorized master
#4535 I18n in templates - multiline messages nobody Internationalization master
#16449 i18n_pattern URLs reversed from shell and tests have incorrect language prefix nobody Bug Translations master Normal
#11351 IE6 times out in the Django Development Server when a Request.Post is passed nobody HTTP handling 1.0
#871 ImageField doesn''t honor blank=True argument Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin master normal
#13410 imagefield errors if upload is larger than FILE_UPLOAD_MAX_MEMORY_SIZE nobody File uploads/storage 1.2-beta
#14416 ImageField forms require an enctype, not documented nobody Documentation
#7608 ImageField Validation Fails with Deprecation Warning nobody Validators master
#1315 image / file field in admin have empty links Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin master minor
#11766 ImageFileField run through get_valid_filename (Optional|default) nobody File uploads/storage 1.1
#8766 Images missing from new documentation nobody * master
#21105 Implement `PBKDF2PrehashPasswordHasher` to prevent hashing time from depending on password length nobody New feature contrib.auth 1.6-beta-1 Normal
#22953 ImportError: cannot import name html_entities nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.6 Normal
#27139 ImportError: No module named 'polls.apps.PollsConfig' nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.10 Normal
#14314 Import error on installation of Django 1.2.3 nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#15737 Importing hotshot.stats fails nobody Bug Core (Other) 1.3 Normal
#8195 Importing models from same directory throws unhelpful exception (trying to get app_label) nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#24025 improve documents nobody Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#344 Improvements to raw_id_admin for ManyToManyFields Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#7851 In admin console getting: "You don't have permission to edit anything" contrib.auth master
#17350 in_bulk should use duck typing so that listy-objects can be used, like ValuesListQuerySet nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#13999 include tag should support compiled template. nobody Template system master
#2880 incompatibility with MySQL-python-1.2.2b1 or python-2.5 Adrian Holovaty defect Database layer (models, ORM) master major
#10957 Inconsisten behaviour in User admin display nobody Contrib apps 1.0
#21979 Inconsistent test results for same test run twice nobody Uncategorized Testing framework 1.5 Normal
#11817 Incorrect document structures in django-documentation nobody Bug contrib.admindocs 1.1 Normal
#11655 --indent and --format in the docs is misleading nobody Documentation 1.1
#128 IndexError when using invalid {% extends %} in template should be replaced with better error message. Adrian Holovaty defect Template system normal
#27896 In Django 1.10 when sqlite is used and TIME_ZONE=None a django.db.utils.OperationalError error is raised when filtering by __date on a DateTimeField nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#15911 In django.contrib.auth.forms.AuthenticationForm there is no separate check for empty form input nobody Bug contrib.auth 1.3 Normal
#3109 in Documentation, Uppercase of application are removed, and accessing models returns 404 Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin master normal
#10228 Inline edit of random model results in "Please correct the errors below." message with no errors listed. nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#20929 inline_formset - DELETE field is in visible_fields nobody Uncategorized Forms 1.5 Normal
#9401 inlineformset_factory raise IntegrityError Exception when correct data (is_valid() method) is ok Brian Rosner Forms master
#22039 Inline Model Admin DatePicker Bug nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#5186 in mysite/polls/ __unicode__() not working Jacob Documentation master
#28952 inspectdb generates primary_key with null=True nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.11 Normal
#16474 Installation of GeoDjango for windows - Documentation nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.3 Normal
#12159 Installation procedure does not set correct permissions on template files nobody Core (Other) 1.1
#5618 Install Docs - Development Version on Windows Django-Trunk issue? nobody Documentation master
#23297 Integrity errors in Django admin with custom User model nobody Uncategorized contrib.auth 1.7-rc-2 Release blocker
#23673 IntegrityError when using a ManyToMany relation to add a model instance with unique constraint. nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 Normal
#9707 IntegrityError with Charfield and option unique=True nobody Forms master
#8585 InterfaceError with MySQLdb set_character_set nobody contrib.admin 1.0-beta
#18542 Intermittent unhandled exception when killing runserver nobody Bug Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#21418 In tutorial02 the was_published_recently section of the example may be defective? nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.6 Normal
#2121 Invalid SQL generated when using list_filter with search_fields Adrian Holovaty defect Database layer (models, ORM) master major
#324 IPAddressField fails Adrian Holovaty defect Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 normal
#21311 Issues using mySQL on OS X in the tutorial nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Normal
#12845 JSON serialization of empty query set raises "cannot serialize" error. Natalia Bidart Core (Serialization) master
#17349 KeyError in Auth admin nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#3430 Label rendering in newforms Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#21624 Latest docs URL nobody New feature Uncategorized master Normal
#23782 Lazy objects don't support __contains__ nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.7 Normal
#22065 Line missing in Tutorial, p.4 nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.6 Normal
#10519 Link "If the built-in fields don’t do the trick, you can easily write your own custom model fields." from model field reference doc page is broken. nobody Documentation 1.0
#26274 list_filter filtering by groups displays "-" for "none group" filter nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.9 Normal
#9290 List index out of range when invalid template tag is used nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#21336 ListView doesnt work with context_object_name nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.5 Normal
#22003 LiveServerTestCase with ATOMIC_REQUESTS leaves Postgres connections open after socket error nobody Bug Testing framework 1.6 Normal
#28850 LocaleMiddleware permanent redirects documentation nobody Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#14101 Localized DecimalField doesn't accept localized input nobody Internationalization 1.2
#16140 Logging documentation should describe how to configure logging handlers. nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.3 Normal
#19658 Login redirects use wrong URL when application doesn't live on web server root nobody Uncategorized contrib.auth master Normal
#16626 login_required attribute in class-based Generic Views nobody New feature Generic views master Normal
#23830 Make expired session clearing on database backend scale better Adam (Chainz) Johnson Cleanup/optimization contrib.sessions master Normal
#24517 makemessages doesn't recognize aliased gettext functions nobody Bug Internationalization 1.7 Normal
#26053 makemigrations generates a wrong type for a DurationField column on postgresql nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 Normal
#21896 makemigrations warning "trying to add a non-nullable field" is raised even when the table is empty Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.7-alpha-1 Normal
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