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#597 createsuperuser (MySQL) broken adrian defect contrib.admin major
#511 init fails at rev 641 adrian defect Core (Management commands) critical
#4679 maybe not in system path after installation on OS X jacob Core (Management commands) 1.0
#18636 startproject mysite nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.3 Normal
#20623 startproject[ project name ] create only file nobody Cleanup/optimization Uncategorized 1.4 Normal
#13836 --version shows the version as 1.1.1 nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#19054 Django backend for mysql is not installed nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.4 Normal
#20574 Django Client Put Method Data is not Send nobody Bug Testing framework 1.5 Normal
#7120 django.contrib.admin.sites uses User but doesn't import it nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#2442 django.contrib.auth.forms.CreateUserForm adrian enhancement Contrib apps master normal
#16337 django.contrib.auth.forms.UserCreationFormTest.test_success fails nobody Bug contrib.auth 1.3 Normal
#17562 django.contrib.auth.tests.views.ChangePasswordTest.fail_login does not respect language nobody Bug contrib.auth master Normal
#5163 django.contrib.auth.views.login depends on sites framework adrian Contrib apps master
#12273 django.contrib.formtools.utils.security_hash resulting in different pickled string on same data kenseehart contrib.formtools 1.1
#16699 django.core.urlresolvers.reverse failed with complicated regexp nobody Bug Core (Other) 1.3 Normal
#13487 django.db.backends.util.typecast_date fails with a ValueError with sqlite3 nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2-alpha
#2438 django.db.models get_apps() return different results according to the server used nobody Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#24248 django.db.utils.OperationalError: no such table: creating models from running inspectdb nobody Bug Documentation 1.7 Normal
#24671 "Django deprecation timeline" page contains no timeline nobody Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#20726 Django development server time different from server time nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.5 Normal
#5702 Django Documentation defect: missed 'name=' in - url_dispatch/#naming-url-patterns nobody Documentation master
#15734 Django documentation search nobody New feature * 1.3 Normal
#17773 Django does not catch ProtectedError when DEBUG=True nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.4-beta-1 Normal
#20155 Django doesn't appear to actually follow Database naming rules nobody Uncategorized Testing framework 1.5 Normal
#7550 Django doesn't work when called from a subdirectory using (Fast)CGI nobody HTTP handling master
#19481 Django exercises for beginners nobody New feature Uncategorized 1.4 Normal
#10396 Django File Upload /Image Upload Forms are broken with Safari (3 and beta 4) nobody File uploads/storage 1.0
#11747 Django "Freezing" shortly after startup nobody Uncategorized master
#853 Django has high start costs, weight adrian defect Metasystem normal
#13425 django installation nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#16254 #django is a ghost town nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.3 Normal
#11435 Django Language Code nobody Internationalization 1.0
#13979 Django doesn’t work with IPython nobody Core (Management commands) 1.2
#13318 Django messed up the table names. nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2-beta
#11086 Django not recieveing the mountpoint when using mod_wsgi nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#8797 django password reset tests assume hardcoded urls SmileyChris Bug contrib.auth master Normal
#16107 site issue nobody Uncategorized * 1.3 Normal
#21778 urlconf exerpt nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.6 Normal
#15380 djangoproject home page browser dependent nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#19654 Django provides false error message if ModelForm's model reference in Meta is nonexisting model nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.4 Normal
#14501 Django runserver + Chrome/Safari + AJAX POST quirk nobody Uncategorized 1.1
#24438 Django: Sqlite and regexp in query nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.6 Normal
#2949 Django's templating engine too tightly tied to TEMPLATE_DIRS in the settings module nobody enhancement Template system master normal
#20787 Django template changes width of html element during append nobody Bug Template system 1.5 Normal
#23361 django.test.Client and response data nobody Uncategorized Testing framework 1.7-rc-2 Normal
#9480 django.test.client.FakePayload is truncating files nobody Testing framework 1.0
#18725 Django tutorial should give stronger warning about uninstalling nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.4 Normal
#7343 django.utils.functional.lazy fails for nobody Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#17621 django.utils.translation.activate() issue nobody Bug Internationalization 1.3 Normal
