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#10046 ModPythonHandler class should check for IOError when writing response nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.1 Normal
#10819 Do not limit input data in multipartparser by content-length (in parse()) nobody HTTP handling 1.0
#11315 add coercion to URLconf nobody HTTP handling 1.0
#12635 Process HTTP PUT into request.FILES and request.PUT as done for POST nobody New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#13018 Raw request data should be exposed via request object. nobody HTTP handling 1.1
#13277 HTTP 303 (See Other) Response nobody HTTP handling master
#14239 Form input button embedded in <a /> crashes Django server nobody HTTP handling 1.2
#14640 Add elapsed request time to the development server log vaughnkoch Uncategorized HTTP handling 1.2 Normal
#15356 Possible problem with setting import in django/http/ nobody HTTP handling master
#15501 CSRF middleware does not handle REST api application correctly nobody HTTP handling 1.2
#16381 Specify a folder for the 404.html, 505.html files nobody New feature HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#16541 A broken URL should not handled as a 400 bad request, it might a 404 not found nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#16796 isMobile() should be added to request objects nobody New feature HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#17474 Problem when the request doesn't have Content-Type. nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
#18925 Exception information should be localized and passed to got_request_exception signal handlers nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
#19153 Deprecate GzipMiddleware nobody Cleanup/optimization HTTP handling master Normal
#19294 Strange WSGIRequest behavior nobody Uncategorized HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
#19517 Add support for X-Forwarded-Port to HttpRequest.get_host when USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST is in use nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
#19867 get_host shouldn't apply validation to server-set values nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
#20120 If DEBUG mode is True and ALLOWED_HOSTS is empty you should get a console warning nobody New feature HTTP handling 1.5 Normal
#20563 Add validation in QueryDict.get() nobody New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#20803 Make it possible to use Exception details on custom 404 handlers. femesq New feature HTTP handling 1.5 Normal
#1352 [patch] Show "invisible" admin form errors adrian défaut Interface d'Admin nouveau-new-admin normal
#313 PhoneNumberField should accept international format numbers adrian defect Internationalization 1.0 minor
#1182 [patch] duplicates strings already translated in sub-directories hugo enhancement Internationalization trivial
#1610 having do i18n stuff hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#1664 Lazy evalutation doesn't work properly for returned Unicode objects hugo defect Internationalization normal
#1688 Permissions don't get translated in admin interface hugo defect Internationalization 1.2 normal
#2588 [patch] Django unicode patches adrian defect Internationalization normal
#3001 Handling more complex languages hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#3194 Telephone and City fields should have multiple locale specific formats hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#3373 verbose_name_plural and internationalization hugo Internationalization master
#4031 Translate to a specified language (not necessarily the current session language) nobody Internationalization master
#4593 Unicode error in newforms\ mtredinnick Internationalization master
#5056 gettext/ngettext do not accept UTF-8 and Unicode input strings. mtredinnick Internationalization master
#5239 Django uses __builtins__, which is guaranteed only in CPython mtredinnick Internationalization master
#5373 Field label for a ForeignKey not translated Fandekasp Bug Internationalization 1.3 Normal
#5519 Capitalized names for czech language garcia_marc Internationalization newforms-admin
#5581 allow translation of javascript in any folder of the project nobody Internationalization master
#5700 truncate long "Language-Team:" nobody Internationalization master
#5997 Pluralization support too limited nobody Internationalization master
#6106 should not touch POT-Creation-Date ramiro Internationalization master
#6258 BlockTrans with variables does not support simple id-strings nobody Bug Internationalization master Normal
#6609 pysco clears the stack - causes delayed_loader to fail nobody Internationalization master
#6624 Small improvements to django/bin/ nobody Internationalization master
#7118 unique validator Unicode Error nobody Internationalization master
#8124 Proposal: load translations from settings.TEMPLATE_DIRS nobody Internationalization master
#8626 Translations from "en_US" locale being used even though request.LANGUAGE_CODE is "en" nobody Uncategorized Internationalization master Normal
