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#4145 Add information on support for creating subclasses in the model Jacob Documentation master
#4257 Easy to miss important instruction in Cross Site Request Forgery protection documentation Jacob Documentation master
#4272 instructions incomplete Jacob Documentation master
#4277 Django installation instructions should note that uninstalling old version of Django is unnecessary if Python has been updated Jacob Documentation master
#4324 Middleware order matters. Jacob Documentation master
#4381 Using caps in column/table names in postgresql requires those fields to be quoted in initial sql files Jacob Documentation master
#4551 Documentation is wrong about PhoneNumberField subclass Jacob Documentation master
#4605 Raw SQL DB API docs should mention transaction.commit_unless_managed() nobody Documentation master
#4654 Small amount of missing code in Tutorial 1 Jacob Documentation master
#4659 Save my hair! Add doc about "no module named <blah>" Jacob Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#4687 typo Jacob Documentation unicode
#4737 Split the model field options into those affecting the database and those affecting its appearance or validation. nobody Documentation master
#4750 Link to sitemaps in 0.95 documentation is broken nobody Documentation master
#4756 Mention direct_to_template as an alternate shortcut when wanting RequestContext nobody Documentation master
#4878 docs: install on win needs help Nick Efford Documentation master
#4916 feature request: add url to ticket description Jacob Documentation master
#5033 Dynamic initial values for MultipleChoiceFields in newforms nobody Documentation master
#5100 bad link to 0.96 Syndication documentation Jacob Documentation master
#5121 bald link to old docs nobody Documentation unicode
#5137 Updated the "Submitting and maintaining translations" chapter of the contributing.txt document Jacob Documentation master
#5288 (tiny) .96 documentation contains .95 reference Jacob Documentation 0.96
#5339 Note to long for layout on main tutorial page 1 Jacob Documentation master
#5404 0.95 tutorials next/prev links redirect to latest version nobody Documentation 0.95
#5480 Mismatched numbering of model examples John DeRosa Documentation master
#5580 Installation documentation suggests that symlinks are impossible in Windows nobody Documentation master
#5626 Mac OS X permissions command could be more succinct. Matt Boersma Documentation master
#5639 Update loaddata/dumpdata encoding options documentation nobody Documentation master
#5645 "First App" is Way Too Complex - Some Suggestions nobody Documentation master
#5646 Add Testing Section nobody Documentation master
#5647 Your First App - URL section - too complex - suggestions nobody Documentation master
#5716 Running the tests on Debian nobody Documentation master
#5889 handler500 example to documentation nobody Documentation master
#5907 development installation docs should mention .pth for path configuration on Windows nobody Documentation master
#5916 Documentation for flatpages and static_files should refer to each other nobody Documentation master
#6076 deprecated code example in dodumentation nobody Documentation master
#6149 Allow one-click apturl installation for Django on Ubuntu in documentation nobody Documentation master
#6171 incorrect/missing documentation for order_by in database api nobody Documentation master
#6253 reverse() in tutorial part 4 should use the function itself rather than the string representation nobody Documentation master
#6267 [patch]Inconsistent database support lists Thejaswi Puthraya Documentation master
#6274 document that extends tag must be first in template nobody Documentation master
#6335 The static file serving documentation misses to add a windows specific information. nobody Documentation master
#6361 Models Documentation Default Choice nobody Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#6393 Example of wrapping a generic method could be better nobody Documentation master
#6395 Documentation for urlize/urlizetrunc now incorrect Craig Ogg Documentation master
#6454 request.path is a unicode string nobody Uncategorized Documentation master Normal
#6512 Complete model_api documentation in order to include an example of ORM generation with custom SQL nobody Documentation master
#6690 Document the dynamic use of ModelForms classes nobody Documentation master
#6725 model-api documentation should note model inheritance should not be used nobody Documentation 0.96
