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#26062 Adding Http 451 to Django adminq80 New feature HTTP handling master Normal
#26074 Vendor GIS js to circumvent mixed content nobody Cleanup/optimization GIS master Normal
#26086 Don't allow[]) or[]) anabelensc Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin master Normal
#26095 Same behaviour of dict.items and defaultdict.items in DTL kbr Cleanup/optimization Template system master Normal
#26102 Add shortcuts min_value & max_value to RangeField subclasses New feature contrib.postgres master Normal
#26141 __lt__ for model instances nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26236 Django 1.6 Docs, WHERE IS IT?! Andrei Misca Bug Documentation master Release blocker
#26244 URLValidator and http/ use different validators nobody Cleanup/optimization HTTP handling master Normal
#26248 Make current WSGI request instance available in forms.ModelForm instances. nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#26250 Use a single string placeholder syntax for all user facing APIs nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Other) master Normal
#26254 Support for disallowing filter on local fields in ModelAdmin nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#26260 Support of object_list in ModelChoiceField and ModelMultipleChoiceField nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#26296 values() after extra() gives incorrect error message vvkuznetsov Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26307 More explicit HTTPS deployment documentation nobody New feature Documentation master Normal
#26356 Allow management commands to require tagged checks nobody New feature Core (Management commands) master Normal
#26456 Document formfield_callback attribute in ModelForm nobody New feature Documentation master Normal
#26463 Allowing Callbacks/Handlers to be called on Cache entry Expiration oneTimePad New feature Core (Cache system) master Normal
#26482 pretty-print json in JSONField form field New feature contrib.postgres master Normal
#26640 class_prepared is not a ModelSignal and differs from documentation nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26655 Provide a hook to handle database exceptions in Django Admin nobody Bug contrib.admin master Normal
#26664 Support of model_object.delete(cascade=True) nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26690 Add the option in the prefetch_related to have the prefetched results returned as a list or as a queryset nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#26745 Add the ability to customize user creation in the createsuperuser command nobody New feature contrib.auth master Normal
#26984 Data Migrations and auto_now nobody New feature Migrations master Normal
#26990 Support MySQL FULLTEXT INDEX in the model DDL nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#27051 Exception when using only whitespace characters as e-mail subject nobody Bug Core (Mail) master Normal
#27116 Deferrable Admin Filters nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#27129 Allow setting CSS classes in the output of the unordered_list template filter New feature Template system master Normal
#1140 [patch] using another type of template (zpt) with render_to_response / render_to_string adrian enhancement Template system 0.90 normal
#416 Automate site introspection for url pattern modules, view methods, template directories, and applications adrian task contrib.admin 0.91 normal
#872 fields.TextField should pass 'rows' argument to its formfields.LargeTextField adrian enhancement contrib.admin 0.91 normal
#1534 [patch] Client-side encoding of admin logins adrian enhancement contrib.admin 0.91 normal
#1611 recent actions list in the auto admin contains broken links to deleted objects. adrian defect contrib.admin 0.91 minor
#3209 links adrian defect contrib.admin 0.91 normal
#2562 Too much fields in User model adrian enhancement Core (Other) 0.95 normal
#2596 [patch] Adding rows, cols and lenght attributes for text fields adrian enhancement contrib.admin 0.95 normal
#2644 Object listing in Admin Panel lists all objects even when "objects" manager is changed nobody defect contrib.admin 0.95 normal
#2733 Need to branch documentation for 0.95 jacob task * 0.95 normal
#2741 Filter to check if a value/key exists inside a list/dict adrian enhancement Template system 0.95 trivial
#2926 [patch] Custom FormField attributes adrian enhancement Core (Other) 0.95 normal
#2990 Spanish translation doesn't work properly hugo defect Translations 0.95 normal
#3233 reset fails to handle valid sql file nobody defect Core (Management commands) 0.95 normal
#3417 Admin interface template tags expect ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX to be a complete URL. nobody contrib.admin 0.95
#3553 urlpatterns uses urllib.quote/unquote should use urllib.quote/unquote_plus graham_king Core (Other) 0.95