#18070 django version 1.5 nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.4 Normal
#1381 'django.views.generic.date_based.archive_index' doesn't return latest objects first jacob defect Generic views master trivial
#8671 django.views.static.serve shoud have APPEND_SLASH=True nobody Core (Other) master
#6676 Docs for what goes in DATABASE_ENGINE is wrong nobody Documentation master
#4777 Documentation detail pages should have a link back to the doc index jacob * master
#7863 Documentation fix: Stress that template tag "regroup" needs a sorted list nobody Documentation master
#23696 Documentation for i18n_patterns for current Stable 1.7 wrong nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.7 Normal
#24458 Documentation often overlooks class-based views danielquinn Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.7 Normal
#5469 Document difference in cleaning between initial and data parameter when using dynamic initial parameters msaelices Documentation master
#3800 document newforms widgets nobody Documentation master
#22390 Document restart required after adding statics directory: tutorial part 06 nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.6 Normal
#15171 Document the password_reset_email context nobody Bug Documentation master Normal
#22582 Document the use of mutable objects in request.session nobody Bug Documentation 1.6 Normal
#434 Does runserver takes 2 arguments? adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#2531 Don't add "s" in Czech translation hugo defect Internationalization master normal
#24050 Downloadable documentation in various formats nobody New feature Uncategorized 1.7 Normal
#14847 dumpdata sends output to stderr, not stdout nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#22562 Each call of makemigrations creates a migration for custom user account. nobody Bug Migrations master Release blocker
#11490 Editing a model that contains m2m inline hangs the server nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#2725 edit_inline forces core=True ... core=True forces every *shown* field to be filled in adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#7451 edit_inline with CharField truncates result and cause error: string index out of range nobody Uncategorized master
#7449 edit_inline with IntegerField cause error: 'int' object is unsubscriptable nobody contrib.admin master
#22059 Either this tutorial, or the 1.4.5 release is totally worthless nobody Bug Documentation 1.4 Release blocker
#20899 Elif templatetag does not work. nobody Bug Template system 1.5 Normal
#9281 emails are displayed by django bug tracker and harvested by spam robots jacob * 1.2
#5689 Empty/blank URLField evaluates true for template {% if %} tag nobody Template system master
#12532 empty inline forms with FileField are never ignored nobody contrib.admin 1.1
#23571 Empty order_by() doesn't work with slice liminspace Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 Normal
#17354 Empty page from search engine nobody Bug Documentation 1.3 Normal
#5621 Emtpy ForeignKey fields shown as "(None)" nobody contrib.admin
#21399 Equal sign in message breaks contrib.messages when CookieStorage is used. nobody Uncategorized contrib.messages 1.4 Normal
#16638 Erratum in 'Creating forms from models' nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.3 Normal
#21913 Error 400 without any information if user uploads file to STATIC_ROOT nobody Bug File uploads/storage 1.6 Normal
#6874 error 404 and unicode chars in template nobody HTTP handling master
#19701 error500 default view don't include STATIC_URL nobody Uncategorized Generic views 1.4 Normal
#23981 Error accessing the table from an app with label changed nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 Normal
#10856 Error: Failed to load processor TracGuideToc nobody * 1.0
#8621 Error in contrib.comments: nobody contrib.comments master
#16725 Error in example code from per-view cache docs nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#21894 Error in example code in django.forms.Form.clean()¶ nobody Bug Documentation master Normal
#19530 Error in geodjango tutorial nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.4 Normal
#18253 error in tutorial nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.3 Normal
#10740 Error in Tutorial Part 3 code for Django v1.0 nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#13041 Error on InlineModel Admin matiasb contrib.admin 1.1
#3921 Error report - Your first Django app, part 1,2 anonymous Documentation 0.96
#24547 Errors for paths for Model relationships in other apps can be misleading / confusing akulakov Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#209 errors from tutorial 1 jacob defect Documentation normal
#3374 Errors on "Save as new" preclude saving a new record adrian contrib.admin master
#17321 Errors when running messages test with USE_ETAGS = True nobody Bug contrib.messages 1.3 Normal
#16136 Error was: cannot import name utils nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.3 Normal
#12029 Error when running django tests with postgresql 8.3 nobody Testing framework master
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