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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#21920 Please document mod_python support drop in release notes Tim Graham Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.5 Normal
#24977 Template variables with a value of None are considered to be == to non-existent properties Tim Martin Cleanup/optimization Template system 1.7 Normal
#24492 Bug in BaseCookie load can result in cookies not being set Tim Graham Bug HTTP handling 1.7 Normal
#27605 Add 'POST_APP_DIRS' TEMPLATES option to search some template directories after app dirs Tim Graham New feature Template system master Normal
#24247 makemessages command should use case insensitivity when checking for paths in LOCALE_PATHS Teri Bug Internationalization 1.6 Normal
#6526 Add remove/escape/replace functions to markdown filter thomaspurchas New feature contrib.markup master Normal
#3632 initial values lost when calling newforms.form_for_instance() with a custom form arg Thejaswi Puthraya Forms master
#4707 Allow attachements in mail_{admins,managers} Thejaswi Puthraya Core (Mail) master
#6267 [patch]Inconsistent database support lists Thejaswi Puthraya Documentation master
#7453 HttpResponse uses parameter "status" to set "status_code" which is mildly confusing. Marc Fargas HTTP handling master
#8991 Remove "version[added|changed]" from trunk docs Marc Fargas Documentation master
#11549 contrib.comments should allow users to specify their own template on error Teebes New feature contrib.comments master Normal
#2983 ImageField not deleing previously attached file when updated Tony Becker defect File uploads/storage master major
#14671 Allow overriding of ModelChoiceField.choices Tommy Beadle Bug Forms master Normal
#10993 get_or_create should throw an exception if no lookup parameters are given szczav Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 Normal
#26451 extend Paginator to support infinite pagination and postgres estimated count Denis Cornehl New feature Core (Other) 1.9 Normal
#27442 count estimation on querysets Denis Cornehl New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 Normal
#12116 needs_context for template filters Alexander Schepanovski New feature Template system master Normal
#13822 ForeignKey's attname is counter-intuitive when referencing to a field not named 'id' Alexander Schepanovski Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2 Normal
#14110 iexact lookup doesn't work with subquery values Alexander Schepanovski Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2
#5480 Mismatched numbering of model examples John DeRosa Documentation master
#28712 Add ability to apply separate attributes to ChoiceWidget options Stephen Swatman New feature Forms master Normal
#18272 ModelChoiceField's queryset attribute persists between two form instances Spark23 Bug Forms master Normal
#11984 Problem with date_hierarchy in Django 1.1 - Truncated incorrect datetime value: '0000-01-01 00:00:00' sorin Bug contrib.admin 1.1 Normal
#2414 coredump of python by a template extending itself Chris Beaven defect Template system normal
#5742 `static_pattern` shortcut for serving static files Chris Beaven Core (Other) master
#6667 Email compliant word wrapping Chris Beaven New feature Core (Other) master Normal
#6678 Add column and row partitioning filters to contrib.webdesign Chris Beaven New feature contrib.webdesign master Normal
#6700 smart_decorator util Chris Beaven Core (Other) master
#9256 Let the template parser remember it's root nodelist Chris Beaven Cleanup/optimization Template system Normal
#10206 admin/auth/user/* templates should be in django.contrib.auth app Chris Beaven Bug contrib.admin 1.0 Normal
#11495 Improvements to django.views.static.serve directory indexes Chris Beaven Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#11663 Delete orphaned replaced files Chris Beaven Uncategorized File uploads/storage master Normal
#19792 django.test.client.Client.login() checking for is_active attribute on User objects Nick Sandford Bug Testing framework 1.5-rc-1 Normal
#25650 `GEOSGeomerty.__eq__` should use `equals` not `equals_exact` Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS master Normal
#25651 `GEOSException` during operations on some GeometryCollections Sergey Fedoseev Uncategorized GIS 1.8 Normal
#25739 deprecate geos.factory.fromstr Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS master Normal
#25816 make sure that properties of SpatialRefSysMixin return the same value whether or not GDAL is installed Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS master Normal
#25923 remove django.contrib.gis.utils.ogrinfo Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS master Normal
#16015 DecimalField allows invalid default values. ShawnMilo Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#23073 Oracle Number columns (incl. Booleans) defined with default break introspection Shai Berger Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.7-rc-1 Normal
#23809 Update Localflavor docs Shabda Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.7 Normal
#11005 ./manage query -- query the django orm from the command line Dennis Kaarsemaker Core (Management commands) master
#13021 Allowing models to influence QuerySet.update Dennis Kaarsemaker New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#18471 Add a localization field option in Model Fields. Serge Spaolonzi New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.4 Normal
#16274 Databrowse doesn't support GeometryCollection field Satyajit New feature contrib.databrowse 1.3 Normal
#28931 Non-conflicting `related_name` and `related_query_name` for `groups` and `user_permissions` columns in `PermissionsMixin` Saiteja Parsi Cleanup/optimization contrib.auth 2.0 Normal
#15812 SortedDict.update() should accept tuples or generators Ryan Kaskel New feature Utilities master Normal
#16504 PROJECT_ROOT ought to be in the generated project settings module rvanhoepen New feature Core (Other) 1.3 Normal