#6741 Incomplete documentation for model-inheritance nobody Documentation queryset-refactor
#6754 Unclear documentation of default date/time fields values nobody Documentation master
#6798 documentation should assume Apache nobody Documentation master
#6808 Coding style: docstring inconsistency with pep8 and pep257 nobody Documentation master
#7253 typo on ? nobody Documentation master
#7288 Create either a tutorial or helper module to wire up serialized django models and dojo grids nobody Documentation master
#7328 move max_length error box to step where error actually occurs nobody Documentation master
#7374 Mention simple_tag and inclusion_tag before manual parsing nobody Documentation master
#7393 0.96 documentation problems nobody Documentation 0.96
#7424 Near mentions of TEMPLATE_DIRS absolute path, include tip dynamic absolute path nobody Documentation master
#7442 docs about decoupling urls doesn't decouple all the way nobody Documentation master
#7468 Can't install in Windows nobody Documentation 0.96
#7533 Unlinked pages in the documentation TOC nobody Documentation newforms-admin
#7653 The documentation should be more explicit about file upload sizes nobody Documentation master
#7690 obj.manytomanyrel = None no longer works, needs reference in BackwardsIncompatibleChanges nobody Documentation master
#7797 documentation for django 0.96: link to doc for render_to_response is broken nobody Documentation 0.96
#7956 Grammar in the tutorial nobody Documentation master
#7965 Documentation should encourage users to use double-quotes in template tags. nobody Documentation master
#8000 grammatically incorrect nobody Documentation master
#8255 Nobody reads the BackwardsIncompatibleChanges page nobody Documentation master
#8470 Documentation for verbose field names could suggest a DRY way to define verbose_name for foreign keys nobody Documentation master
#8508 Design philosophies should become more visible in new docs site Jacob Documentation master
#8711 Add documentation about deploying Django under SCGI and AJP nobody Documentation master
#8717 Slight change to installation guide Documentation master
#8801 .96 docs say svn nobody Documentation 0.96
#8893 1.0 conversion guide doesn't mention url prefix change in attaching .js files to admin views nobody Documentation 1.0
#8991 Remove "version[added|changed]" from trunk docs Marc Fargas Documentation master
#9004 1.0 porting guide lists non-existant database backend functions nobody Documentation master
#9024 Change confusing wording in intro/tutorial02.txt nobody Documentation 1.0
#9182 Here's an rc.d script for FastCGI on BSD nobody Documentation 1.0
#9241 page not found error for google search page nobody Documentation 1.0
#9334 The docs don't explain how django names cache keys New feature Documentation 1.0 Normal
#9380 incomplete documention on create_test_db in combination with sqlite nobody Documentation 1.0
#9476 deprecated text in Manager's documentation nobody Documentation 1.0
#9502 Docs reST xref markup nobody Documentation master
#9530 COMMENTS_ALLOW_PROFANITIES not documented. nobody Uncategorized Documentation 1.0 Normal
#9641 Django shared hosting deployment documentation - chmod 755 Jacob Documentation 1.0
#9671 Reference TurnKey Django software appliance in installation documentation nobody Documentation 1.0
#9713 No verification of URL validity on django.db.models.fields.URLField nobody Documentation 1.0
#9738 unit test examples in docs use old "failUnless" methods instead of new "assert" methods nobody Documentation 1.0
#9750 Manager Documentation and Admin interface nobody Documentation 1.0
#9771 Wrong form action Jacob Documentation 1.0
#9915 Docs for "Naming URL patterns" nobody Documentation 1.0
#9917 Trivial enhancement: remove 'Django | ' prefix from documentation page titles nobody Documentation 1.0
#9998 Document side effects of importing uninstalled models nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.0 Normal
#10085 Forms from model documentation: The importance of the "_unicode_" method of a model nobody Documentation 1.0
#10093 Table of Contents should show two levels nobody Documentation 1.0
#10122 setting locales for a single HTTP context Jacob Documentation 1.0
#10176 It isn't an error, only a suggestion, about 3rd tutorial nobody Documentation 1.0
#10464 Django Lighttpd Deployment Addition New feature Documentation 1.0 Normal
#10611 Doc TOC becomes invisible during scroll down nobody Documentation master
#10707 Sphinx & LaTeX: too many nesting section levels for LaTeX nobody Documentation 1.0
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