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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#18195 Add support for sundown/misaka for parsing markdown nobody New feature contrib.markup Normal
#6834 Add support for templates to be loaded from dynamically-selected directories Berker Peksag New feature Template system master Normal
#979 add support for the akismet spam scanner to free comments? Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#23 Add support for ValidationWarning Jef Geskens New feature Forms Normal
#19517 Add support for X-Forwarded-Port to HttpRequest.get_host when USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST is in use nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
#14256 Add support to testserver for the --skip-db-init option nobody Testing framework
#7689 add 'symmetrical' argument to OneToOneField('self') nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#25118 add template filter doesn't work with mixed types Konrad Świat Cleanup/optimization Template system 1.8 Normal
#21646 Add template tag to get the name of a file nobody New feature Template system 1.6 Normal
#5646 Add Testing Section nobody Documentation master
#3735 Add the ability for fixtures to be dynamic Russell Keith-Magee Testing framework master
#6511 Add the ability for syncdb to prevent the initial_data fixture from being loaded. nobody Core (Management commands) master
#26745 Add the ability to customize user creation in the createsuperuser command nobody New feature contrib.auth master Normal
#23048 Add the ability to make RemoveField reversible for non-null fields nobody New feature Migrations 1.7-rc-1 Normal
#25944 Add the ability to specify which app a migration should be created in nobody New feature Migrations 1.8 Normal
#9947 Add the current django folder to sys.path when you run tests with David Larlet Uncategorized 1.0
#28060 Add the horizontal radio selection renderer Musen New feature Forms master Normal
#21935 Add the object to data used for the message nobody New feature contrib.messages master Normal
#26690 Add the option in the prefetch_related to have the prefetched results returned as a list or as a queryset nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#18897 add the password as 2nd argument to changepassword command nobody New feature Core (Management commands) 1.4 Normal
#2538 Add throttling middleware Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#24993 Add unittests for Custom Model field nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 Normal
#11003 Add USE INDEX, FORCE INDEX capabilities to ORM nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#19449 Add user id to sessions table nobody New feature contrib.sessions 1.4 Normal
#14531 Add validate_unique flag to ModelForm.Meta Greg Wogan-Browne Forms 1.2
#5150 Add validation for unique fields in newforms Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#20563 Add validation in QueryDict.get() nobody New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#190 Add which template a syntax error is occurring in when you raise TemplateSyntaxErrors Adrian Holovaty defect Template system normal
#6090 Add whitespace between fields in queries nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#12277 Admin action example should use verbose_name in message_bit nobody Documentation master
#9554 admin app's change list usage of select related - maximum depth nobody Contrib apps 1.0
#10206 admin/auth/user/* templates should be in django.contrib.auth app Chris Beaven Bug contrib.admin 1.0 Normal
#3634 Admin class has to be old-style class Adrian Holovaty Core (Other) master
#17829 Admin date filter's "Past 7 days" actually returns past 8 days. nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4-beta-1 Normal
#6962 admin/doc pages aren't handled by nobody contrib.admin newforms-admin
#8079 Admindocs bookmarklets assume a single admin site Ben Spaulding Bug contrib.admindocs master Normal
#13506 admin does not allow saving of blank inline objects nobody contrib.admin master
#5332 Admin doesn't handle unique key conflicts on inline models cleanly nobody contrib.admin master
#19214 AdminEmailHandler is synchronous. nobody New feature Core (Mail) 1.4 Normal
#6900 Admin fails on adding empty models nobody contrib.admin master
#17428 Admin formfield validation uses form model instead of registered model dante87 Bug contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#10223 Admin has a bug for primary keys that contain slashes nobody contrib.admin master
#20302 admin history/delete views do not support being in a popup. nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#18059 Admin inlines appear to be blind to releated_name relations nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#3737 Admin Interface Add forms should use the filtering from the changelist to set default values for fields nobody contrib.admin master
#8483 Admin interface does not check for incompatible generic relations Ramiro Morales contrib.admin master
#10493 admin interface doesn't list members of a group nobody contrib.auth 1.0
#1567 Admin interface fields should be customizable Adrian Holovaty enhancement contrib.admin normal
#6352 Admin interface should provide option for allowing the admin to specify the location of the file using a relative path. Currently it only allows the admin to upload a file. nobody contrib.admin master
#3417 Admin interface template tags expect ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX to be a complete URL. nobody contrib.admin 0.95
