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#27983 Tutorial should contain complete files at each step nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.10 Normal
#28092 Document rename of update_contenttypes() nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11 Normal
#28470 Document additional system requirements for unit tests Jeff Poulton Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11 Normal
#28614 FileBasedCache documentation shouldn't recommend /var/tmp nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.11 Normal
#27811 Avoid UnicodeEncodeError during generation of email with mail_admins logger Bug Error reporting 1.10 Normal
#2983 ImageField not deleing previously attached file when updated Tony Becker defect File uploads/storage master major
#8208 ImageField does not set width/height_field using 'actual' file File uploads/storage master
#8222 Storage should reset file's cursor after saving nobody Uncategorized File uploads/storage master Normal
#9133 Add LockException to locks for completeness nobody File uploads/storage master
#9894 Give the FileField 'upload_to' callable access to an UploadedFile's contents. nobody New feature File uploads/storage 1.0 Normal
#10788 Actual name of uploaded file available later than it was in 1.0 Jacob File uploads/storage master
#11030 File uploads break on non english filesystem encoding nobody Uncategorized File uploads/storage 1.2 Normal
#11663 Delete orphaned replaced files Chris Beaven Uncategorized File uploads/storage master Normal
#11781 Wish: FILE_UPLOAD_DIRECTORY_PERMISSIONS nobody File uploads/storage 1.1
#12009 Allow name of file in FileField/ImageField to be based on primary key nobody File uploads/storage 1.1
#12446 multipart/mixed in multipart/form-data New feature File uploads/storage 1.1 Normal
#13901 File.chunks fails to read the entire file for some file-like objects nobody Bug File uploads/storage master Normal
#14787 Upload handler should pass errors on to forms.FileField ANUBHAV JOSHI New feature File uploads/storage master Normal
#15224 FileField object doesn't deletes the associated files Rohan Jain File uploads/storage master
#15641 Allow FileSystemStorage(base_url=None) to disable url access nobody New feature File uploads/storage master Normal
#16315 FileSystemStorage.listdir returns names with unicode normalization form that is different from names in database nobody Bug File uploads/storage 1.3 Normal
#20355 How about pre/post_change_file signals to allow apps to delete replaced files? nobody New feature File uploads/storage 1.5 Normal
#20488 Enhance the Storage class with new copy and move methods nobody New feature File uploads/storage master Normal
#20810 IOError raised when using EPS file in ImageField nobody Bug File uploads/storage 1.5 Normal
#20979 Serialize payload of model.FileField when using dumpdata nobody New feature File uploads/storage master Normal
#22718 django.core.files.File doesn't handle certain file-like objects (e.g. zipfile.ZipExtFile) M. Shafiq Bug File uploads/storage 1.6 Normal
#27689 FileSystemStorage().get_valid_name() may return empty string nobody Bug File uploads/storage 1.10 Normal
#28402 Provide 'temporary_file_path' for InMemoryUploadedFile nobody Cleanup/optimization File uploads/storage 1.11 Normal
#23 Add support for ValidationWarning Jef Geskens New feature Forms Normal
#1687 [patch] Support size field for file uploads (django.forms.FileUploadField) Adrian Holovaty enhancement Forms master normal
#1799 Replace dots by dashes or hyphens from form fields id's of related objects nobody enhancement Forms trivial
#3108 Add Form.as_dl() to newforms Adrian Holovaty enhancement Forms master normal
#3111 newforms: Add as_tr(), as_li() methods to BoundField Ashutosh Dwivedi New feature Forms Normal
#3113 [patch] newforms support for parsedatetime with DateField nobody enhancement Forms normal
#3124 [newforms] as_labels Adrian Holovaty enhancement Forms master normal
#3262 [patch] new widgets SelectGrouped SelectMultipleGrouped Adrian Holovaty enhancement Forms master normal
#3286 [design-q] Please add newforms as_div() method for printing forms. Adrian Holovaty enhancement Forms master normal
#3295 [patch] newforms: I'd like to have a group functionality in forms nobody enhancement Forms normal
#3313 decouple BoundField from BaseForm._html_output Adrian Holovaty defect Forms normal
#3315 add german date format to DEFAULT_DATE_INPUT_FORMATS Adrian Holovaty enhancement Forms master normal
#3376 newforms.Form.clean_data is not read-only Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3427 newforms: add readonly support to widgets Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3479 Passing external data to Form objects in newforms Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3568 Add support for serializing newforms to HTML nobody Forms master
#3603 Email validation error on ip literal mail routes Adrian Holovaty Forms 0.95
#3632 initial values lost when calling newforms.form_for_instance() with a custom form arg Thejaswi Puthraya Forms master
