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#27 Single form field for multiple database fields nobody New feature Forms Normal
#80 Browsing to fails when running runserver adrian defect contrib.admin critical
#85 Admin login doesn't work with Konqueror adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#116 Default admin media doesn't display for 'django-admin runserver' adrian Uncategorized contrib.admin normal
#128 IndexError when using invalid {% extends %} in template should be replaced with better error message. adrian defect Template system normal
#209 errors from tutorial 1 jacob defect Documentation normal
#344 Improvements to raw_id_admin for ManyToManyFields adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#387 Date field does not render, saving object fails with invisible error adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#397 Can't checkout with svn jacob defect * normal
#408 raw_id_admin is broken in IE jacob defect contrib.admin major
#434 Does runserver takes 2 arguments? adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#478 error with sqlite and admin adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#511 init fails at rev 641 adrian defect Core (Management commands) critical
#518 Need validators that aren't attached to a form field adrian enhancement Validators normal
#520 Ordering via foreign key causes multiple display of entries in Admin view adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#571 SQLite error with mod_python/Apche2 on Mac OS X 10.4.2 adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#597 createsuperuser (MySQL) broken adrian defect contrib.admin major
#828 Same function used for GET and POST adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#853 Django has high start costs, weight adrian defect Metasystem normal
#865 Support for HTTP PUT verb and associated raw data adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#870 Cool CSS display bug in the calendar widget in the admin view adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#973 sql and sqlall DB statements not corresponding to the RDBMS set in settings adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#1019 weird formatting problem with admin on Camino wilson defect contrib.admin normal
#1024 Auto-reloading is not working in development server. adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1031 Add some notes so mysql users can use ForeignKey fields jacob enhancement Documentation major
#1124 admin interface FloatField validator raise "TypeError" when exceeding decimal_places adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1424 tutorial barfs owing to mysql settings? adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#1453 generic views sometimes inefficient with large data sets - especially archive_index zefciu New feature Generic views Normal
#1507 running - command line parameters are lost under windows adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#1589 Code example seems to be missing some code. jacob defect Documentation normal
#1597 Pluralize filter should add the "s" on zero matches. adrian defect Template system minor
#1619 FileField upload broken in generic views jacob defect Generic views major
#1648 How to ForeignKey to itself adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#1649 Attempting to use foreignkey fields in repr definitions does not work in admin adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1675 application-specific templatetags aren't loaded adrian defect Template system normal
#1725 syncdb runs into error (after creating users?) adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1786 Reordering of RemovingTheMagic by topics jacob enhancement Documentation normal
#1945 Problem following the tutorial when using non English characters jacob defect Internationalization minor
#2114 Broken Link In 0.90 Docs jacob defect Documentation minor
#2156 misleading error message when python2.3-sqlite2 is missing adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#2226 SuspiciousOperation: User tampered with session cookie exception when used with mod_python adrian defect Core (Other) major
#2401 strings escaping translation hugo defect Internationalization normal
#2448 [patch] auth.views.logout does not redirect adrian defect Contrib apps normal
#2545 [patch] Option to collapse fieldset if empty nobody enhancement contrib.admin normal
#2595 get_next_by_FIELD returns itself if it is the last item, under postgres adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#2725 edit_inline forces core=True ... core=True forces every *shown* field to be filled in adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#2759 "allow_future" missing from date based generic views jacob defect Generic views normal
#2871 DateTime fields are not checked when updating object nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#2883 path is blank in an image field when using a save hook adrian defect contrib.admin major
#2985 pasword instead password adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#3015 [patch] Small change to django.contrib.admin.urls to allow permalink() usage nobody enhancement contrib.admin normal
