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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#6375 auth app backend shows extra permissions as "app | model | permission" instead of "app | permission" gav Contrib apps newforms-admin
#1919 filter truncatewords is inefficient and destroys white space gcc Bug Template system master Normal
#19891 Travis CI support gcc Cleanup/optimization Testing framework master Normal
#19869 Make changing the active language inside `LiveTestServerCase` possible gchp New feature Testing framework master Normal
#23640 StaticLiveServerTestCase does not properly respect data migrations gchp Bug Testing framework 1.7 Normal
#13632 lack of builtin range checking of id fields glassresistor Documentation master
#21111 generic.View.__init__ should call super gmeno Cleanup/optimization Generic views 1.5 Normal
#24286 Move django.core.files.locks to django.utils.locks gmunumel Cleanup/optimization Utilities master Normal
#3553 urlpatterns uses urllib.quote/unquote should use urllib.quote/unquote_plus graham_king Core (Other) 0.95
#16052 MySQL: CharField's with utf8_bin collation return as str, should return as unicode. graham_king Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#3446 use a standard utililty function for importing a module from a string gregorth Core (Other) master
#3182 model instance update() method and QuerySet update_or_create() method gwilson enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#22802 update Atomic class to make use of public transaction module-level API functions gwilson Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) 1.6 Normal
#10803 dbshell should try 'mysql5' as well for executable name hakanw New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#921 Add a "me" shortcut to UserFields hakejam enhancement contrib.admin newforms-admin trivial
#3601 ImageField with db_column results in KeyError in Admin Edit hakejam contrib.admin master
#9483 Title template filter is broken hdevries Bug Template system master Normal
#5549 Remove duplicate code in SessionBase, SessionManager and Session heracek contrib.sessions master
#18008 [patch] for broken test: test_loaddata_error_message hoffmaje Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#18011 [patch] broken test test_loaddata_raises_error_when_fixture_has_invalid_foreign_key hoffmaje Bug Core (Management commands) master Normal
#2495 db.models.TextField cannot be marked unique when using mysql backend Honza_Kral Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#25675 divisibleby template filter optimization hramezani Cleanup/optimization Template system master Normal
#1182 [patch] duplicates strings already translated in sub-directories hugo enhancement Internationalization trivial
#1329 Updated Simplified Chinese Translation for magic-removal hugo enhancement Translations magic-removal normal
#1610 having do i18n stuff hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#1664 Lazy evalutation doesn't work properly for returned Unicode objects hugo defect Internationalization normal
#1688 Permissions don't get translated in admin interface hugo defect Internationalization 1.2 normal
#2876 Update Japanese(ja) translation file for trunk hugo defect Translations normal
#2990 Spanish translation doesn't work properly hugo defect Translations 0.95 normal
#3001 Handling more complex languages hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#3194 Telephone and City fields should have multiple locale specific formats hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#3373 verbose_name_plural and internationalization hugo Internationalization master
#1199 Supporting more than one argument in a custom filter insin New feature Template system Normal
#16783 Don't validate models on runfcgi isagalaev New feature Core (Management commands) 1.3 Normal
#117 Site search and/or Trac search for jacob enhancement * normal
#127 Documentation how to setup jacob defect Documentation normal
#130 Display comments in Trac timeline jacob enhancement * normal
#247 Webpage to list web hosts jacob enhancement * normal
#284 Request for https access to the svn repository jacob defect * minor
#366 Document meta.LazyDate() technique jacob defect Documentation normal
#377 [patch] Allow template_name argument to django.views.auth.login.login jacob defect Generic views normal
#379 Add OS, Python version, database version fields to ticket tracker jacob defect * trivial
#450 [patch] Give generic views support for dynamic lookup keywords jacob Generic views normal
#559 Tutorials should use different project name jacob defect Documentation minor
#718 svn co behind stupid proxy jacob defect * master normal
#1016 Ability to specify decorators for generic views jacob enhancement Generic views normal
#1060 is not search engine friendly jacob enhancement * normal