#9333 Add Django-localeurl to the translation/i18n documentation nobody Internationalization 1.0
#10270 module dependency checks of syncdb are not translatable nor catchable nobody Internationalization master
#10852 Add no-fuzzy-matching option to makemessages nobody Uncategorized Internationalization master Normal
#10859 Make text not marked for translation stick out nobody Internationalization master
#10869 ./ makemessages should let users specify input directories New feature Internationalization 1.0 Normal
#11686 Support for gettext's contexts nobody Internationalization 1.1
#12377 Make the makemessages command more open nobody Internationalization
#12592 language code for brazilian portuguese should be case insensitive. nobody Internationalization master
#13450 Can django's i18n internationalization middleware offer language selection by URL? nobody Internationalization 1.1
#13860 Translate the output of admin commands nobody New feature Internationalization master Normal
#14801 Support for string methods with lazy translations nobody Internationalization 1.2
#15168 feature request - New setting nobody Internationalization master
#16525 Bug in get_language_from_request on python 2.4 and Ukrainian language nobody Bug Internationalization 1.3 Normal
#17509 Project-level locale directory is not found when project is in a nested module nobody Bug Internationalization 1.3 Normal
#18208 Escape translations by default nobody Uncategorized Internationalization 1.4 Normal
#19620 Use ISO 8601 as default date format nobody Uncategorized Internationalization 1.4 Normal
#21229 Cygwin's gettext causes test failure nobody Uncategorized Internationalization master Normal
#5 Add a cache=NUM_SECONDS argument to QuerySet adrian enhancement Metasystem normal
#11 replaces_module should handle &#34;admin&#34; more intelligently adrian defect Metasystem minor
#24 edit_inline support for OneToOne relationships nobody defect Metasystem normal
#51 Create add_* methods for objects with a many-to many-relationship adrian enhancement Metasystem 1.0 normal
#235 meta.HashField() adrian defect Metasystem normal
#244 [patch] Make new get_values() function more forgiving of mistakes adrian enhancement Metasystem normal
#388 Prefix for django table names adrian enhancement Metasystem normal
#752 Base Classes for Trees adrian enhancement Metasystem normal
#862 Which field caused method_save to bomb out? adrian defect Metasystem normal
#4224 First attempt at inter-app dependency tracking nobody Metasystem master
#5926 Default permissions created without Admin class nobody Metasystem master
#21841 Add DatabaseFeature to disable schema migrations New feature Migrations master Normal
#21889 Record hash of applied migrations New feature Migrations master Normal
#21511 django_bash_completion from pypi package install nobody Cleanup/optimization Packaging master Normal
#19398 django.utils._os.safe_join should return a native string nobody Bug Python 2 1.5-beta-1 Release blocker
#16900 utils.dictconfig and utils.unittest don't work with python 3.0 and 3.1 adsworth Bug Python 3 1.3 Normal
#20027 shebang should reflect used python executable nobody Bug Python 3 1.5 Normal
#190 Add which template a syntax error is occurring in when you raise TemplateSyntaxErrors adrian defect Template system normal
#346 Template tag for the media_root variable adrian defect Template system normal
#361 Some Basic Math Filters adrian defect Template system normal
#398 [patch] {%define VAR as%}VALUE{%in%} tag adrian enhancement Template system normal
#449 [patch] variable selection for templates should allow negative list indexes adrian enhancement Template system normal
#476 use vars values in template {{}} dotted style adrian enhancement Template system 1.1 normal
#516 Discrepancy in usage naming of login template file adrian defect Template system trivial
#577 Dynamic attribute lookup in templates adrian enhancement Template system normal
#632 database stored templates adrian enhancement Template system minor
#650 render_to_response uses Context instead DjangoContext adrian defect Template system major
#694 [patch] TEMPLATE_DIRS should allow project root relative paths adrian enhancement Template system master normal
#696 add newline-suppression to {% and {{ adrian enhancement Template system normal
#794 A template filter that lets the user choose pluralization method adrian defect Template system minor
#919 [patch] Implement `random` template tag adrian enhancement Template system normal
#949 [patch] include template tag should support select_template type list adrian defect Template system master normal
#1108 [patch] if a IN b filter adrian enhancement Template system normal
#1140 [patch] using another type of template (zpt) with render_to_response / render_to_string adrian enhancement Template system 0.90 normal
#1147 [patch] Tags cannot contain newlines adrian defect Template system normal
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