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#2644 Object listing in Admin Panel lists all objects even when "objects" manager is changed nobody defect contrib.admin 0.95 normal
#2654 document the follow argument for maniplators jacob defect Documentation normal
#2659 [patch] get_object_or_none shortcut adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#2671 Gzip compression of Sitemap? adrian enhancement Contrib apps master trivial
#2672 After clicking "Save" in admin, does not return to last paginated page adrian enhancement contrib.admin minor
#2696 [per-object-permissions] altering per-object permissions always raises Permission Denied clong defect contrib.admin master normal
#2715 Uploads from Flash 8 cannot be parsed in Python 2.3 adrian defect Core (Other) master normal
#2721 [patch] Allow block tags to be commented out adrian enhancement Template system normal
#2733 Need to branch documentation for 0.95 jacob task * 0.95 normal
#2741 Filter to check if a value/key exists inside a list/dict adrian enhancement Template system 0.95 trivial
#2746 [patch] new Validator for Mac Addresses adrian enhancement Validators minor
#2773 django.views.defaults.server_error should use RequestContext jacob defect Generic views minor
#2778 [patch] includeblock tag adrian enhancement Template system normal
#2784 extend URL resolver support for HTTP Methods adrian enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#2796 daily_cleanup outdated and hard to access adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#2798 [patch] make comments work on models with alphanummmeric PKs adrian enhancement Contrib apps master minor
#2799 Support caching of template tags in inclusion_tag adrian enhancement Template system normal
#2801 Askimet not functioning properly adrian defect Tools normal
#2806 Cookie system does not support "port" mtredinnick defect Contrib apps master normal
#2807 allow overriding default "This field is required." text adrian defect Validators normal
#2819 Generic views for manipulators adrian enhancement contrib.admin normal
#2820 selected_related not pulling from GenericRelation's adrian enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#2830 Patch to add subviews for template tags adrian enhancement Template system normal
#2834 Indents in comments breaks epydoc doc generation. adrian defect Core (Other) master minor
#2835 Processing of urlconf extra args, and removing args nobody enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2838 ifequal and ifnotequal give unexpected results for True/False comparison adrian defect Template system normal
#2840 [patch] Reorder titles in the django documentation adrian enhancement * minor
#2842 AlwaysMatchesOtherField validator fails if other field not present nobody defect Validators master normal
#2844 [patch] make various field types pass member_name nobody defect Core (Other) master minor
#2855 [patch] BooleanField should use False as default (unless provided) nobody defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#2858 [patch] Better default value for SERVER_EMAIL nobody enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#2859 Extend generic update view to accept a optional query set nobody enhancement Generic views master normal
#2860 Test client only supports file uploads with foo and foo_file parameters nobody defect Testing framework master normal
#2862 [patch] Make escape filter smarter adrian enhancement Template system normal
#2867 Add native Selenium support to django.test framework. nobody enhancement Testing framework normal
#2868 [patch] Allow use of to run maintenance scripts adrian enhancement Core (Management commands) master normal
#2876 Update Japanese(ja) translation file for trunk hugo defect Translations normal
#2891 ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX set to /admin_media/ in settings template nobody enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#2900 Testing: Client.login doesn't allow for params in the final get() adrian enhancement Testing framework minor
#2903 A very little patch in django.contrib.auth.handlers.modpython adrian enhancement Contrib apps normal
#2904 Twisted support for Django with Defer enable adrian enhancement Tools master normal
#2907 [patch] Add <tbody> ... </tbody> in the table in edit_inline_tabular.html admin file adrian defect contrib.admin master trivial
#2908 include template tag not allowing block tags adrian defect Template system master normal
#2926 [patch] Custom FormField attributes adrian enhancement Core (Other) 0.95 normal
#2930 Single objects are not serialized as JSON strings adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#2933 [patch] Bonjour support for runserver adrian enhancement Core (Other) master normal
#2935 maxDB support adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#2938 SSLVerifyClient client certificate variables adrian enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2951 Abstract loader support for module import adrian enhancement Core (Other) trivial
#2952 Please show location of errors (& be consistant with max_...) russellm enhancement Core (Other) normal
