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#24853 FK value not inserted in database in data migration nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) 1.7 Normal
#18331 flatpages - template path is limited to 70 chars nobody Bug contrib.flatpages 1.4 Normal
#14080 Flatpages pt-br translation anonymous Translations 1.2
#3335 Flatpages with DEBUG=False requires 404.html Adrian Holovaty Contrib apps master
#3564 flexible JSON serializing mechanism Jacob Core (Serialization) master
#19583 FloatFields won't accept locale separators nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#3382 FloatField values get rounded on save() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#12680 Floating submitbuttons nobody New feature contrib.admin master Normal
#15891 flushing session on auth.logout nobody Bug contrib.auth 1.3 Normal
#14854 Follow PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code nobody Uncategorized Core (Other) 1.2 Normal
#5877 Force to output UTF-8 to avoid UnicodeEncodeErrors nobody Uncategorized Core (Management commands) master Normal
#7930 FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME does not work with dev server nobody Bug HTTP handling master Normal
#28121 force_text incorrectly handles SafeBytes under PY3 nobody Bug Utilities 1.11 Normal
#24949 Force to_field and probably other fields to unicode during migration deconstruction nobody Bug Migrations 1.7 Normal
#4114 ForeignKey and OneToOneField should take the verbose_name of target field by default nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#24311 Foreign key constraint error when syncing unmigrated models that relate to migrated models nobody Bug Migrations 1.8alpha1 Release blocker
#8220 ForeignKey dropdown sorting in Admin nobody Uncategorized contrib.admin master Normal
#17875 ForeignKey field and Multiple database bug nobody Bug Uncategorized 1.6 Normal
#21640 ForeignKey.on_delete doesn't call models save function. nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.5 Normal
#11267 ForeignKey/OneToOneField attribute names should be valid kwargs in queries nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0
#13822 ForeignKey's attname is counter-intuitive when referencing to a field not named 'id' Alexander Schepanovski Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2 Normal
#13663 Foreign Key to table in another database fails nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.2 Normal
#15996 Form and Field comparison always fails nobody New feature Forms 1.3 Normal
#17237 Format {% debug %} tag output as JSON nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system 1.3 Normal
#29179 format_html() can falsely interpret a strack trace as a str.format replacement field nobody Bug Utilities 1.10 Normal
#26259 Form.cleaned_data should call is_valid() if necessary nobody New feature Forms 1.9 Normal
#14710 Form css classes for bound fields are not rendered {{ form.field_name }} Robert Lujo Forms 1.2
#19668 Form enhancement: `Form.set_data` to set data and files nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#7124 Form field javascript event handler nobody Forms master
#19514 form.fields.keyOrder is not supported for AdminForm nobody Bug contrib.admin 1.4 Normal
#4248 Form fields should have the title attribute set nobody Forms master
#3815 form_for_* methods should be able to use a Form superclass nobody Forms master
#18733 Form ids on as_table nobody New feature Forms 1.4 Normal
#14239 Form input button embedded in <a /> crashes Django server nobody HTTP handling 1.2
#16707 Form.is_valid should be a property. Marc Tamlyn Cleanup/optimization Forms master Normal
#6877 "form.label_for tag" should apply "label_suffix" nobody Bug Forms master Normal
#7222 FormPreview should pass the form to done() nobody New feature contrib.formtools master Normal
#23304 Form renders in HTML5 syntax nobody Uncategorized Forms 1.6 Normal
#9216 Forms: Assert that js and css attributes of Media contain list or tuple nobody Uncategorized Forms 1.0 Normal
#9605 exceptions should be more informative nobody Uncategorized 1.0
#4284 forms containing MultiWidgets cannot be reconstructed with clean_data nobody Forms master
#21743 formset prefix attribute and formset empty form "__prefix__" don't refer to the same thing nobody Cleanup/optimization Forms 1.6 Normal
#28733 Formsets are missing classes to be easily styleable nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#9202 forms.field.URLField regexp for validating URL does not follow the RFC nobody Bug Forms 1.0 Normal
#29011 forms.Field with space in dynamically generated forms.Form leads to wrong assigned id in generated HTML form nobody Cleanup/optimization Forms 1.11 Normal
#23236 forms.Form should support a Meta class like forms.ModelForm nobody New feature Forms master Normal
#22678 forms.Form silently won't bind to POST data (under certain combinations of key and label) nobody Bug Forms 1.5 Normal
#10085 Forms from model documentation: The importance of the "_unicode_" method of a model nobody Documentation 1.0
#4271 Form should use a copy of data passed to it Adrian Holovaty Forms master
#13401 Forms RadioInput produces invalid HTML nobody Bug Forms 1.1 Normal