#3603 Email validation error on ip literal mail routes adrian Forms 0.95
#3608 enable CSS and include Request Objects in RSS framework for complex feeds adrian contrib.syndication 0.95
#4216 FileField validator bug in django0.95 adrian Validators 0.95
#4244 Session modification sensing adrian Core (Other) 0.95
#5404 0.95 tutorials next/prev links redirect to latest version nobody Documentation 0.95
#9001 missing translation in 'es' translation nobody Translations 0.95
#4124 Hierarchical Many-To-One relation presentation in admin page nobody contrib.admin 0.96
#4156 broken URLs to tutorials in 0.96 docs anonymous * 0.96
#4184 The flatpages addon ought to allow users to set the mimetype on a page by page basis nobody Contrib apps 0.96
#4209 install page has not been updated and still references old 0.95 installation files and versions jacob * 0.96
#4213 admin modifies values of pickled fields in db adrian contrib.admin 0.96
#4375 generic view archive_year is querying all objects, unexplained. jacob Generic views 0.96
#4436 ./ overwrites DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE EnvVar nobody Core (Management commands) 0.96
#4474 Add 'else' support for 'ifchanged' adrian Template system 0.96
#4619 Generic Views: Inconsistancy of context variable for date_based views. nobody Generic views 0.96
#4697 loaddata ---- Problem installing fixture nobody Core (Management commands) 0.96
#4705 AddManipulator error when using unique_together adrian Core (Other) 0.96
#5202 urlize filter before linebreaks doesn't work correctly adrian Template system 0.96
#5214 Typos in es_AR mtredinnick Translations 0.96
#5288 (tiny) .96 documentation contains .95 reference jacob Documentation 0.96
#5713 Template language lacks means to display trees as nested structures nobody Template system 0.96
#5760 Use keyed hashing for session data, remove duplicate code nobody contrib.sessions 0.96
#5872 Highlight admin forms fields when focus nobody Core (Management commands) 0.96
#6370 Templates {% block %} does not work properly in {% if %} nobody Template system 0.96
#6469 add 'even' to forloop in template/ nobody Template system 0.96
#6725 model-api documentation should note model inheritance should not be used nobody Documentation 0.96
#6872 Filter won't run with noexistent variable. nobody Template system 0.96
#6995 Db2 adapter - another implementation (first is #5052) nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 0.96
#7273 Django 0.96.2 release tarball is missing several files nobody Uncategorized 0.96
#7332 No superuser created on syncdb if database permission errors nobody Core (Management commands) 0.96
#7393 0.96 documentation problems nobody Documentation 0.96
#7468 Can't install in Windows nobody Documentation 0.96
#7788 Response HTTP/1.0 (/django/core/servers/ http_version = "1.0") nobody HTTP handling 0.96
#7797 documentation for django 0.96: link to doc for render_to_response is broken nobody Documentation 0.96
#7802 Installation script for 0.96.2 does not copy all admin files nobody contrib.admin 0.96
#7807 Length/max_length patch for oldforms.TextField nobody Uncategorized 0.96
#7933 new admin doc page links to old versions of itself that don't exist nobody * 0.96
#8443 Dead Link - v0.96 nobody * 0.96
#8801 .96 docs say svn nobody Documentation 0.96
#13201 Broken link in 0.96 template docs andymckay Uncategorized * 0.96 Normal
#51 Create add_* methods for objects with a many-to many-relationship adrian enhancement Metasystem 1.0 normal
#313 PhoneNumberField should accept international format numbers adrian defect Internationalization 1.0 minor
#326 IPAddressField in decimal format adrian enhancement Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 normal
#341 unique option adrian enhancement contrib.admin 1.0 normal
#7135 Databrowse doesn't handle model inheritance nobody Bug contrib.databrowse 1.0 Normal
#8850 syndication framework includes an extra newline using default templates nobody contrib.syndication 1.0
#8871 django.get_version: 1.0-final-SVN-unknown nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#8880 bit of django.template source doc nobody Template system 1.0
#8893 1.0 conversion guide doesn't mention url prefix change in attaching .js files to admin views nobody Documentation 1.0
#8896 Routing according also to hostname jshedd New feature Core (URLs) 1.0 Normal
#8906 django.contrib.auth URL's aren't portable contrib.auth 1.0
#8946 Denormalisation built in to the ORM nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 Normal
#8961 Add support for sending emails directly through MTA kratorius Core (Mail) 1.0
#8968 No way to utilize `next` parameter to redirect after comment deletion kkubasik New feature contrib.comments 1.0 Normal
#9006 QuerySet indexing by __getitem__ gets wrong answer in edge cases mtredinnick Core (Other) 1.0
#9024 Change confusing wording in intro/tutorial02.txt nobody Documentation 1.0
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