#1071 [patch] generic views (object_list/object_detail/date) should take login_required as a parameter jacob task Generic views master major
#1242 New ClientIP Fieldtype? jacob enhancement Generic views master normal
#1248 [patch] API Reference jacob enhancement Documentation minor
#1380 Better title ordering on project website jacob enhancement * trivial
#1502 Make (?P) url parameters available to filter a generic view's queryset. jacob enhancement Generic views magic-removal normal
#1563 [patch] generic views should accept `manipulator` parameter jacob enhancement Generic views magic-removal normal
#1850 would benefit from a project incubation area jacob enhancement * normal
#1982 Add a object_detail and object_list generic views that are "based" on a lookup jacob enhancement Generic views normal
#2200 Generic Views should have user_passes_test=func argument jacob enhancement Generic views master normal
#2305 Broken anchor jacob defect * normal
#2360 user centric/object centric generic crud tools jacob enhancement Generic views normal
#2380 ChangeManipulator's and ManyToManyFields (do not show up in resulting FormWrapper) jacob defect Documentation normal
#2450 Add ascending sort option to date_based generic views jacob enhancement Generic views master minor
#2509 django.views.generic.list_detail.object_detail and previous/next jacob enhancement Generic views normal
#2553 Generic views should support serialization jacob enhancement Generic views master normal
#2654 document the follow argument for maniplators jacob defect Documentation normal
#2733 Need to branch documentation for 0.95 jacob task * 0.95 normal
#2773 django.views.defaults.server_error should use RequestContext jacob defect Generic views minor
#2957 email addresses and spam crawlers jacob enhancement * normal
#3167 [patch] Fast-cgi deployment documentation should encourage users supplement it hosting providers documentation. jacob enhancement Documentation normal
#3231 No documentation for LazyDate jacob defect Documentation minor
#3241 [patch] memcached backend can't use keys containing spaces jacob enhancement Core (Cache system) master normal
#3359 Add "Current server time" to the bottom of jacob *
#3399 Reports tab isn't highlighted in Trac jacob * master
#3467 "Search docs via Google" should search only the documentation directory, not the entire site. jacob * master
#3564 flexible JSON serializing mechanism jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3631 the built-in truncatewords filter can't deal with chinese jacob Uncategorized master
#3661 Serializers shoud have a option for serializing model properties jacob Core (Serialization) master
#3667 Useful optional argument for generic views jacob Generic views master
#3744 Warn that Generic Relations are a prototype feature (in the right places). jacob Documentation master
#3751 Trac shows traceback on jacob * master
#3867 favicon for jacob *
#3886 DB_API, Meta options -> unique_together: List of lists or tuple of tuples? jacob Documentation master
#3892 Django should implement PEP-87082 and become self-aware. jacob Core (Cache system) master
#4023 add a note about "get_foo_display" in template documentation jacob Documentation master
#4054 FastCGI, SCGI and ajp in lighttpd 1.5 jacob Documentation master
#4073 Installation docs should expand on command line usage and use of jacob Documentation master
#4145 Add information on support for creating subclasses in the model jacob Documentation master
#4209 install page has not been updated and still references old 0.95 installation files and versions jacob * 0.96
#4257 Easy to miss important instruction in Cross Site Request Forgery protection documentation jacob Documentation master
#4264 Images in flatpages jacob Uncategorized master
#4272 instructions incomplete jacob Documentation master
#4274 Spaces for indentation jacob Uncategorized master
#4277 Django installation instructions should note that uninstalling old version of Django is unnecessary if Python has been updated jacob Documentation master
#4324 Middleware order matters. jacob Documentation master
#4350 Branch is out of sync (multiple-db-support) jacob * other branch
#4375 generic view archive_year is querying all objects, unexplained. jacob Generic views 0.96
#4381 Using caps in column/table names in postgresql requires those fields to be quoted in initial sql files jacob Documentation master
#4551 Documentation is wrong about PhoneNumberField subclass jacob Documentation master
#4562 unique_together uses 'iexact' instead of 'exact' jacob contrib.admin master
#4654 Small amount of missing code in Tutorial 1 jacob Documentation master
#4659 Save my hair! Add doc about "no module named <blah>" jacob Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#4687 typo jacob Documentation unicode
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