#1400 [magic-removal] [patch] proposed update to template system Russell Keith-Magee enhancement Template system normal
#2952 Please show location of errors (& be consistant with max_...) Russell Keith-Magee enhancement Core (Other) normal
#3735 Add the ability for fixtures to be dynamic Russell Keith-Magee Testing framework master
#11797 Test Client Response content form value parsing Joshua Russo New feature Testing framework master Normal
#25552 Admin readonly field help text show 'None' Roman Fuentes Bug contrib.admin 1.8 Normal
#18716 Add a new ``docs`` management command that loads up the docs in a webbrowser roguelynn New feature Core (Management commands) master Normal
#3006 generic relations do not act as expected in a filter/get Robert Myers New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#27130 Allow using the DjangoTemplates engine without configuring settings reficul31 Cleanup/optimization Template system master Normal
#11999 Support for Google Maps encoded geometries Robert Coup New feature GIS Normal
#6106 should not touch POT-Creation-Date Ramiro Morales Internationalization master
#8363 Make it possible to specify tests to skip when running Ramiro Morales New feature Testing framework master Normal
#8483 Admin interface does not check for incompatible generic relations Ramiro Morales contrib.admin master
#10340 Multiple content_type queries on "Change User" page in admin Ramiro Morales contrib.auth 1.0
#28865 Auto reloader .py file path from .pyc calculation strategy outdated Ramiro Morales Cleanup/optimization Utilities master Normal
#28868 Document 'Pull Request' field + link to GitHub PR in Trac ticket page Ramiro Morales New feature Documentation master Normal
#27483 Add a login_required decorator for AJAX requests Ramin Farajpour Cami New feature contrib.auth 1.10 Normal
#20450 Consistent usage of `BLANK_CHOICE_DASH` pyriku Cleanup/optimization Forms master Normal
#16963 relocate base View class to views.base from views.generic.base Preston Holmes Cleanup/optimization Generic views master Normal
#18931 Add predicate functionality to Q objects Preston Holmes New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#28894 Invalid migrations caused by incorrect serialization of functools.partial() Nick Pope Bug Migrations 1.9 Normal
#10858 More useful output for User.__unicode__ allowing easy formatting of all admin forms that list users from settings Paul McLanahan contrib.auth master
#14770 Should be able to set cookies from the request as well as the response. Paul McLanahan Core (Other) master
#17 Metasystem optimization: Share select_related in memory Philippe Raoult New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#2170 db lookup methods not case sensitive on mysql Philippe Raoult defect Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#5236 Provide stack trace information in sql debug entries Philippe Raoult Database layer (models, ORM) master
#5514 Consistency issue when using ForeignKeys Philippe Raoult Core (Other) master
#26359 explain dual ticket tracking system Philip James Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.9 Normal
#16226 [patch] prepopulated_fields only work with slug fields and break on non-char fields Peter Kese Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#27381 Add a migration operation to enable to pg_prewarm extension for Postgres petedmarsh New feature contrib.postgres master Normal
#27792 Extended category support for Atom and RSS feeds Pavlo Kapyshin New feature contrib.syndication master Normal
#14634 Sessions are unnecessarily complex Paul McMillan contrib.sessions 1.2
#20466 Idiomatic Python: use lists instead of tuples where appropriate Patryk Zawadzki Cleanup/optimization Documentation master Normal
#13950 Add "post save" hook to ModelAdmin class pandres Uncategorized contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#27809 Add pre_add and post_add signals Oskar Persson New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26463 Allowing Callbacks/Handlers to be called on Cache entry Expiration Dylan Herman New feature Core (Cache system) master Normal
#22578 Comments for translators do not appear if the translatable string is after an indentation nott Bug Internationalization 1.6 Normal
#23741 [System Check for migrations] Check presence of all foreign keys notsqrt New feature Core (System checks) 1.7 Normal
#24 edit_inline support for OneToOne relationships nobody defect Metasystem normal
#26 Admin validation errors cause FileUploadFields to be reset nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin newforms-admin minor
#29 Fix usability issue with limit_choices_to and "Add another" in admin nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#265 Patch: RequiredIfOtherField and friends don't work with edit_inline nobody defect Core (Other) normal
#289 [patch] more details with "Please correct the errors below." nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#376 Add a handler for mod_python v. 2 (Django requires v. 3) nobody enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#562 "Add another" JavaScript doesn't add new value to all fields relating to the same type nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#590 Hinting cache from views (vary cache time by object age) nobody enhancement Core (Cache system) trivial
#596 Allow Django to be packaged as a Python egg nobody Bug Core (Other) master Normal
#607 Admin option to show/hide fields nobody enhancement contrib.admin normal
#1002 Add an option model name arg to [modelmodule] commands nobody enhancement Core (Management commands) normal
#1194 [patch] Check for file permissions for proper error messages nobody enhancement Core (Other) normal
#1209 [patch] Add AND OR support to ifequal default tag nobody enhancement Template system normal
#1374 Add MultiObjectPaginator, which can paginate across different types of objects nobody enhancement Tools trivial
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