#2957 email addresses and spam crawlers jacob enhancement * normal
#2983 ImageField not deleing previously attached file when updated tbecker defect File uploads/storage master major
#2990 Spanish translation doesn't work properly hugo defect Translations 0.95 normal
#3001 Handling more complex languages hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#3009 Add a decorator for alters_data adrian enhancement Tools normal
#3048 sitemaps and prepend_www adrian enhancement Contrib apps trivial
#3059 Allow call-backs to implement additional features in Django's auto-admin area. nobody enhancement contrib.admin normal
#3070 [patch] Execute prefixed and sorted files for initial SQL data nobody enhancement Core (Management commands) normal
#3087 [patch] users which are not staff try login into admin - provide better error message adrian enhancement contrib.admin minor
#3092 not a logic english error message in validator adrian enhancement Validators master minor
#3103 [patch]: Remove restriction on string name for relationship fields. adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#3108 Add Form.as_dl() to newforms adrian enhancement Forms master normal
#3113 [patch] newforms support for parsedatetime with DateField nobody enhancement Forms normal
#3116 [multi-db] inspectdb should inspect OTHER_DATABASES nobody enhancement inspectdb normal
#3124 [newforms] as_labels adrian enhancement Forms master normal
#3138 isValidEmail accepts non-wellformed e-mail address. SMTP 'VRFY' and MX/A DNS lookup provides better validation. adrian enhancement Validators normal
#3156 [patch] [multidb] datetime with auto_now=True causes integrity error nobody defect Database layer (models, ORM) other branch major
#3167 [patch] Fast-cgi deployment documentation should encourage users supplement it hosting providers documentation. jacob enhancement Documentation normal
#3168 [patch] object_list should accept lists as well as QuerySets nobody enhancement Generic views normal
#3169 A template tag for listing/linking to nearby pages in pagination should be provided. nobody enhancement Template system master normal
#3179 PostgreSQL backend reporting "SET TIME ZONE" error instead of the real error adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#3182 model instance update() method and QuerySet update_or_create() method gwilson enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#3194 Telephone and City fields should have multiple locale specific formats hugo enhancement Internationalization normal
#3208 allow to generate a 'no-content' HTTP response (a response with no body) nobody enhancement Core (Other) master Normal
#3209 links adrian defect contrib.admin 0.91 normal
#3213 Django should have OpenID implemented in django.contrib.auth nobody enhancement Contrib apps minor
#3219 Invalid admin attribute should not cause a metaclass error adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#3231 No documentation for LazyDate jacob defect Documentation minor
#3233 reset fails to handle valid sql file nobody defect Core (Management commands) 0.95 normal
#3237 [patch] CIDR in INTERNAL_IPS nobody enhancement Core (Other) normal
#3241 [patch] memcached backend can't use keys containing spaces jacob enhancement Core (Cache system) master normal
#3246 SQL generation not working properly in per-object-permissions branch nobody defect Database layer (models, ORM) other branch normal
#3250 [patch] Add RequiredIfOtherFieldsNotGiven, RequiredIfAllOtherFieldsNotGiven, and AllValidators adrian enhancement Validators master normal
#3262 [patch] new widgets SelectGrouped SelectMultipleGrouped adrian enhancement Forms master normal
#3271 Raise a warning/diff during syncdb if the model changed nobody enhancement Core (Management commands) normal
#3285 Signed cookies nobody enhancement Contrib apps normal
#3286 [design-q] Please add newforms as_div() method for printing forms. adrian enhancement Forms master normal
#3295 [patch] newforms: I'd like to have a group functionality in forms nobody enhancement Forms normal
#3313 decouple BoundField from BaseForm._html_output adrian defect Forms normal
#3315 add german date format to DEFAULT_DATE_INPUT_FORMATS adrian enhancement Forms master normal
#3328 null=True should imply blank=True nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#3331 Client.login() fails when URL contains character requiring urlencoding adrian Testing framework master
#3335 Flatpages with DEBUG=False requires 404.html adrian Contrib apps master
#3356 Ability to turn off new message in the Message framework when using create/edit/delete generic view nobody Generic views master
#3359 Add "Current server time" to the bottom of jacob *
#3362 Add HttpResponseNoContent response type nobody Core (Other) master
#3373 verbose_name_plural and internationalization hugo Internationalization master
#3376 newforms.Form.clean_data is not read-only adrian Forms master
#3380 Add restore/backup action to the admin interface adrian contrib.admin master
#3382 FloatField values get rounded on save() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
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