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Ticket Summary Owner Type Component Version Severity
#372 problems loading custom filters? adrian defect Template system normal
#375 Naming inconsistency in jacob defect Generic views minor
#390 corrections for model reference documentation jacob defect Documentation trivial
#396 runserver should be able to listen on all available IPs adrian defect Tools normal
#400 Should a textedit id and name be the same? adrian defect contrib.admin 1.0 normal
#401 Overview Question jacob defect * normal
#414 radio_admin doesn't appear to work adrian defect Metasystem normal
#415 download_setuptools fails with authenticating proxy adrian defect Tools minor
#418 No interface to change default site in sites table generated by init adrian defect contrib.admin trivial
#430 Model examples need to be update to the new syntax jacob defect Documentation normal
#432 Trac throwing errors when attempting to replace attachment jacob defect * normal
#438 marking the field null=True it does not seems to work adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#441 A non-required DateTimeField produces an error on save adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#444 FileField returns error when updating adrian defect contrib.admin minor
#451 There should be OneToManyField support adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) 1.1 normal
#456 [patch] minor typo in overview.txt jacob defect Documentation trivial
#457 sqlreset doesn't clean up model-specific user permission record adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#464 [patch] Modification of django.core.mail: more fields, using dicts to pass arguments adrian defect Core (Other) minor
#466 Model tutorial fails jacob defect Documentation 1.0 major
#475 Recursive function calling not working properly in template tags adrian defect Template system major
#477 js errors in jacob defect * minor
#482 ForeignKey inline editing drops records in the Admin application adrian defect Core (Cache system) normal
#519 Dir structure and modules adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#523 object_list sets current page number incorrectly jacob defect Generic views normal
#530 Unable to initialize SQLite database adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) critical
#532 get_values doesn't work with the "select" lookup jacob defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#564 django/conf/urls/ intended for general use? adrian defect Core (Other) trivial
#566 No mention about using quotes to ignore variable resolution in templates. jacob defect contrib.admin 0.90 normal
#572 When i have an ImageField and a auto_now DateTimeField in the same model it doesnt get saved adrian defect contrib.admin master normal
#588 kwarg error when using get_object across join adrian defect Metasystem normal
#591 [patch] Docs: Subclassing wrong object jacob defect Documentation normal
#592 Error in tutorial 2 jacob defect Documentation normal
#606 Admin documentation section URL not mentioned in docs jacob defect Documentation normal
#609 When using validators.RequiredIfOtherFieldEquals with a Boolean field, it doesn't work the obvious way adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#617 num_in_admin problem in tutorial adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#633 Model _post_load method (or similiar for a field?) adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#656 Mention "Save as new" as a possible option in tutorial 2 adrian defect Documentation normal
#673 Final code example in Tutorial 3 is incorrect jacob defect Documentation normal
#692 TemplateSyntaxError in admin with development server adrian defect Core (Management commands) major
#699 unique_together - raise an error message adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#700 urlify.js and slugify use different character for spaces adrian defect Core (Other) major
#746 refactor models/ so fields themselves add their own get_XXXX_count/list functions rjwittams defect Core (Other) normal
#792 FileField and edit_inline=meta.STACKED nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#795 Documentation mismatch regarding "Many-to-one relationships that can be null" jacob defect * minor
#801 contrib.comments seems a bit "unready" adrian defect contrib.comments normal
#805 OneToOneField conflicts with ForeignKey adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#812 [Syndication doc example] - Templates and associated extension adrian defect Documentation normal
#832 [patch] Sessions should be able to expire at the end of a browser session adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#847 users.create_user fails if User is subclassed using replaces_module = 'auth.users' adrian defect Metasystem normal
#891 customize table name prefixes adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#908 writing Null instead of the default value to the database in default object manipulator adrian defect Metasystem normal