#3681 Placing newforms in model breaks syncdb Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#3706 [patch] Support for nested/compound forms for newforms nobody Uncategorized Forms master Normal
#3815 form_for_* methods should be able to use a Form superclass nobody Forms master
#3898 reinstate the model field type css classes to form elements generated with newforms' as_* methods. nobody Forms master
#3959 [patch] newforms: label as first argument nobody Forms master
#4003 Added tooltips (title=) to newforms.widgets.Select Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4014 TextField in newforms Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4020 USPhoneField, USZipCodeField and USSocialSecurityNumberField should implement HTML maxlength nobody Forms master
#4090 Allow django.newforms.extras be included at django.newforms nobody Forms master
#4237 newforms form_for_model ignores radio_admin nobody Forms master
#4248 Form fields should have the title attribute set nobody Forms master
#4271 Form should use a copy of data passed to it Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4284 forms containing MultiWidgets cannot be reconstructed with clean_data nobody Forms master
#4312 addition of defaults argument to newforms save() Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4321 BoundField.as_hidden() assumes hidden_widget is a class nobody Forms master
#4384 Defining newforms fields at runtime Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4400 as_tr in newforms Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4467 handle a huge list of ForeignKey objects by implementing a CategorizedModelChoiceField nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#4471 Newforms errors.as_text probably shouldn't prefix the string with an '*' character nobody Uncategorized Forms master Normal
#4511 Missing useful ID attribute in <p>, <li> and <tr> of auto generated form from as_p, as_ul and as_table. Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4554 Newsforms: {{ field.error }} in HTML Template is HTML (ul) but should be Text (plain) Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4616 Widgets should be able to rendered separately nobody Forms master
#4694 Custom method for Model to simplify getting formfields Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4698 ChoiceField unicode problem Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#4981 Unchecked BooleanFields raise validation error Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5050 Better newforms metaclassing nobody Forms master
#5070 newforms: Default arguments for QuerySetIterator Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5081 Defaults newforms' BooleanField to required=False Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5136 Give BoundField an is_required property Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5150 Add validation for unique fields in newforms Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5153 Allow "bypassing" validation in newforms nobody Forms master
#5328 Small ChoiceField.clean() fix Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5329 URLField initial value, fails on validation Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#5400 Autoreload is not working in newforms-admin trunk with python2.4 nobody Forms master
#5481 ChoiceField/ModelChoiceField always returns strings, regardless of type in choices nobody Forms master
#5622 Empty ipaddress raises an error (invalid input syntax for type inet: "") Erik Romijn Bug Forms master Normal
#5634 Queryset in newform: form_for_model() nobody Forms master
#5709 modify forms.RegexField to support inverse matching Nathan Hoover Forms master
#5857 exclude_fields to pair with fields in form_for_model nobody Forms master
#5962 FileField doesn't show existing data on newforms widget Marc Garcia Bug Forms master Normal
#5992 even more granular error output nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#6041 help_text not escaped in _html_output nobody Forms master
#6270 There should be a way to easy edit a form's label_tag output! David Tulig Forms master
#6314 ModelForm doesn't support MultiValueDict as initial argument nobody Forms master
#6362 Remove blank spaces with strip when validating the data nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#6388 as_p produce invalid HTML for RadioSelect nobody Bug Forms master Normal
#6453 Explicitly requested fields (i.e. Meta: fields = [...]) should be included in a ModelForm whether they are editable or not nobody Forms master
#6520 NullBooleanSelect shouldn't use 'Unknown' nobody Forms master
#6534 Add min_choices and max_choices nobody Forms master
#6630 Fieldsets for forms nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#6675 Better error message if cleaned_data is missing (unbound Form) nobody Uncategorized Forms master Normal
#6702 ModelForm: assert given instance is instance of model Cleanup/optimization Forms master Normal
#6737 Add Field default_error_messages feature to Forms class nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#6790 Changes to form.errors adressing #6705 and #6138 nobody Forms master
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