#3040 Admin class fails (tutorial step 2) adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#3042 update (sk) slovak translation hugo enhancement Translations normal
#3079 [patch] allow to disable POST handling in create_update generic views jacob enhancement Generic views normal
#3133 Database instrospection fails to detect autoincrement fields in MySQL adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#3200 [patch] fix missing stack segments in views nobody defect Generic views normal
#3261 Missing imports in example. jacob defect Documentation normal
#3273 missing import in, tutorial 2 adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#3284 Form clean() method does not trap ValidationError exception adrian defect Forms normal
#3308 Escaped documentation in admin site nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#5621 Emtpy ForeignKey fields shown as "(None)" nobody contrib.admin
#5755 Permission problem in trunk Zip Archive. nobody *
#10410 FileField saves one filename on disk and another on DB peterbe Uncategorized File uploads/storage Normal
#10905 UnicodeEncodeError from FileUploadTests.test_unicode_file_name nobody File uploads/storage
#11170 Safe filter closes an open html tag in some cases nobody Uncategorized
#12630 My e-mail is invalid nobody *
#14237 Old version string on the download page + auto checker proposal anonymous *
#14416 ImageField forms require an enctype, not documented nobody Documentation
#17434 Nicer name than object_list for ListViews nobody New feature Generic views Normal
#18912 ModelForm doesn't handle unique checks for parent models. nobody Bug Forms Normal
#19185 AUTH_USER_MODEL and GeoManager nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) Release blocker
#22549 DateTimeField raises timezone awareness related RuntimeWarnings when it should'nt nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) Normal
#23245 TypeError: 'set' object does not support indexing SAMUEL BARFIELD III Bug * Normal
#23306 Cannot call a command with --name option nobody Uncategorized Core (Management commands) Normal
#4758 Oracle transaction doesn't rollbacks when deleting objects nobody Database layer (models, ORM) unicode
#8488 Building latex fails in the docs-refactor branch nobody Documentation other branch
#3817 submit_row shows "Save and add another" button when user has not permission to add nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4524 'Delete' action is broken in newforms-admin adrian contrib.admin newforms-admin
#4725 Quote problem with string primary keys in the admin panel nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#5173 Formsets - Empty form fields display validation errors adrian Forms newforms-admin
#6532 No matches for unrepresentable float values with list_filter thauber Core (Cache system) newforms-admin
#6588 Admin interface doesn't allow to use dots in usernames nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#6626 newforms-admin DateField populated value wrong nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#6781 ProgrammingError with edit_inline set nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#7120 django.contrib.admin.sites uses User but doesn't import it nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#7278 problem using two manytomany field objects in a change_form.html (when using filter_horizontal = ('field1','field2') nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#1618 [patch] Validator for raw_id_admin uses old model API adrian defect Core (Other) magic-removal normal
#1708 Problem with OneToOneField(self) adrian defect contrib.admin magic-removal normal
#1711 [patch] inline editing uses invalid parent_id field when saving adrian defect contrib.admin magic-removal normal
#3545 filter interface doesn't seem to work adrian contrib.admin magic-removal
#7126 select_related(field) doesn't correctly SELECT GIS fields on MySQL/Oracle jbronn GIS gis
#24524 Automatic migrations prevent creation of initial database table layout nobody Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.8rc1 Normal
#23255 Migrations fail with custom models.Field nobody Uncategorized Migrations 1.7-rc-2 Release blocker
#23258 Add note that Form.add_error is new in 1.7 in 'Form and field validation' nobody Bug Documentation 1.7-rc-2 Normal
#23297 Integrity errors in Django admin with custom User model nobody Uncategorized contrib.auth 1.7-rc-2 Release blocker
#23305 Models that are imported on app's import time are invisible to makemigrations when the application is relabeld brycecaine Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.7-rc-2 Normal
#23361 django.test.Client and response data nobody Uncategorized Testing framework 1.7-rc-2 Normal
#23050 Context Dictionary nobody New feature Generic views 1.7-rc-1 Normal
#23082 Cache Backend Inconsistencies and Reverse Compatible Failures nobody Bug Core (Other) 1.7-rc-1 Release blocker
#22742 Overwriting templates doesn't work as described nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.7-beta-2 Normal
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