#10036 admin list_display with broken foreignkey fails nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#17984 admin list_filter security fix doesn't allow 'pk' lookups in query string nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#7625 admin.list_filter should accept methods with boolean property nobody contrib.admin master
#10705 - Items_for_result() hardcoding field type formating is ugly nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#5705 Admin login window CSS bug when using application/xhtml+xml nobody contrib.admin master
#27405 AdminLogNode render TypeError exception while calling get_admin_log with no user (1.8.x) Ihor Polyakov Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#2891 ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX set to /admin_media/ in settings template nobody enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#7362 Admin model editor executes thousands of SQL commands when foreign key referenced in __str__ nobody contrib.admin master
#4213 admin modifies values of pickled fields in db Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin 0.96
#9114 admin of comments depends on table django_site nobody contrib.comments 1.0
#607 Admin option to show/hide fields nobody enhancement contrib.admin normal
#5041 Admin pages insufficiently escape special characters in primary keys links nobody contrib.admin master
#4170 Admin password can be set to empty Adrian Holovaty contrib.admin master
#16901 Admin: Post save redirect behaves differently since 1.3.1 nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized 1.3 Normal
#15261 Admin querystring filters should work for superusers nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#25552 Admin readonly field help text show 'None' Roman Fuentes Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#9151 Admin "Recent Actions" should differentiate between Sites nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#15755 Admin should allow for configurable login handling support nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#2111 Admin site can't deal with broken ForeignKeys Adrian Holovaty defect contrib.admin normal
#15571 AdminSite index and app_index methods could include the model_admin in the model_dict nobody New feature contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#17307 upgrade Belegnar New feature contrib.admin Normal
#10990 Admin templates that extend base_site.html and override extrahead or extrastyle should include block.super last nobody contrib.admin 1.0
#12076 Admin template view using change_list.html doesn't provide "request" variable nobody Uncategorized master
#11601 admin-title "Select app-name to change" is confusing nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#26 Admin validation errors cause FileUploadFields to be reset nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin newforms-admin minor
#6093 a few Decimal/float serializers_regress tests failing with python 2.3 and postgresql_psycopg2 engine nobody Core (Serialization) master
#2672 After clicking "Save" in admin, does not return to last paginated page Adrian Holovaty enhancement contrib.admin minor
#12432 After setting encoding in view, request.REQUEST is not deleted nobody Bug HTTP handling master Normal
#19512 Aggregate or Annotaion on previously Annotated values nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.4 Normal
#11671 Aggregations add extra values to ValuesQuerySets :: another usecase Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#1273 AJAX enabled forms Adrian Holovaty enhancement Template system normal
#8037 Ajax simplify the development of Django nobody Tools master
#28521 Align checkboxes under other field inputs in Django admin nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#3445 all caching-related code should be collected into its own cache application nobody Core (Other) master
#27485 Allow ALLOWED_HOSTS to accept an IP-range / wildcard nobody New feature HTTP handling 1.10 Normal
#12499 Allow a model's Meta to specify a single multi-db alias nobody Database layer (models, ORM)
#4707 Allow attachements in mail_{admins,managers} Thejaswi Puthraya Core (Mail) master
#24955 Allow BC and > 10000 years dates in Django ORM & forms nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#5153 Allow "bypassing" validation in newforms nobody Forms master
#27847 Allow caching form templates when DEBUG=True nobody New feature Forms 1.11 Normal
#9222 Allow callable queryset in generic views nobody Generic views master
#3059 Allow call-backs to implement additional features in Django's auto-admin area. nobody enhancement contrib.admin normal
#19005 Allow class based views to be included in by name as a string nobody New feature Core (URLs) master Normal
#13527 Allow column on ForeignKey nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1
#3888 Allow {# comment #} tag to be multiline Adrian Holovaty Template system master
#22937 Allow configuring Form defaults (like label_suffix) on a per-project basis nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#25428 Allow configuring the database's identifier max length in the DATABASES setting nobody New feature Core (Other) 1.8 Normal
#27740 Allow content_type or object_id of GenericForeignKey to be field on related model nobody New feature contrib.contenttypes 1.10 Normal
#18266 Allow context processors to take the context as a second argument nobody New feature Template system master Normal
#17288 allow customization the names of the get(),post(),put() etc methods of a django.views.generic.base.View derived class nobody New feature Generic views master Normal
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