#5902 form_url is ignored in the render_change_form method call from django.contrib.admin.views.main.add_stage nobody contrib.admin master
#16129 FormView's "success_url" attr should accept named URLs nobody Cleanup/optimization Generic views 1.3 Normal
#19189 FormWizard done method can't revisit forms nobody New feature contrib.formtools master Normal
#6920 FormWizard processing a DateField using SelectDateWidget results in hash mismatch nobody Bug contrib.formtools master Normal
#10882 FormWizard process_step receives yet to be validated form for previous steps jashugan Bug contrib.formtools master Normal
#10557 FormWizard should not output raw HTML for previous_fields nobody Bug contrib.formtools master Normal
#15771 "from django.contrib.auth.admin import UserAdmin" breaks backwards relations for User nobody Bug contrib.auth 1.3 Normal
#15404 "from __future__ import unicode_literals" in "" nobody Uncategorized 1.2
#3428 [full-history] Small fixes to the code nobody Uncategorized other branch
#22400 fully_authenticated vs remember_me nobody New feature contrib.auth 1.6 Normal
#682 Fully decoupled URLconf's for apps. Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#1594 Generate admin forms as XForms Adrian Holovaty enhancement contrib.admin normal
#19624 Generic Detail View context contains object twice. nobody Cleanup/optimization Generic views 1.5-beta-1 Normal
#20608 Generic display and editing views description should have Context section Baptiste Darthenay New feature Documentation master Normal
#11018 Generic foreign keys in custom m2m relationship model nobody New feature contrib.contenttypes 1.1-beta Normal
#671 generic list_object enhancement Adrian Holovaty enhancement Core (Other) normal
#3006 generic relations do not act as expected in a filter/get Robert Myers New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#13416 Generic relations should be counted as children when deleting to avoid problems with post_delete signal nobody Uncategorized master
#4375 generic view archive_year is querying all objects, unexplained. Jacob Generic views 0.96
#14557 Generic View improvment nobody Generic views master
#21111 generic.View.__init__ should call super gmeno Cleanup/optimization Generic views 1.5 Normal
#15128 Generic view paginator: read paginate_by from GET nobody Generic views 1.2
#2819 Generic views for manipulators Adrian Holovaty enhancement contrib.admin normal
#4619 Generic Views: Inconsistancy of context variable for date_based views. nobody Generic views 0.96
#8525 Generic views should automatically set Last-Modified header nobody Generic views master
#2200 Generic Views should have user_passes_test=func argument Jacob enhancement Generic views master normal
#2553 Generic views should support serialization Jacob enhancement Generic views master normal
#18321 generic_views unit tests are not respecting database feature supports_timezones nobody Bug Testing framework master Normal
#7380 Generic week view inconsistent with django.utils.dateformat nobody Generic views master
#16417 GeoAdmin support in StackedInline nobody Bug GIS 1.3 Normal
#23636 GeoDjango is creating two indexes for geometry field nobody Bug GIS 1.7 Normal
#17756 GeoDjango missing pyspatialite support New feature GIS master Normal
#5498 GeoDjango not compatible with PostGIS 1.1.0 jbronn GIS gis
#26435 GeoIP2 return raw exception from geoip2 package nobody Cleanup/optimization GIS 1.9 Normal
#13899 Geolocation Support for GeoDjango admin nobody New feature GIS 1.2 Normal
#25310 GeoManager's distance() method doesn't work with lookups that span multiple relationships nobody New feature GIS 1.8 Normal
#22352 GeoQuerySet methods: support lookups on reversed o2o relationships as field_name anonymous New feature GIS master Normal
#12439 geos and gdal libraries need to be prefixed by 'cyg' under cygwin nobody GIS 1.1
#25651 `GEOSException` during operations on some GeometryCollections Sergey Fedoseev Uncategorized GIS 1.8 Normal
#25650 `GEOSGeomerty.__eq__` should use `equals` not `equals_exact` Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS master Normal
#27088 GEOSGeometry should accept Python 2.7 memoryview Michał Ociepka Bug GIS 1.10 Normal
#29239 GEOSGeometry treats WKB and WKT input differently (former incorrectly) Jani Tiainen Bug GIS 2.0 Normal
#5783 `get_absolute_url` for User model should be configurable nobody Contrib apps newforms-admin
#11329 get_count generates incorrect SQL for query sets with extra 'select' and 'where' nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 Normal
#27322 get_default_timezone() / LocalTimezone does not handle None values nobody Bug Utilities 1.10 Normal
#10286 Get EmailMessage.content_subtype default value from nobody Core (Mail) 1.0
#6805 Get exception when initializing a GenericForeignKey using Model.get_or_create() nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master
#16034 get_field_display: Django needs a filter to allow get_field_display for a dynamic field nobody New feature Template system 1.3 Normal
#15947 get_FIELD_display doesn't work when a given field is an IntegerField and is assigned a string value nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 Normal
#19867 get_host shouldn't apply validation to server-set values nobody Bug HTTP handling 1.4 Normal
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