#916 New admin change_list should be looked up in the app templates To switch your existing trunk checkout to the new-admin branch: {{{ svn switch New admin change_list should get looked up in app templates adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#942 ordering bug jacob defect Documentation normal
#959 [patch]Template improvements adrian defect Template system normal
#978 STACKED ForeignKey classes don't show up in the admin for subclasses of related class nobody defect contrib.admin normal
#994 JS catalogs for I18N currently are only available for Django and for applications hugo defect Internationalization normal
#996 django-admin startproject myproject still create myproject\settings adrian defect Core (Management commands) normal
#1027 AutoTimeField raises KeyError if included in META.admin.fields adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1030 auto_now_add is broken for edit_inline field nobody defect contrib.admin master major
#1042 Exception for date check in manipulator is too high adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#1043 DateField doesn't work with blank=True adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#1068 Silly bug in ForiegnKey adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) minor
#1076 [patch] Safari has a bug that prevents usage of JS i18n interpolate function hugo defect Internationalization normal
#1086 [patch] UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xa3 in position 28: unexpected code byte adrian defect * normal
#1094 missing html escaping in django admin adrian defect contrib.admin 0.90 critical
#1096 request.META['HTTP_REFERER'] is misspelled adrian defect Core (Other) master trivial
#1109 Wrong autoreloading frequency of the development server on XP adrian defect Core (Management commands) master critical
#1122 Django do not serve static binary files (e.g. images) correctly adrian defect Core (Other) 0.90 critical
#1150 The custom method does not work adrian defect Core (Other) 0.90 major
#1151 install projectname fails in some queries adrian defect contrib.admin 0.90 major
#1152 distinct keyword in model seems not working adrian defect Core (Other) 0.90 normal
#1163 Django should be an "ideal web development environment" adrian defect Core (Other) minor
#1175 loading random bytes into CharFields adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) normal
#1205 PasswordField for secret input is missing and not easily self-madeable. adrian defect Metasystem normal
#1207 [patch] Manipulators ignore default values, fields can't be omitted from forms jacob defect Core (Other) normal
#1215 Locale finding is broken. hugo defect Internationalization normal
#1230 FloatField values in generated Sql have no standard string representation adrian defect Core (Other) master normal
#1233 i18n does not work for win32 adrian defect Core (Other) critical
#1238 ManyToMany doesn't support delete for non-integer primary key datatypes adrian defect Database layer (models, ORM) master normal
#1251 'django_admin_log' table not created by init adrian defect contrib.admin master blocker
#1255 Error in tutorial 2 (part on admin-interface) adrian defect contrib.admin 0.90 minor
#1256 File upload field fails when image name is invalid adrian defect Core (Other) major
#1260 can't use DateTimeField with auto_now adrian defect contrib.admin master normal
#1267 runserver fails with pysqlite 2.1.2 on OS X (works fine with 2.0.3) adrian defect Core (Management commands) master normal
#1272 KeyError when using users.AddManipulator() and have a model with meta.ForeignKey(auth.User) adrian defect Core (Other) master normal
#1281 Options.get_field() fails to check one_to_one_field, causes bogus validation error adrian defect Metasystem 0.91 normal
#1283 A bug in a ForeignKey fields? adrian defect Core (Other) master normal
#1290 'SessionManager' object has no attribute 'get_object' adrian defect Core (Other) magic-removal blocker
#1309 Admin Fieldsets doesn't have an id adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1310 created .po files contain 'invalid' flags hugo defect Internationalization master normal
#1325 Replacing a ticket attachement in Trac causes a traceback jacob defect * trivial
#1332 [patch]' install app' - confusing models validation adrian defect Core (Other) master normal
#1353 [patch] Form fields should check a field's `null` option for setting `is_required` adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#1360 " sql polls" raises exception jacob defect Documentation master major
#1375 Escape primary_key values in admin interface yk4ever defect contrib.admin normal
#1377 template syntax error after modifying meta.admin fields label adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1391 mod_python with KeepAlive off causes weirdness adrian defect contrib.admin major
#1395 magic_removal: lower casing the module_name .. why? adrian defect Core (Other) normal
#1401 Windows XP 2nd Ed. Firefox 1.5 Admin Console - Values added do not show for Change, etc. adrian defect contrib.admin normal
#1411 Changeset [2428] merged to both [2426] and [2427] jacob defect * trivial
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